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Really no words to describe it!

Wow! The Puffy Lux is as amazing as all the reviews it receives. Great sleep. It forms right to your body and is the softest mattress we have ever tried. Great for anyone with back issues. It even has the dog's approval! If you need a good mattress, buy the Puffy Lux!

Peaceful rest

After much research, I decided on the Puffy mattress and am so glad with my choice! I feel supported and well rested and grateful that the mattress is well constructed and did not let off any offensive smells. I am so pleased with my Puffy!

Amazingly Comfortable

THE most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. The bed frame matched our decor perfectly also. Very easy to set up. Reasonably priced. What else is there to say!

Puffy Mattres LUX

I can't tell you how well I sleep with this new Puffy Lux mattress.
I realize now what "sleeping well" means .
Got the Puffy pad to go with it and I am very Happy!

One “AWESOME” mattress

We ordered a Puffy lux mattress in queen about a month ago. I waited to write a review because it stated that it takes about a month to break in past the time you start using it. Well, let me tell you, it has been great. This was the first time we have bought a mattress in a box. We have not once regretted it. It is everything they advertise it to be. Easy to set up, no smell, and expands in no time. I forgot to mention, “lifetime warranty .” What else could you ask for. In our opinion, it beats buying a Tempurpedic an day. We get more support from our Puffy than we did from our Tempurpedic, which only lasted 8 years with a ten year warranty. Try getting something turned in on that warranty is like pulling blood out of a turnip. It will never happen. The bed is much cooler, no smell, more supportive, bigger, and doesn’t leave you in a rut, not being able to flip over. It fills back in behind you pretty quickly. Not like Tempurpedic. We also purchased the mattress cover to protect the mattress. It protects and allows the mattress to still breath. Well worth the money. You know, you don’t have to believe me or anyone else. I’ll tell you what. I dare you to try it! You get a trial time “to” try it. What do you have to loose.