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Twin vs Full: A Mattress Comparison Guide

Twin vs Full: A Mattress Comparison Guide

Mattress size is an integral and underrated part of bedroom decoration. Many people get confused when trying to differentiate between twin vs full mattresses since they’re very similar in size. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you learn exactly how you can differentiate between twin vs full mattresses, why you might need one more than the other, and what each kind is best for.

Since it is wider than a twin mattress, full mattresses are able to provide a little extra space to sleepers who need it. Here’s everything you need to know about twin vs full mattress sizes - happy shopping!

Table of Contents

Mattress Dimensions: Twin vs Full

One of the main differences between a twin and a full size mattress is their actual mattress dimensions.

A standard twin mattress comes in at 38 inches by 75 inches, with a surface area of 2,840 square inches. Many mattress companies also offer a twin XL, which is slightly larger at 38 inches by 80 inches, and a surface area of 3,040 square inches.

Full mattresses on the other hand, come in at 53 inches by 75 inches, with a significantly larger surface area of 3,957 square feet. A few mattress companies also offer full XL mattress sizes, which are five inches longer than the standard option.

How To Choose Between A Twin vs Full Mattress

How To Choose Between A Twin vs Full Mattress | Puffy

The mattress dimensions of a twin vs full mattress might not be the only thing you need to take into account when you’re trying to choose between the two. Other reasons you might opt for a twin bed or full bed include your bedroom size, costs, what you’re planning to use your mattress for, and the availability of accessories.

Bedroom Size

Your bedroom size has an obvious impact on how you choose between a twin vs full mattress size. Small bedrooms that have dimensions of less than 10 feet by 10 feet are better off using a twin since they just don’t have enough space for a bigger bed. This is why they work particularly well for children’s rooms, or studio apartments that lack too much free space.

For full beds, a room that is 10 feet by 12 feet or larger will work best. These sizes are a popular choice for spare rooms that need to be used as guest bedrooms or small bedrooms in general.

When you’re choosing your mattress while factoring in your bedroom size, it’s worth keeping in mind that most interior designers recommend you ensure there’s a minimum of two feet between your bed and any other piece of bedroom furniture in your room.

A cramped bedroom doesn’t just look bad, it’s also more likely to be uncomfortable. Stuffy bedrooms can cause you to overheat at night, and even lead to poorer sleep, so be sure to pin down the right mattress size for your space - the best mattresses stay comfortable no matter what their size is.

Check out Puffy mattress size guide to find the perfect mattress for you.


If you’re on a tight budget for a new mattress, then it’s important to know twin beds are probably the most cost-effective choice available. Here’s an example of the price difference between the different Puffy mattresses:

Twin Full
Puffy Cloud $599  $899
Puffy Lux $899 $1,299
Puffy Royal $1,249 $2,149

*Prices shown reflect savings applied with promo code.

Many mattress companies (including Puffy) offer financing options that allow you to split up your payment. This is a good option if your needs are more in line with a full mattress, but you just don’t have the finances for it as of yet.

Bedding & Accessories

Another factor to keep in mind when you’re trying to pick the right mattress size is bedding. Both twin and full-size mattresses are standard and easy to find in your local home store.

Bedding for sizes such as full-XL might be slightly more challenging to find since they’re not really a standard size. It’s also worth remembering that bedding and any sleep accessories you might want for your bedroom are going to be more expensive in larger sizes, so if you need to be on a tighter budget, a smaller option might be more suitable for you.


Twin beds are most commonly used for children graduating to a ‘big kid bed’ after sleeping on smaller, crib-size mattresses. Twin beds can be a really versatile option for a child’s room, and they’re also compact enough to be stacked for bunk beds. Even a great mattress will need changing after 12 years, so this is the perfect choice for growing children.

Full mattresses are ideal for single sleepers, or couples on a tight budget. If you find yourself pressed for space in your first home, a full mattress is a comfortable option that will still allow you to have some breathing room. Full mattresses also work great in college dorm rooms, or in guest rooms.

Puffy Twin vs Full Mattress Options

With over ten thousand five-star reviews, Puffy has been voted America’s favorite mattress for a reason. With three mattress options in both memory foam and hybrid varieties, here’s a quick overlook at your options for a twin vs full mattress from our range of products:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults fit in a twin bed?

Yes, adults can fit in a twin bed. Standard twin beds are usually best for adults who are under 5’5”, while twin XL beds can be used by most adults.

Can a couple sleep on a twin bed?

A twin bed is going to be uncomfortable for a couple to sleep on. With only 2,840 square inches of surface area, there isn’t enough space for two adults to share a twin bed.

Should I get a full or twin bed?

If you’re trying to decide between a full vs twin bed, a few things to keep in mind include cost, availability of bedding and accessories, bedroom size, and usage. Both twin-sized mattresses and full-sized mattresses are equally comfortable options, so choosing what’s right for your unique needs is more important.

Do two twins equal a full?

No. Two twin-size mattresses put together will measure 78 inches by 75 inches, whereas a full-size mattress measures 54 inches by 75 inches. Twin and full-size mattresses might be the same length, but the difference in width is significant.


Twin mattresses and full mattresses come with their own respective benefits, but neither size will have you compromising on comfort, so long as you pick the best mattress for your sleep position. Planning what kind of budget you’re working with, how much space you have in your bedroom, and how long you plan on keeping your bed around can help you arrive at a decision much easier.

We hope this guide has helped you decide between a twin vs full mattress. Need help deciding which Puffy Mattress is going to be right for you? Take our quiz to find out.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews, from real customers and see how we compare Puffy vs Nectar, and Puffy vs Purple.

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