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Official Puffy vs Leesa Mattress Comparison

Why 1 million people choose Puffy.
This guide compares the award-winning Puffy Cloud Mattress and the Leesa Original Mattress. When shopping for a mattress online, you should consider a range of factors to ensure it suits your unique sleeping style. Puffy is recognized by experts and sleepers alike for its cooling comfort and pain relief, alongside added benefits such as a lifetime warranty and 101-night sleep trial.

Puffy offers exceptional stabilizing support.

The Leesa Original is designed with a memory foam recovery layer to provide support and extra bounce. Puffy’s medium-firm foams are designed to isolate motion, relieve muscles and joint tension, and enhance airflow, so you sleep supported as well as cool and don’t feel movement transfer.

Why Puffy is #1. At a glance.
$1,350 Includes free Luxury Bedding Gifts.
$1,130 more in savings
Starting Price(Twin)
1 - 2 Business Days
5 - 9 Business Days
3+ days longer
Lifetime Warranty
10-Year Limited Warranty
Sleep Trial
101 Nights
100 Nights
Weight (King)
70 lbs
22% lighter
90 lbs
Made in USA
2 Free Pillows
Free Mattress Protector
Free Sheets
Free Nationwide Shipping & Returns

Prices last updated 07/2024. Prices are taken from each respective site and are subject to change at any time.

Puffy ranks higher than Leesa for comfort and feel.
Back Support
Sleeping Cool
Side Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

America's most
award-winning mattress.

Best Soft Memory
Foam Mattress 2024
Best Of
Forbes Vetted 2024
Best Mattress for
Back Pain 2024
Most Comfortable
Hybrid Mattress 2024
Here’s why 12,000+ Americans love Puffy comfort.
See what real customers say about Puffy mattresses compared to Leesa.
Kiki R.
“It was a wonderful buy and I just love love love how amazing it feels. We've had a few family members come by and have tried it out over the holidays (the mattress is in the guest room) and they've all asked what mattress it is.”
Solomon P.
“With each of the other mattresses, I would wake up with aches and pains. But with Puffy all I can say is I wake up feeling refreshed with no aches and pains. Give it a try!”
Alma M.
“The firmness level supports both of our preferences and we've been sleeping on a cloud. I'll be sticking with Puffy for life!”
Sherrin N.
“I had a Leesa bed. The Puffy bed is lighter and more comfortable. I also have the bed frame and Puffy topper. I fall asleep very quickly when I lie down on my Puffy bed and topper.”
L D.
“We have now purchased 3 Puffy's. Before Puffy was a Nectar - nice but hot. Went to adult child. 2nd mattress was a Leesa. Too soft. Went to a guest bed. Next was a Puffy! Just RIGHT!!!”
Martin R.
“I researched almost all of the mail-order mattresses and also own a Leesa mattress. I've been sleeping on my Puffy Mattress for about 2 months now. Delivery was prompt and I was able to set it up myself.”


Puffy Cloud Mattress
When you lay on a Puffy Cloud Mattress you will enjoy a medium-firm comfort feeling that sits between 6 - 8 on the firmness scale. This level of firmness is suitable for all sleepers. Medium-firm is especially beneficial for side sleepers who require additional contouring support for hips and shoulders. This unique level of firmness gives the Puffy Cloud Mattress the ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feeling everyone loves.
Leesa Original Mattress
The Leesa Original Mattress has a medium-firm feeling with a soft foam top layer.
The conclusion:
Mattress firmness can be subjective as it often comes down to personal taste. When comparing Puffy Cloud Mattress and the Leesa Original Mattress, you can safely consider Puffy as a true medium-firm mattress.


Puffy Cloud Mattress

The Puffy Cloud Mattress is a gel-infused blended memory foam mattress. The original Puffy Cloud Mattress has a 6-layer construction. All Puffy foams are CertiPUR-US® certified.

  • Puffy has a Cool Touch Cloud Cover that is designed for maximum usage. The cover’s fabric is cool to the touch and includes knitted cooling yarns that make the mattress feel refreshing, cloudlike, and luxurious. The cover also features a patented cloud design.
  • The Climate Fiber Layer consists of soft, heat-resistant fibers that create additional cushioning. The fibers in this layer also allow for advanced air circulation.
  • 2” gel-infused Cooling Cloud™ Foam layer is high-density and supportive. It cradles muscles and joints and is infused with cooling gel to disperse heat away from the body.
  • 2” Cloud Comfort Pressure-Relief Foam layer combines optimal spinal alignment with pressure relief properties to provide support while sleeping.
  • 6” Firm Core Support Foam layer is made from high-density foam for extra stability. Developed to isolate motion and align the spine, this base layer is firm, supportive, and highly durable.
  • Each Puffy mattress has a Grip Base Cover that sits perfectly on any style of bed frame and won't slip and slide.
Leesa Original Mattress

The Leesa Original Mattress is constructed with 3 layers of foam and a twill cotton cover. The Leesa features:

  • Comfort layer
  • Memory foam recovery layer
  • Support layer
  • Leesa cover
The conclusion:
Comparing mattress construction is an ideal way to address mattress quality. Every Puffy layer is designed to offer sleepers a specific benefit for optimal cooling, support, and comfort.


Puffy Cloud Mattress
Puffy sleepers enjoy unique comfort features. The Puffy Cloud Mattress is ranked Best Mattress 2024 and is famous for its unique foam formulation that feels like sleeping on a cloud. Puffy’s Cloud Comfort™ technology stands out from competitors in terms of bespoke comfort.
Leesa Original Mattress
The Leesa Original Mattress has a comfort layer that offers the feel of a hug and bounce.
The conclusion:
Above all else, your bed needs to be cozy. After a long and tiring day, nothing compares to the amazing feeling of sinking into incredible comfort. If you’re looking for life-changing sleep, you need to try sleeping on a cloud.


Puffy Cloud Mattress
The Puffy Cloud Mattress has contouring capabilities for back and body support, with a high-density memory foam formulation that cradles the body and provides a medium-firm comfort level. The Cooling Cloud™ Foam and Cloud Comfort Pressure-Relief Foam middle layers combine airflow, heat dispersion, and advanced contouring for pressure relief properties that relieve stress on muscles and joints.
Leesa Original Mattress
The Leesa Original Mattress is designed with a memory foam recovery layer to provide support.
The conclusion:
The sleep cycle is a vital recovery stage for muscles and joints. During the sleep cycle, strained pressure points need the correct type of support to repair and rejuvenate. If you need extra support for your back, look for a mattress that is designed to contour your body and relieve pressure points.


Puffy Cloud Mattress
Puffy offers a lifetime warranty on every single product, from mattresses to bed frames and bedding. For as long as customers use Puffy’s comfort products, they are protected by a lifetime warranty.
Leesa Original Mattress
Leesa offers customers a 10-year limited warranty on mattresses, a 5-year limited warranty on the foundation, and a 3-year limited warranty on the pillow.
The conclusion:
When making a significant investment such as a mattress, having a warranty is essential so you can have peace of mind that your purchase is protected. Always choose products with the most extended warranty period so you can have peace of mind that your investment will last.

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