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Puffy Pillow
Puffy Pillow
Puffy Pillow Adjustable and luxuriously plush - our popular cooling pillow has a perfectly soft yet firm feel that provides just the right amount of support.
  • Made in USA
  • Zip-n-wash cover
  • Adjustable height
  • CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam fill
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified hypoallergenic cover
FREE with every mattress purchase
Puffy Mattresses Protector
Puffy Mattress Protector A cozy barrier that protects your mattress against spills, sweat, stains, and damage - it keeps your mattress fresh without compromising your comfort.
  • Waterproof mattress protector
  • Cooling fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified
  • Machine washable
FREE with every mattress purchase
Puffy Sheets
Puffy Sheets Our ultra-soft 100% bamboo sheet set has a luxurious silky finish. Naturally breathable and airy, these sheets will help you stay comfortably cool all night.
  • Cooling and airy
  • 100% bamboo
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 300 thread count
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified
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Puffy Mattress Reviews

Puffy Mattress Reviews

Our commitment to helping our customers sleep better to live better has never been stronger. Curious to know why customers think that Puffy Mattress is the best mattress for any type of sleeper? Don’t take our word for it, see what thousands of happy sleepers have to say! 

Reading our 5-star mattress reviews will demonstrate the quality of our product and the high level of customer satisfaction Puffy is known for. If you love your Puffy just as much as these happy customers, leave us a review to let others know how the amazing Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, or Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress has transformed your sleep!

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Puffy Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Based on 16079 reviews
Puffy Lux Mattress
Christina Sansonetti
Just the right amount of softness!

The mattress I had before purchasing the Puffy Lux mattress was a pillow top, so I wanted a similar feel, but this was BETTER!!
It’s not too firm, but not so soft I can’t get out of.
It was very easy to set up; just open the box, unroll, and put in place!
Not having or needing a boxspring is nice, so it’s just the mattress and bed frame.
My dog doesn’t leave the bed during the day while I’m at work, so he’d concur with this review as well!

Christina, we're so glad you're loving your new Puffy, thanks for the great review!

Body pillow, pillows, mattress

Best purchase ever! Love all their products. Good for eliminating back pain. Now I have a restful night sleep every night! I totally recommend this company and products. Worth every penny.

Denise, we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your Puffy products, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Barbara Craw
Puffy matress

I bought this mattress based on other reviews number one, and the fact that i like to read in bed number two. I love being able to sit up at any height and read. I also love the fact that there are no "pressure points" for me, as I have arthritis and I hurt everywhere if I lie on a bad mattress. My Puffy lets me sleep in any position and I do not hurt anywhere no matter what position I am in. My family is already whispering about who inherits the Puffy when I kick the bucket. The joke is on them - with the Puffy and the wonderful sleep I am getting I will out-last all of them! (just kidding - but they have asked if they are allowed to sleep on it if I am ever out of town!)

Barbara, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy and are finally catching up on restful sleep, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Mattress
Erica Krause-Wagner
Puffy at the cabin

Our cabin had a mattress that was very old, and we finally decided to purchase a puppy. After all you go to a cabin to relax and rejuvenate! We love our puffy mattress, it is very comfortable, it was very easy to get out of the box and assemble, I did it by myself. Couldn’t be more happy about the purchase, much better nights sleep at the cabin!

Erica, we're so glad to hear you're enjoying your Puffy, thanks for sharing with us!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Frank Hart
Our two Puffy Bed Dogs

My wife and I bought a Puffy bed a few months ago. We love the bed, however we do have a complaint.

We have two small dogs---Havapoos. They are sisters. They are five years old and full of energy. They always had to be in the same room as us. They were always at the door when we came home. But now, during the daytime and evening, my wife and I are always asking each other where the dogs are. Then we go upstairs and find them on the bed. When we go out and then come home, they are no longer waiting for us in the kitchen when we open the door. We have to wait while they come running downstairs---if they're not too comfortable.

All four of us love the mattress and would recommend it to everyone. However, be prepared. It may disrupt your family life.

Frank, we're thrilled your whole family loves the new Puffy, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Mary A Reddin
Can you say sleeping on a cloud!

