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Puffy Mattress Pad
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Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad
Puffy Mattress Pad

Puffy Mattress Pad

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A dreamy cloud-like mattress pad that makes every mattress it touches comfier! Constructed with highly breathable fabric, you’ll sleep cool and comfy all year.
$169 $144

Mattress Pad

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12 reasons to choose
Puffy Mattress Pad

Reason 1

101-Night Sleep Trial

Experience the comfort of the Puffy Mattress Pad for a full 101 nights! If it doesn't provide you with the comfort you're looking for, we'll refund you your total purchase price.

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101-Night Sleep Trial
Reason 2

Lifetime Warranty

The Puffy Mattress Pad is backed by a lifetime warranty. Your comfort is so important to us! For as long as you use your Puffy Mattress Pad, we protect your purchase.
Lifetime Warranty
Reason 3

Delivers Free In 2 - 5 Business Days

Get your Puffy Mattress Pad delivered free - directly to your door - quickly and easily within 2 - 5 business days. You can also return it for free and get a 100% refund if you’re not comfy.

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Delivers Free In 2 - 5 Business Days
Reason 4


Allergens can disrupt sleep! Float on the extra cushioning of hypoallergenic filling. The Puffy Mattress Pad is super comfortable, as well as gentle on your skin.
Reason 5

Easy Care

Fresh is best! The Puffy Mattress Pad can be washed and dried at home. The luxurious cover and durable stretch pockets are designed to last wash after wash.
Easy Care
Reason 6

Premium Cooling

If overheating is an issue for you, the Puffy Mattress Pad will help keep you cool and comfortable all night long. We use premium bamboo fabric that is naturally cooling and ultra-breathable.
Premium Cooling
Reason 7

Comfort For All Sizes

We have created a Puffy Mattress Pad for mattresses of all sizes. No matter what brand of mattress you have, or what size, we have a Puffy Mattress Pad that will keep your mattress comfy.
Comfort For All Sizes
Reason 8

High-Quality Build

Aiming to invest in a top-comfort mattress pad that stands the test of time? The Puffy Mattress Pad has been crafted with high-grade raw materials, so you get a quality mattress pad that lasts!
High-Quality Build
Reason 9

Soft Cover

Sink into soft and super-smooth comfort every time you lay on the Puffy Mattress Pad. It’s made from a bamboo blend that’s lusciously cozy and soothing to sleep on.
Soft Cover
Reason 10

Perfect Amount Of Puff

Dreaming of excellent support and supple softness with a touch of cushiony comfort? If you need that extra amount of lavish cushioning without the extra heat build-up that a foam topper would provide, the Puffy Mattress Pad is for you.
Perfect Amount Of Puff
Reason 11

Durable Stretch Pockets

You can easily set up your new Puffy Mattress Pad onto your bed with our durable, elastic pockets that support mattresses up to 15 inches thick!
Durable Stretch Pockets
Reason 12

Jacquard Knitted Finish

Expertly weaved with a luxurious jacquard knitted design, you’ll notice the Puffy Mattress Pad is a cut above the rest. The unique aesthetic of the design is highly durable yet retains its lux feel.
Jacquard Knitted Finish


  • What does a mattress pad do?

    Mattress pads are used to add extra cushioning to a mattress surface. They are usually placed above a mattress protector and under the bedding. While new beds may not need a pad, it can be beneficial for older mattresses that need cushioning.

  • What type of mattress pad is best?

    The best mattress pad will offer the right amount of comfort without making you overheat from the added layer. The Puffy Mattress Pad is made of bamboo fabric, which is a naturally breathable and cooling material so it won’t make you sleep hot.

  • Is a mattress pad the same as a mattress protector?

    No, a mattress pad and protector have different purposes. While a mattress pad is used for extra cushioning, a mattress protector is a thinner stain-resistant layer that doesn’t provide cushioning. Its sole purpose is to protect the mattress from dust, sweat, dust mites, and other allergens that can disrupt your sleep.

  • What is the fluffiest mattress pad?

    The fluffiest and softest mattress pad is the Puffy Mattress Pad. It is made of a lusciously soft bamboo blend that is super comfortable to sleep on and provides the perfect amount of puff.

  • How long do mattress pads last?

    The durability of mattress pads depends on the quality and materials used, but most pads last up to 5 years.

  • Do you need a mattress pad with a mattress topper?

