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Puffy Mattress Foundation
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Lightweight Puffy Mattress Foundation
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Puffy Mattress Foundation

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Headboard attachment brackets included

12 Reasons to Choose The Puffy Mattress Foundation

Reason 1

Room For Storage

Instead of just taking up space like a box spring, the 15" tall Puffy Bed Platform gives you enough space for extra storage. Gain more room in your room.

Reason 2

Built to Last

Never worry about replacing your bed frame again. The Puffy Platform is made with heavy duty steel, built to last and capable of holding over 1000 lbs!

Reason 3

101 Night Trial

Take the Puffy Foundation home and try it out first hand! You have a full 101 Night Trial to test it out! Love it or we'll take it back for a full refund.

Reason 4

Provides Optimum Airflow

Allows your mattress to breathe even more, allowing heat to dissipate even better while you sleep. Puffy's Cooling Cloud never felt so good.

Reason 5


Due to its unique, lightweight yet strong engineering, you can get your new Puffy Mattress Foundation out of the box and set up with ease. Move it to your location of choice without breaking a sweat.

Reason 6

No More Mattress Sag

Never experience mattress sag again! The Puffy Bed Foundation stops your mattress from turning into a hammock so your back feels better.

Reason 7

No More Dust Build-Up

The steel and open air design prevents the build-up of dust and mold that attracts dust mites and bed bugs.

Reason 8

No Box Spring Needed

No box spring is needed when you pair the Puffy Foundation with your Puffy Mattress! The perfectly spaced and criss-crossed steel slats of the Puffy Mattress Foundation will provide the perfect combination of breathability and support, extending the life of your mattress.

Reason 9

No Tools Required

Get your new Puffy Mattress Foundation out of the box fast and easy. You prefer easy, tool-less, hassle-free setups, and so do we.

Reason 10

Lifetime Warranty

With its sturdy build quality, noise-free design, and easy setup, the Puffy Mattress Foundation was built to last and is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Reason 11

Non-Slip Pad

The Puffy Foundation comes with our all-new Non-Slip Pad that provides amazing grip to keep your mattress in place! Just unroll it onto your Puffy Foundation and place your mattress on top.

Reason 12

Ships Free to Your Door

Get your Puffy Foundation delivered directly to your door free within two to five business days. Shopping for your new bed foundation is easy with Puffy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Puffy to the rescue

We recently moved. I hurt my back lifting heavy furniture. I got a slipped disc in my lower lumbar region of my spine . My old bed was too uncomfortable for my injury. I researched and got the Puffy! It is so supportive of my aches and pains, I can sleep. This bed is so comfortable, I don’t want to get out of bed! I would insert a picture if there was a link

Great foundation

Cheap, light, easy to assemble. What more could you want from a mattress foundation!

Great to hear that the Puffy Foundation was easy to set up. Happy sleeping!
Best Mattress ever!!

We love our cal. king Puffy Mattress! I've had numerous orthopedic procedures done, including 4 joint replacements and several back and neck fusions. It's been extremely difficult for me to sleep at times. We were originally looking at a foam mattress by a competitor, but decided to go w/ the Puffy Lux, based upon lots of online research. We are extremely glad we did. Have never slept as well as I have on this mattress. We paired it with the Puffy Foundation and absolutely love it!

Thanks for your review of the Puffy Lux and Puffy Foundation. We are so happy to hear that you are sleeping better, Rob!
Love Puffy Lux Mattress

We love this mattress! We also purchased the foundation too and love it! So glad we make the pick with Puffy! We were having back pain from our other mattress and now we are free of back pain! I would definitely buy another Puffy Mattress again!

So happy you are sleeping pain-free, Brandi. We are so glad you chose to sleep on a Puffy Lux and Puffy Foundation, too! Nothing compares to cloud comfort.
Amazing Comfort and Keeps Me Cool

This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. It really is breathable and keeps me cool through the night. I bought my mattress with the Puffy Foundation. I love it. No annoying mattress squeaks. I had some trouble assembling at first, so I emailed the Puffy team and they sent me a helpful tip for successful assembly.

We are so happy to hear that you love your Puffy Mattress and Foundation, Hannah.