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Didn’t know what to expect from a mattress air right sealed in a box but WOW. No more crooked neck and back. I get quality sleep and the best part that I was worried of, is that there is no packaging smell. It’s ready to use ASAP and no need to air out prior too. It’s firm yet contours to your body’s pressure points so it’s also soft where it needs to be. I LOve it. I also have a serta which cost 3 times the amount yet it offers the same level comfort!!!!


Please send me a statement on what I owe

The sleep I get is insaneee!!

Can’t believe how much better I sleep on this mattress. The comfort level is amazing. Good thing you guys have financing because I'm so glad I purchased it. Thx!

Good sleep!

We like is very much, no need for trail.

5 stars for stomach and back sleepers

I just got married and we were looking for a mattress to make both of us happy. My husband sleeps on his stomach and I like to sleep on my side. My husband really loves this mattress and so do I. It is great that a mattress can feel this good for different sleeping positions. We recommend it and are looking to buy the Puffy Base too.

Finally a 5 star bed

I paid more for my old spring one and doesn't even compare to this mattress. After a few days of getting used to it, it started to feel great and I don't get up in the middle of the night for no reason any more. I don't know what it is, maybe its the way my body feels but it just feels heavenly.

Love them all

We have bought 3 Puffy mattresses. All have been great. The product line is very consistent, even with the pillows.

Real Blessing!!

I have no complaints my sleep has been improving month after month. My Puffy mattress has been everything I read and hoped for. I used to have anxiety at night and getting comfortable on a bad mattress would make it even harder to sleep, but Puffy as at least helped with the comfort part of it.


This Puffy pillow is amazing. However, the customer service is even more so! They helped us understand everything about this pillow. If you want a great nights sleep, and excellent customer service, choose this pillow.

Just like a cloud

We love this topper pad. It just made our mattress feel better instantly.

Saved a ton of money by switching to Puffy

Great choice for the price we paid for the king. We were thinking about getting another Tempur-pedic but decided on Puffy. Probably order another one for my parents, I think they deserve it.

Five stars for the best mattress

We always rave about the Puffy mattress. Easy ordering, super clean w/o smell, easy to set up, and best rest ever.

Puffy Lux

My girlfriend and I are very happy with our Puffy Lux. I have a horrible back, and have been feeling much better due to the support of our mattress.

A cloud to dream on!

We were very pleased with the quick response to our order. The base works very well and the mattress is as you said" like sleeping on a cloud" .We are extremely pleased!!Same with the pillow. We love the fact you can take out or put in the amount of filling that suits your individual need.

Has been great so fa

We have only had 4 nights on the mattress, but we like it so far. it had been great to have a bed that you don't feel your partner move. also the back support has been great compared to our old bed.

Total comfort

Bought this mattress to replace a old spring mattress for a vacation house. I have only good response from all family and friends. Definitely worth the money.

A True Beliver!

I thought all the reviews on a good mattress was BS! Until i slept on a Puffy Mattress. My body feels like it is healing it self. Im sleeping better, my body is not aching and sore in the morning, and my morning workouts are better. My body seems to long for it after a long day because it knows it time to repair and recharge. I didnt know a mattress could cause this kind of experience.

Thanks Puffy!

I love this mattress

Great night sleep and great support

Wow! True comfort

Five stars!!! This is a soft mattress but still supportive. This is our 2nd month of sleeping on the Puffy and I have to say the sleep just keeps getting better.

Even our guests think it's comfortable.

We are happy with both of our mattresses. One was placed in our bedroom and the other in the guestroom. So far all four of our guests have told us that it was very comfortable!

It is like sleeping on a cloud

We recently purchased a new king size Puffy mattress. We slept on the same mattress for 7 years. My husband snores much less, but even more important he feels better in the mornings. We recommend this mattress, it has been a real good change for us.

We both love the Puffy

My husband and I love it. We would recommend the mattress to anyone.

Amazing mattress

This mattress feels great. I sleep 10 times better than before. I go to bed and next thing I know It's morning and I am awake fully rested.

Best mattress

So comfortable!

Love my puffy!

I love my new puffy mattress! I have been sleeping on the mattress for a little over a month and it has been so comfortable. I also bought the puffy pillow which is very comfortable as well. The pillow allows you to remove shredded memory foam to get it to the desired height which was perfect for me. I am very happy with my purchases! Thank you puffy!