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How Your Bedroom Decor May Be Affecting Your Sleep

How Your Bedroom Decor May Be Affecting Your Sleep

The importance of healthy sleep hygiene practices is universally understood. But did you know that your bedroom decor can also play a significant role in the quality and quantity of sleep you’re able to get each night?

Plenty of external factors can impact our sleep cycles and well-being - one of the less surprising things on this list is your bedroom furniture. A good sleep requires some obvious pieces of bedroom furniture, such as the best mattress for your comfort. But other factors come into play too and are less easy to guess, such as your wallpaper.

Here are some of the ways in which your bedroom decor or furniture might be affecting your sleep, along with some tips on how you can deal with each of them:

1. You Need Better Colours For Restful Sleep

Blue Shaded Bedroom

Your surroundings may be louder than you think. The color of your walls and bedroom decor can actually cause a visual distraction strong enough to evoke less restful sleep. In one study conducted by Travelodge, researchers observed sleep patterns of over 2000 people in different colored rooms to test this theory.

The survey found that deeper, more saturated colors tend to stimulate our minds in different ways than lighter tones. Shades of blue were the most popular amongst respondents who reported a good night’s sleep. Other colors that encourage restfulness include yellow and green.

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2.  Your Bed Is Due For An Upgrade

Bedroom Furniture

Let’s get the obvious out the way - it’s no secret that if you invest in the best mattress you can for your sleep position, your sleep cycles and well-being will change dramatically, and for the better.

If you’ve been using your current mattress for over five years, chances are that it’s time for a switch. Even the best mattresses past their prime tend to have trapped dust and external debris that do not make for a comfortable nighttime experience.

If you’re looking for something versatile that will adapt to your own changing needs, it’s worth considering investing in a memory foam mattress. While the best mattress for you might vary depending on your individual requirements, memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses for those who need both comfort and support. The best mattresses of this kind can last up to twelve years. 

Puffy provides a 101-night sleep trial to help you test out sleeping on our mattresses. Purchase your next mattress totally risk-free, and prepare to experience your best night’s sleep yet.

3. Your Bedroom Furniture Is Due For Some Spring Cleaning

If you find yourself particularly sniffly as you’re trying to get some rest into your routine, this might just be because you’re long overdue for a deep clean of your bedroom. While it’s one thing to make sure to do a little maintenance now and again, a deep clean of your bedroom decor involves something a little more intensive.

Even the best mattresses require some care - think of slotting in a date every quarter that you can dedicate to cleaning. The best mattresses are engineered with ease of cleaning in mind - consider this when picking out your mattress.

Not only does this make clean-up so much easier, but you’ll be doing yourself the favor of extending its lifespan for a lot longer than you’d expect.

At Puffy, all our mattresses have stain-resistant and washable mattress covers to make it easy for you to keep them fresh and clean.

The same goes for other elements of bedroom decor. Rugs, curtains, and wall fixtures are all capable of trapping dust and external debris. Wherever you can, try to invest in hypoallergenic or easy-to-clean pieces. This will leave you with a fresher space in the long run.

4. You’re Overcrowding Your Bedroom Decor

If you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of waking up mid-rest to tend to your night sweats, your room is probably too stuffy. This is a result of bedroom decor being arranged tightly together instead of spaced apart.

Ensuring that there’s a proper sense of airflow in your bedroom will not only help with it feeling cooler. It will also allow your memory foam mattress to breathe - helping you get a comfier sleep experience.

The best way to keep your bedroom furniture from being overly stuffy is to ensure everything is spaced out and not overly cluttered within your room. You’ll also want to prop your mattress so that it stands well above the floor level of your room - this will help with air circulation.

5. You Haven’t Found Good Lighting

Good lighting can transform your bedroom into a place that feels truly cozy and comfortable. Used correctly, the right lighting is truly one of the most important elements of your bedroom decor, converting your space into a place that feels inviting, romantic, and wonderful to unwind in.

Exposure to light contributes to your sleep cycle. Being mindful of the brightness of the lighting you choose is going to influence how deeply you sleep, and for how long. Make sure to get heavy-set curtains if your room gets a lot of natural light. This will ensure minimal interruptions throughout the night, and better sleep overall.

So whether you’re thinking of reinvesting in the best mattress you can find for your sleep, or you’re simply looking to make a couple of smaller changes, your bedroom decor has a definite impact on your eight hours a day. While they may seem like fussy changes to make, you’ll be pleased by the difference in the quality of your rest.

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