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Customer Reviews

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Awesome!! So comfortable

We love this mattress. It did take a month or 2 in order for it to get broken in and our bodies adjust but now I cant sleep without it. You feel comfortable while still being supported. Love it!

Great Mattress!!!

We love our new mattress!

Soft, yet firm.

This is a very comfortable bed. It’s soft and firm at the same time. We totally recommend it!

Finally a Good nights sleep

I have wrestled with getting a good nights sleep for a long time. I have had two back surgeries and suffered with sleep apnea for a decade. I can appreciate a bed that is just right and i can appreciate a good nights rest. I have not slept this well in ages. I spent a fortune on a sleep number bed thinking it would be the answer, but it doesn't hold a candle to my Puffy.

What they say is true

My husband and I were both skeptical of buying a mattress online without getting to try it out first. When we unboxed it my husband, who prefers firm mattresses, was SUPER skeptical, it seemed really soft. But we made the bed with cover and new sheets and everything and decided to give it 30 days. By day 3 we were like "omg this is amazing". It seems soft but you sink in then stop- it cradles you then is firm. I haven't had back pain since I started sleeping on it, and my husbands has decreased significantly. I was also concerned about the edge firmness but that hasn't been an issue when sleeping, though we dont really sit on the bed too much anymore. The only issue I have is that it runs pretty hot. We had to take the mattress cover off and it got a bit better but I'm a little concerned about the summer. Not concerned enough to get rid of the Puffy, though. I docked a star bc of the heat, and also I didn't have a super great customer service experience before my purchase. But hey, maybe it was an off day.