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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 7 Luxury Gifts She Will Adore

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Mothers Day gift ideas tend to get repetitive after a while. Most people set out to get something really special, but then as the big day arrives, you end up buying just another candle and mother’s day card. This year, get mom a gift that shows how much you care: The gift of better sleep.

Nothing says ‘I love you' more than a luxurious mother’s day gift which will help your special mom get the rest she deserves. In this comprehensive gift guide, we’ll inspire you with 7 of the best mother’s day gift ideas of 2022.

From the most comfortable mattress, to weighted blankets - the list has something for every mom. The best thing? You can buy all the best gifts for mom online and get free shipping!

Before we take you through the list, let’s examine why the gift of sleep is the perfect mother’s day gift idea.

Why You Should Help Mom Sleep

No matter what type of mom you have, there’s one thing they all have in common: They work hard and find it challenging to carve out time in their busy schedule for rest.

Sleep conditions such as insomnia and sleep deprivation are more common in women than men. Studies estimate the lifetime risks of insomnia can be up to 40% higher in women. Puffy's nationwide 2020 sleep survey revealed that only 26% of women are satisfied with their sleep.

The survey also found that women sleep on average between 4 - 6 hours, and 73% wake up often throughout the night and find it difficult to fall back to sleep.

So this year, as you think about what to give the incredible mother figures in your life, consider helping them prioritize sleep and comfort. Find the perfect luxurious sleep solution from the list below.

7 Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You’ll find an ultra-cozy and luxurious comfort gift for all your favorite moms below. Whether it’s your mom, mother-in-law, aunty, or your mother figure - they’ll love you for thinking about their comfort.

7. Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Go all out this mother’s day and help your mom transform her sleep experience with a luxury hybrid mattress. The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is ranked best mattress 2022 for a long list of reasons, and with free home delivery in just 2 - 5 business days, it makes the perfect mother’s day gift.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is part coil and part foam, so it offers a gentle bounce without sacrificing the contouring support of memory foam. Why will your mom love it? For the pressure-relieving benefits and plush comfort.

This mattress is designed for enhanced spinal alignment and helps relieve pressure from sensitive areas such as the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

The 12” inch mattress has six layers of premium body-adaptive memory foam, and a high-density contour-adapt coil base layer gives the mattress added stability. Your mom is guaranteed to love the comfort of the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and if she doesn’t, you can return it for free and get a full refund using the 101-night sleep trial.

6. Adjustable Bed Frame

For moms who love watching TV or reading in bed, the adjustable bed frame will take her relaxation to the next level. Adjustable bases have quickly become one of the most popular bedroom products in the market.

These frames are completely customizable and feature a range of sleep-enhancing bells and whistles that are practical and impressive. Historically, adjustable bases have been used to help relieve chronic pain, but nowadays, they are considered a modern bedroom essential.

The base can recline in various positions, such as Zero-G, elevating the back and legs for optimal blood flow. But their benefits don’t stop there. As well as remote-controlled elevation, the best bases in the market, like the Puffy Adjustable Base, also have built-in massage zones, soft LED lighting, USB charging ports, and a universal headboard attachment for custom styling.

5. Modern High-Pile Shag Rug

Decor-enthusiast moms will adore the stylish and high-quality finish of the Puffy Rug. This creative gift idea for mother’s day is sure to impress. After all, when was the last time mom replaced her bedroom or area rugs?

Often, practical gift ideas such as a new luxury rug are the most special because it will be put into use every day. A luxurious Puffy Rug can transform the aesthetic of any living space, and it’s so soft underfoot that you’ll feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Extra features such as easy spot cleaning, non-shedding stitch, and premium jute backing make it a top choice for moms who deserve the best.

4. Plush Weighted Blanket

Is your mom a little stressed or finding it hard to fall asleep? Buy her a weighted blanket. This mother’s day gift idea is the trendiest on our list. It will help her feel cool, calm, and comfortable while relaxing on the couch or as she prepares for sleep each night.

If you’re not exactly sure why weighted blankets are making headlines, they are somewhat of a breakthrough bedroom accessory. The best weighted blankets apply deep touch pressure (DTP) to stimulate the production of serotonin,

Plush Weighted Blanket | Puffy

which is a sleep-inducing hormone that can significantly improve sleep quality. The therapeutic touch of DTP has a vast array of benefits such as helping anxiety, PTSD, and restless leg syndrome. Beyond these health benefits, weighted blankets are also very comfortable—especially super-plush dual-feel blankets like the Puffy Weighted Blanket.

Stitched with a double-line diamond pattern to firmly secure the premium ceramic weights, the Puffy Weighted Blanket features a removable cover that is easy to wash. The blanket itself is silky-soft with a mink top and 100% twill cotton bottom. It’s a luxury mother’s day gift idea that your mom will enjoy night after night.

3. Memory Foam Body Pillow 

When you’re stuck for gift ideas, give mom the gift of a hug each night with a soft and cozy body pillow. The best thing about body pillows is that it’s elongated shape helps improve alignment and can take pressure off the lower back.

If mom has been complaining about back pain or lack of sleep, a body pillow may be exactly the gift she needs. A memory foam body pillow such as the Puffy Body Pillow is designed to ease muscle tension.

The Puffy Body Pillow is covered with a premium hypoallergenic zip-n-wash cover that is easy to clean and cool-to-touch. These benefits aside, most people love body pillows because they can hug them and feel an instant feeling of warmth and relaxation just before they doze off to dreamland.

2. Ultra-Soft Bed Sheets

When in doubt, buy a bed sheet set. For mom, make sure it’s a soft and breathable bamboo bed sheet set that gets softer the more you use them! Bedsheets are the perfect last-minute mother’s day gift idea because who doesn’t love that new sheet feeling!

Treat mom to the luxury of 100% bamboo 300 thread count Puffy Sheets. With deep pockets, these sheets are a breeze to apply to any mattress size. Bamboo is quickly becoming the premium material choice for luxury bed

Ultra-Soft Bed Sheets | Puffy

sheets. Unlike silk and cotton, bamboo has natural climate-adaptive properties, so it will feel cozy during winter and airy and cool during warmer months.

1. Mattress Pad Or Topper

What is the next best thing to a new mattress? A mattress pad or mattress topper, of course. If you don’t have the budget for a new bed for mom, but still want to help her sleep better, this is your solution!

Mattress pads are a thin quilted fabric that you can attach to any mattress and make it comfy. Memory foam mattress toppers tend to be thicker and come in soft or firm options. A mattress topper can alter the feel of a mattress completely.

Mattress Pad Or Topper | Puffy

A mattress pad or topper is a unique mother’s day gift idea that will help your mom get that new bed feeling without an entire bedroom upgrade.

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Still not convinced by this list of mother’s day gift ideas? Here are four more gifts for mom that are comfy and affordable:

  • All-seasons comforter: cool and breezy for a comfortable sleep all year round.
  • Luxury adjustable pillow: help mom customize the comfort of her pillow.
  • Mattress protector: it will provide waterproof protection without compromising on comfort.
  • Faux fur blanket: super soft and stylish, it’s perfect for use as a throw or bedroom blanket.

This mother’s day, help your mom transform her sleep so she can wake up each morning feeling relaxed and energized. Buy your mom the perfect sleep gift today, and you will get free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a 101-night sleep trial with every product!

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