I absolutely love my new Puffy, you must try this incredible mattress. You will not regret it. Thank you Puffy for my wonderful sleep.

Mary, we're so glad you're finally getting great sleep on your cloud-like Puffy, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Shervon Marie

I’m happy I’ve made the decision to purchase this PUFFY LUX MATTRESS because ever since I’ve slept better and it feels AMAZING!!

We're so happy you're loving your Puffy, thanks for sharing with us, Shervon!

Puffy Pillow
Shervon Marie
Puffy Pillows

I haven’t had a good nights sleep until I purchased these soft, comfy Puffy pillows and they keep their shape. I’m happy with my purchase and it fits perfect for my Queen bed!

We're happy to hear you're enjoying your Puffy pillows, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Kathleen Howard
So comfortable!

Before I bought my Puffy Luxe mattress, I read a review that said it was like "sleeping on a cloud." Well . . . it IS. It is decadently comfortable.

Kathleen, we're so glad you're finally getting your sleep on the cloud, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Comforter
Linda Rickertsen
Puffy KING Comforter

When I put the comforter on I was so in HEAVEN! Totally amazed and pleased and actually look forward to bedtime to enjoy the luxury comfort and feel that made me want to snuggle again!

Linda, we're so happy you're enjoying your comforter, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Comforter
Janet M.
Puffy Calls Us Home

We love our Puffy comforter so much that we cut a recent vacation short so we could come home and sleep in our own bed. The only drawback to our Puffy comforter is that it’s so comfortable it makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Janet, we're so glad you're enjoying your comforter, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Edward Pinson
Puffylux Honeymoon

We love our new Puffylux! Delivered in time for our wedding. When you arrive home late and exhausted from a busy wedding day- the Bride loves a puffylux landing. I can’t imagine buying any other mattress.

Congratulations on tying the knot! We're so happy to hear you love your Puffy, thanks for sharing.

Puffy Lux Mattress
Melissa Bodin
Wow, just Wow!

When I thought about changing out my mattress (seven years old) I talked my mom into changing out hers as well (20+ years old mattress!) and began a long and arduous search of product reviews. I decided on Puffy and am thrilled how well it has worked out for both of us. I was able to talk my mom into splurging for the adjustable base and the Puffy Lux mattress. We are both in heaven! Love the bed, love the adjustable base, love the sheets/pillows/mattress cover, and loved them so much I went back and purchased the blanket – can you guess, love it too! I thought all the reviews on the Puffy website might be fake or exaggerated but now know that the reviews were real. In addition to loving all the products, I appreciate how helpful, patient, and responsive Puffy was to my questions (special thanks to Adrian). The challenge now is to leave the bed in the morning!!

Melissa, we're so happy to hear you and your mom are enjoying all of your Puffy products, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Mattress Topper
Alana Adams
Mattress Topper

Absolutely love my mattress topper! My bed feels almost as comfortable as a puffy mattress. My apartment comes with a mattress that is not comfortable at all. The Puffy Mattress topper makes me bed feel brand new!

We're so glad you love your mattress topper, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Mattress
Rebecca Boss
Puffy perfect sleep for all humans and critters

Been perfect sleep since 1st night, the comfort, support and makes both my cat and my dreams 🥰

We're glad to hear you and your cat are enjoying your Puffy, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Sheets
Ronald Duckworth
Great bed

I thought I was crazy for buying a bed in a box. I was crazy for not doing it sooner. It really is the best night sleep I’ve had. We love it!!!

We're happy to hear you're sleeping better with your Puffy, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Mattress
Brenda Evants
Love Puffy Mattress

I purchased the Puffy Mattress for my husband as an early Christmas gift. He has been sleeping in a recliner for the past year. I researched for about six months all types of mattresses, what they were made out of, and I also read many reviews. I kept going back to Puffy Mattress. Your sight explained everything I needed to see as far as the different layers of the mattress, and that the outer cover can be removed if soiled and it can be washed. There are a lot of mattresses that the outer cover can't be removed from the mattress. I am so happy with the purchase and it is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on! My husband can sit up while sleeping on the Puffy Mattress. He said, it is very comfortable, and he is pleased with my purchase! Thanks, Puffy Mattress!

