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5 Types Of Sleepers Who Benefit More From Sleeping Alone

We hear endless stories about the perks of cuddling up with someone - but tons of Americans actually prefer sleeping alone.

Why? Better sleep of course.

There’s much more to love about snoozing solo than just having more mattress space. Grab your blanket and pillows and cozy up - sleeping alone might just be for you!

5 Types Of Sleepers Who Benefit More From Sleeping Alone

The Hot Sleeper

Hot sleepers often find it difficult to share the bed - so sleeping alone is a great way to ensure maximum airflow throughout the night. Solo sleepers who get hot can also consider a cooling mattress to regulate temperature when it naturally fluctuates.

The Snorer

Sleeping with a snorer can often be a nightmare. Or is it you the one doing the disrupting? Whatever the case, sleeping alone will minimize disruption and reduce the negative impact of snoring on the sleep cycle.

The Light Sleeper

Some sleep through fire alarms, while others wake up to even the faintest sounds and movements. One of the best ways for light sleepers to find that deep sleep everyone craves is to sleep alone and with a weighted blanket. The deep pressure stimulation calms the body for perfect rest.

The Blanket Stealer

Blanket stealers are notorious for disturbing the sleep of a partner, so maybe it’s best to slumber solo and enjoy all the warmth without any shame. Maybe sleeping alone is a little drastic for you and your partner, so instead, try upgrading to a fluffy comforter that is big enough to share. 

The Early Riser

Rising at the crack of dawn is a great way to start the day - but if your partner likes to sleep in it can be super disruptive. Early in the morning, abruptly waking up during the REM stage of sleep can create deep grogginess (or sleep inertia). Another way to reduce this type of disruption is to get a mattress that has motion isolation so it stays perfectly still despite movement. 

So today we celebrate you - the solo sleeper. Spread your arms out like a starfish, and tuck yourself in. Your bed is all yours and incredible sleep awaits. 

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Certified Sleep Science Coach

Written by Monica Chinsami, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Monica is a writer who is passionate about the connection between wellness and sleep. She believes sleep has the power to unlock our greatest potential for health and happiness. Topics she's covered range from well-being, to the latest trends in sleep health and bedroom aesthetics. Monica holds a BA in Journalism from Monash University and is a Certified Sleep Science Coach.

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