April 03, 2017 1 min read

Ever wonder what a great night's sleep feels like? Well now you can! Puffy is proud to introduce the next top mattress to the world. Our Puffy mattress was precisely cultivated around the stages of sleep to ensure that anyone of any age, size, and sleep habit could enjoy a deep sleep night of rest. Our initial steps to cultivate the Best mattress began with immense research on how to ensure consumers reach their deep sleep cycle.

Creating the Best Mattress for the Best Sleep Imaginable.

After gathering our research, we began manufacturing multiple prototypes and testing to ensure we made the Best mattress. Puffy wanted to provided users a breathable mattress that would keep you cool throughout the night without altering or adding additives like other foam mattresses. Thus, our Deep Sleep Cloud Foam was made. A breathable open cell structure foam unlike any other foam mattress was integrated into the Puffy bed. With our Base Core Density Support foam the Puffy mattress provides the resilience, support, and to ensure you have a longer lasting mattress.

It’s no surprise why Puffy has been rated the Top Mattress 2017. So, get yours now. Don’t be shy give puffy a try. Buy Puffy today.

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