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The Puffy Mattress

Puffy Ranked Best Mattress 2018 RANKED 2018 BEST MATTRESS

Choose Size: Twin - (39" x 75" x 10")
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Customer Reviews

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I sleep like a feather

First thing I noticed is how light I feel on this bed, I get a different sleeping experience. I don't think there is a mattress like it out there.Go Puffy!

Puffy all the way

This mattress has been 5 stars since the moment it arrived to our home. From watching it expand into a real size mattress to the first night of sleep I say it's a must have. It is also great for other activities because it hasn't caved kinda how our last bed did.

Oh My Aching Back No More

We love our new Puffy mattress (as does our beagle). You melt into the mattress due to its softness, but its not so squishy, like quicksand, that you feel like you can't get out. I have severe back problems and the firm support has greatly helped my back. The support is throughout and doesn't go soft on the edges. Thanks, Puffy for a good night's sleep at last!! Was skeptical about buying a mattress that came in a box, but you made a believer out of us. The guarantee was definitely a plus. How can you decide if you like a mattress by lying on it for 5 minutes in a store?


The Puffy Mattress

Delivery was exceptional

Love the mattress in a box delivery, It totally made our lives a whole lot easier. We sleep better since getting this mattress. My wife thinks it's perfect and I approve of it.