    While a mattress pad can offer extra cushioning, a mattress topper can adjust the firmness of a mattress. A mattress topper is a thick layer of memory foam with a soft cover that is used to make a soft bed firmer or a firm bed softer. If you’re looking for better body support and comfort, you may only need a mattress topper. However, both can be used for luxurious comfort and relaxed sleep.

  • Can I use both a mattress pad and topper?

    Yes, you can use both a mattress pad and topper. A mattress topper will enhance the firmness of your mattress and a pad will give you an extra layer of cushioning. If your mattress isn’t comfortable with these sleep accessories, it may be time to consider upgrading your mattress.

  • Where to buy a mattress pad?

    You can buy the Puffy Mattress Pad and other sleep accessories from our website, puffy.com. All accessories come with a 101-night sleep trial, free shipping & returns, and a lifetime warranty.

  • How to wash a mattress pad?

    Taking care of your mattress pad is easy! The Puffy Mattress Pad is machine washable. This unique pad features durable stretch pockets and a luxurious cover that is designed to last wash after wash.

  • How much is a mattress pad?

    Mattress pads usually range from $100 to $200, depending on the quality and type of pad. The Puffy Mattress Pad starts at $144 and flexible financing with Klarna is available for orders above $149.

Customer Reviews

Based on 259 reviews
Jeannie Miranda
Truly Sleeping on a Cloud!

This mattress pad is a game changer! I slept so hot in other pads……I was willing to bite the bullet on this to experience cool! Voila! It came through! I love this Puffy Mattress Pad!

We're happy that you took another chance and chose Puffy, Jeannie! Thank you for sharing with us!

Eileen Waite
Puffy on the Farm

After a long day feeding the goats, chickens, and pigs, falling into our comfy Puffy bed is like sleeping on a cloud. The roosters wake us with all of our aches gone and ready to start again.

Thanks for the review, Eileen. Enjoy sleeping on a cloud!

Puffy mattress pad

This is a great mattress pad. We have a 15 inch bed, and the pad fit easily over it and doesn’t move around, adding a layer of comfort. We bought it in the summer and it does not sleep hot.

So good to hear you're sleeping cooler with your new mattress pad, Tam! Thanks for sharing.

Mattress Pad should be called Mattress Topper

Very heavy mattress topper, a dream to sleep on. I cozy up at night in a nest. I only wish I could cram it in my washing machine but it's way too big and heavy. It's worth it's weight in Sandman Sleep.

Thanks for five stars, Cindy!

Michael Russell

We love our new puffy! It's perfect and not too fluffy.

Thanks for five stars and a wonderful review, Michael!

Renee Fischer
Best Sleep!

I've had my new Puffy mattress for a few months now and couldn't be happier! It was very easy to unpack and place onto the frame. And, it looks great with my bedding. Then, the comfort - amazing! I have no trouble falling asleep - and wake up feeling refreshed every morning!

Renee, so wonderful to know you're sleeping cozier with your new mattress! Thanks for a great review.

Jonell Smith
Love our Puffy

We absolutely love our Puffy mattress pad! The best sleep we have ever had. Sleeping in the clouds!

We're so glad you agree nothing beats sleeping on a cloud, Jonell! Thanks for your review.

Jessica Evenson
Feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud in heaven!!

We love our Puffy mattress pad. I've always dreamed of finding the perfect bed. Finally found perfection. Definitely recommend.

Nothing beats sleeping on a cloud! Thank you for the review, Jessica.

Anne Davis

This is truly an amazing bed. We got it for our 4 yo for her first “big-girl bed.” Not only does she love it and fall asleep in minutes, we ALL love it. I am constantly looking for excuses to get in that bed! We were able to put the mattress topper on the mattress then the mattress protector over that in case of accidents. Fits beautifully and works great!! We’re getting another for my 8 yo (she’s jealous) and hopefully the Royal for us after that! Just try it - you’ll see. ;)

So exciting that you’ll soon have a Puffy for everyone, Anne. Thanks so much for your review.

Vaios Papadopoulos
Puffy Mattress Pad

I bought the original Puffy Mattress in September of 2017, when it first came out and I still love it (even though the new mattress has an added gel foam). I got the Puffy Mattress Pad for referring a friend and it is by far the most comfortable pad I've slept on. It is worth buying 100%. I didn't think it could get any more comfortable until I got the pad. Love it! I recommend Puffy to everyone!

Thanks for recommending Puffy! So excited that you love your Puffy Mattress Pad and Puffy Mattress!

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