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Puffy Mattress Protector
Puffy Mattress Protector - Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress Protector
Mattress Protector for Puffy Memory Foam Mattress
Puffy Mattress Protector
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Puffy Mattress Protector

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Help your mattress stay fresh and clean! Meet the best waterproof mattress protector that protects and suits any mattress size and type, not just ours.
Reason 1

Try the smooth, soft, and quiet Puffy Mattress Protector at home for a full 101 nights! If it doesn't provide you the protection and comfort you wanted, we will refund you your full purchase price. If you're tired of using mattress protectors that feel like plastic, make a bunch of noise when you move, and heat up your sleep experience, then the Puffy Mattress Protector is the answer for you!

Your comfort is our priority. Learn More

Reason 2
Yes, an entire lifetime warranty. The Puffy Mattress Protector will always deliver and so will we. For as long as you use the Puffy Mattress Protector we have your back.
Reason 3

Get your Puffy Mattress Protector shipped free, directly to your door, quickly and easily within 1 - 3 business days. We know you’ll love it! But if you don’t, we offer free returns and a 100% refund.

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*Shipping fees apply to AK and HI.

Reason 4
The bamboo rayon fabric found in the Puffy Mattress Protector is naturally hypoallergenic. This soft and cozy material helps to repel allergens and reduce sneezing, itching, and other reactions that get in the way of quality sleep.
Reason 5
For ultra freshness, you can throw your Puffy Mattress Protector in the wash and it will dry like new. Add to this the waterproof fabric, and you have yourself a product that will stand the test of time.
Reason 6
The Puffy Mattress Protector comes with our cooling bamboo rayon fabric, which is amazingly soft and cool to the touch. It's an amazingly breathable fabric, allowing air to flow through while still being waterproof!
Reason 7
We have created a Puffy Mattress Protector for mattresses of all sizes. No matter what brand of mattress you have, or what size, we have a Puffy Mattress Protector that will keep your mattress safe and clean.
Reason 8
Designed to provide waterproof protection while still being soft, cool & quiet to the touch. No crinkly or scratchy sounds and textures with this mattress protector - just smooth & cool protection.
Reason 9
The Puffy Mattress Protector sits perfectly on top of your mattress, providing your bed with complete protection. The mattress protector forms a barrier protecting your mattress against spills, sweat, stains, and damage, so you can enjoy that fresh new mattress feeling for longer.
Reason 10
Bamboo rayon resists dust mites creating a blissful guard of protection for your bed. Tightly woven and highly breathable, the Puffy Mattress Protector is designed to send unwelcomed bugs packing so you can sleep safe and sound.
Reason 11
Easily set up your new Puffy Mattress Protector over your mattress with its durable 15-inch elastic pockets. They can comfortably stretch to accommodate any Puffy Mattress as well as any other standard-sized mattress you own.
Reason 12
Our customers appreciate the quality design and breathable waterproof fabric. You will too! Trial the Puffy Mattress Protector for 101 nights and see what you think. Read our reviews below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 348 reviews
Nights Nights.

I love puffy mattress. I am a side sleeper and stomach sleeper. Before, When I wake up in the morning, my arm and my chest feel pain, but after, I don’t feel pain anymore. My little niece, she loves to sleep on my bed. She quick falls asleep when she sleeps on my bed.

We're so glad you're sleeping better on your new Puffy, Vicky! Thanks for sharing.

Best mattress ever

Great customer service! Fast reply back for any question. We really enjoy quality and our sleep is better .
5 stars ⭐️

We appreciate your wonderful review, Francine! Thank you for sharing.

Five stars from me and my dog

The Puffy mattress and topper are absolutely amazing! I suffer from lower back pain and have been having the best nights sleep. I love to nap and unfortunately it's increased my napping as well - and not just mine, but my dog! He's there ALL THE TIME! My dog will wake me from a nap, jump off the bed wagging his tail, I'll go to the bathroom to freshen up and come back to the room to find him asleep in my spot. I swear this photo isn't staged! The free Puffy pillow is no doubt the best pillow I've ever had, and as you can see, Caine cradles every curve perfectly.

Rachel, we're so glad to see both you and Caine loving your new Puffy products! Thanks for sharing such a great review.

Puffy Purchase

I was lucky enough to purchase everything, mattress, pillows, sheet set, and protectors. It has been the best things I have ever done. I love all of it. Thank you Puffy for making a wonderful product!

Thanks for a great review, Catherine!

Great mattress protector

We have recently purchased our second Puffy Lux mattress and mattress protector. We love all things Puffy!! The protector is soft, excellent quality and a perfect fit for the mattress. It does not alter the feel of the mattress and does not cause any issues of sleeping too hot. For our second purchase we also ordered the metal mattress frame but have not set it up quite yet. I will write a review once we do but I expect it to be an outstanding product like everything else we’ve ordered from Puffy.

Nancy, we're thrilled to hear your protector has come in handy - thank you for choosing Puffy!

Love Puffy!!!

Love the mattress and cover. Cover is snug and does not ride off. The mattress is the most comfortable I have ever owned.

We're thrilled you're sleeping comfier than ever, Anthony! Thanks for a wonderful review.

Wet Diaper Approved

Our baby wasn’t sleeping well in her crib so we’d pull her in with us and after a few overflowing diapers we realized the Puffy Mattress Protector was well worth the purchase! Super soft, quiet and easy to wash. Can’t beat the warranty either. It’s hard finding a protector that doesn’t sound like you’re sleeping on a plastic tarp and this one is the silent savior we didn’t know we needed. It protects our investment but also saves our sanity when a baby can finally sleep through the night. Add in the pillow, cooling bamboo sheets and Puffy Comforter and it’s the most relaxing setup - especially for new parents!

Thanks so much for the review, Nate! Sounds like you have the perfect Puffy setup.



Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures and five stars, Robert!

Puffy mattress protector

We have had no issues with this mattress cover. It looks great and fits nicely over the Puffy mattress. Great security for my son’s bed!

We're so glad you and your son are sleeping more peacefully thanks to your new protector, Laura! Thanks for the lovely review.

Finally sleeping comfortably 😌

Just the right amount of give and bounce. No big craters to roll into when I get up in the middle of the night; can get right back to dreaming

Megin, it's so good to hear you're sleeping comfortably with your new Puffy Protector! Thanks for a great review.