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No more tossing and turning

Love my Puffy Lux mattress, the support is phenomonal. My joints do not ache when I wake up and I feel rested from being properly aligned. It’s a little on the firm side at first and o am thinking of buying the mattress pad to give me that extra fluff. Over all loving the sleep I get and can’t wait to crawl into bed.

My love affair with “Puffy “

Night one, I absolutely fell in love with my Puffy mattress. I replaced my tempurpedic mattress with my Puffy, and am still amazed at the difference it has made in letting me rest more comfortably and more soundly. A fill nights rest is a wonderful thing for your entire body.

Best investment I’ve made yet

I’ve settled with bargain mattress over the years, so I finally decided to do my research and invest in a higher end mattress and boy am I glad I waited. This has been the best sleep I’ve had since maybe being a baby. I wake up so well rested, it works wonders with my lower back pain as well. Definitely recomend this bed for anyone with back problems as well as anyone who just wants a restful sleep.


This mattress is very comfortable to the point of cozy. My back and shoulders are as they should be painless.


I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this mattress being it was my first memory foam and I prefer plush but it's actually quite amazing! It took a couple weeks to get used to. It almost holds you so tossing and turning in your sleep isn't an issue but I had to wake up to adjust myself.

I chose this mattress brand because it's the only latex free one I could find besides Purple but they were expensive. They do use a latex based adhesive between the 2 layers but nothing that comes in contact with your skin.

Boyfriend and dogs can't get enough of this bed!