Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Ranked Best Mattress 2019 RANKED 2019 BEST MATTRESS

Choose Size: Queen - (60" x 80" x 16")

**Split King Frame is designed to fit 2 Twin XL Mattresses**

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Love the base- hate the charger ports

Have a split king adjustable base for a little over 7 months now. I love the bed except for a major design flaw. The charger ports are placed in a way that the cord creates a tripping hazard as it’s right in the way when you get up and out of bed. The photo shows my charger cord (multicolored) hooked to a device sitting on my nightstand. I’ve literally broken about half a dozen of these cords already by having them wrap around my legs or by walking near my bed and snapping the USB plug off in the port by accidentally bending the cord too hard. If that port was moved 24” towards the head of the bed, I think that this issue could be greatly resolved.

King lux adjustable(not split) so worth the money

Never spent as much money on bed and frame but why not! We deserve a comfy bed. I want to lay and bed and watch TV because it's more comfortable than the couch! But can't do that every night! The massage isn't a great as I'd like kinda loud with not alot of massage.

Super cool

Had heard a lot about the adjustable base, but totally loved it once I got it. I don’t need to stuff 4 pillows behind my head to prop myself up anymore. This is super cool

Pure heaven - love the zero gravity setting

We love having an adjustable base now and think we could never go back to a flat boxspring! They are well-made, sturdy and nice looking. We hope they will hold up for a long time. We didn't give it the full 5 stars, b/c we were not told they would come (King size) in two separate bases at different times, which was confusing....we thought we had been shipped the wrong size! Customer service did not respond to our email for several days and we were concerned. Also, with two different bases linked together, they do not always rise to the exact same height...its not noticeable with mattress on, but when we take the mattress off and check the heights, they are not perfectly aligned. Despite those few frustrations, we would order again and highly recommend the base, headboard set and mattress! We ordered the lux mattress with cooling feature - my husband loves it as he likes to sleep cool. I notice enough of a difference in temperature that I sleep with an extra blanket for warmth in the winter...will probably appreciate cooling feature more in summer months :) Oh and our sleep is fabulous - husband has had back issues / surgery and even though it took a week or so to adjust to a different mattress feel (we've sleep on a sleep number for the last 10+ years), he woke up the first morning back-pain free!

Split King adjustable base with twin XL Puffy

Positively the best purchase we have ever made in bedding. Waking up feeling extremely rested sleeping better than ever.