Brenda, we're so happy you and your husband are enjoying your Puffy, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Royal Mattress
Carrie Price
Sweet “Puffy” Dreams

This is by far the best mattress I’ve ever slept in! I used to look forward to vacations because the beds are always so comfortable. Now I can have a vacation every night in my own bed!!!

Carrie, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy mattress, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Mattress
Cherie Legault
Puffy Love

I ordered this mattress about two months ago! It is so comfortable! The fact that it is breathable/cooling makes it even better! The bamboo sheets and pillows that came with it are great too! The sheets are the softest, most comfortable I’ve ever slept in! 1000% recommend!!

Cherie, thanks for such a great review! We're pleased to hear you're sleeping better on your new Puffy.

Puffy Lux Mattress
Geralyn Mohawk

I purchased a Tempur-pedic mattress a few years ago and loved it. When I moved I to Florida, I left the bed with my friend and purchased a PUFFY LUX mattress. I thought I would see how well it holds up to the Tempur-pedic as they offer the 101 night trial. I wasn't sure if it would hold up to the comfort I was used to with my other mattress.
I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED just how COMFORTABLE it is. I LOVE IT!!! It is a TREMENDOUS VALUE and has all the same benefits as the WAY MORE EXPENSIVE Tumpur-pedic. I will never go back. I will be purchasing a 2nd mattress in the very near future.

Thanks for your review, Geralyn! We're happy to hear you're catching up on the sleep you deserve.

Puffy Royal Mattress
Robert Smith
Worth the money!!

After over 60 years of “sleeping” on traditional innerspring mattresses I’m finally waking up pain free! I always believed a very firm mattress was important if you have a bad back. I’m also a side sleeper and for decades have used 2 pillows. Every morning I’d wake with back, hip and neck pain after a night of tossing and turning on my expensive California king. My daughter bought a competitors foam mattress and I liked it but after doing some research I decided to buy the Puffy based on the ratings and reviews. I also decided to splurge and buy the adjustable base for my new queen hybrid mattress and one extra pillow. It did take a few nights to get used to and find the right adjustments but I now wake pain free!!! And I’m sleeping on only 1 pillow now! Best investment ever!!!

Robert, it's great to hear you're sleeping better now, thanks for sharing!


This mattress will change your life for the better guaranteed! Words just cannot describe how comfortable and AMAZING this mattress is!!!!! It has helped my back SO much. I recommend a Puffy mattress to everyone! You won’t be disappointed ❤️

Danni, we're so glad to hear your Puffy has helped with your back, thanks for the great review!

Puffy Lux Mattress
Jonathan Aguilar
Puffy, like sleeping on a cloud but better

Wow. My wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice mattress after we tied the knot. It was the perfect way to start our new life together. Every day we have woken up feeling 100% refreshed. We are so impressed and happy with our decision to commit to a Puffy mattress. It is the perfect balance of firmness and cushion that gives way for a good night sleep. I have yet to wake up with body aches on this mattress. Not to mention, the Puffy pillows are a great compliment to the mattress. It is so nice that the pillow covers are washable! We highly recommend Puffy products and would purchase a Puffy all over again.

Jonathan, congrats! We're so happy you're enjoying your Puffy products, thanks for sharing!

Puffy Like A Cloud

I love my Puffy Lux Mattress! When I lay me down for sleep, it feels like I am wrapped in a thick silk cocoon. I usually drift off to sleep within minutes, gently floating across the sky. I hardly ever wake up with stiff muscles any more due to the reduced pressure on my body from the cradling effect the support layers provide. Awesome person to person customer support as well. Thank you!!!

Dean, thank you for such a wonderful review! It's great to hear you're sleeping better on your Puffy.

Puffy Royal Mattress
Carrie Price
Best. Mattress. Ever.

My husband and I have always preferred softer mattresses. Now that we are a little bit older, we realized we needed something firmer but I hate firm mattresses! We took a leap of faith and ordered a Puffy mattresses and after Two days we hauled our old mattress out to the curb! We love our new bed! And we are getting such great sleep. This was one of my smartest home improvement purchases ever!

Carrie, thanks for choosing Puffy! We're so pleased to hear you and your husband are sleeping better.