Puffy Mattress Reviews

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Incredibly comfortable

We love our new mattress. Well priced for a luxury type mattress. I wish the edges were hard but we can live with it. My wife and I are so happy with the LUX we don't think we will buying a standard type ever again.

Delivered on the date I was told it would

A+ delivery. The Lux is an amazing mattress. At first I was undecided between the Puffy and the Puffy Lux. The website was informative and helpful in terms of guiding me to the right mattress.

Exceptional service from you guys

I love the product even more when it was all ready to sleep on, and the service you guys have is really worlds apart from some of the stores I went to. My questions where answered accurately and exactly how I expected. The product is as it was described to be.

Feels heavenly when I lay on it.

This is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I love it so much, I have have my friends try it, and they all like the look and feel. I should probably get commission since they will be buying.

Easy Breezy

Easy instructions!!! I able to set my foundation for my new mattress in just few minutes, just need to get a bed skirt and all done.

Never slept better

Great Customer Service and the product lived up to my expectations.

Fine luxury bed

I've been sleeping like a king since I go this bed. And my back is no longer sore!

No pressure points, cool design.

Outstanding product, reasonable price, love the kids donations you guys are doing.

In love with my Puffy

Puffy provided free shipping, excellent customer service, bed was just perfect. I sleep so well I'm totally sold & I think I'm probably going to buy another one very soon.

Who doesn't love a big puffy?

We got our long size puffy after about a week after ordering it and now almost a month later we still love our new bed. There's no pain in our backs anymore after getting up in the morning and we are bigger people. I'm sleeping more soundly though the night then I have in a long time. We re so glad we took a chance on this bed after doing alot of research. We re very happy with it.

Really comfortable!!!

My wife and I tried the purple mattress first and for my body type 6’2” (240LBS) the purple didn’t have enough support for my back. We returned it and went with Puffy. The first night on the Puffy was thee hardest I’ve ever slep. With myself being a big guy. I was worried about feeling stuck since it’s a memory foam, but i was shocked that it had enough support to keep me from feeling stuck. Wife also loves the bed because of the motion transfer. I go to work really early and I would normally wake her up when getting out of bed. With this mattress she doesn’t even know I left. A+ for this mattress.

Excellent mattress

My husband has restless legs, but now with the new PUFFY LUX I don’t feel the movement. Thank you PUFFY. Customer service was fantastic.


It's just awesome!

Great Sleep

Can now sleep on my back all night long without tossing and turning. My wife hits the pillow and never moves the rest of the night. This is a great mattress, truly.

Great Customer Service

Though the Puffy mattress did not meet our particular needs as side sleepers, Customer Service has been very pleasant and helpful from the time we first ordered to working out the return and pick-up of the mattress.

I was having trouble with

I was having trouble with my back and wanted a new mattress. My grand-
daughter had gone online and ordered a mattress in a box. I was a little leary at first, but after reading all the material included, I thought I would take a chance. The mattress was easy to set up, not heavy like some of the other mattresses we've had. We weren't charged shipping which was a plus and it arrived within four days. What can I say, I love it! I'm a back sleeper and my husband is a side sleeper. When he moves around at night, I don't even feel the movement; now that is a big plus. With the last mattress, I felt every movement! I don't know how to describe it, it's firm, but soft; it supports the body but you feel like you're cradled not on something hard. Yet, when you leave the bed, it looks flat like nobody has lain there, it's smooth again. My husband can never decide what he likes in a mattress. He wanted it softer, so I added an inch and a half memory foam on top of the mattress. I prefer it without, but it makes him happy, so. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good night sleep. Believe me at our age we've tried all the mattresses that they make and this is the best.

The Best

So supportive....so comfortable! My backaches are gone ever since I started sleeping on my PUFFY!

Love my Puffy!

It’s soft and firm at the same time. I look forward to bedtime with my Puffy :) happy customer!

Greatest mattress!!

Ordered a king size, it was delivered super fast!!
Love it !!!!!!

Great customer service.

The mattress was comfortable but I ordered the wrong size and needed to return it. I have to say that the customer service was very supportive and helped me out, arranged for the pickup & refund. I plan to order another mattress.

Best mattress ever

Best mattress ever

Puffy Mattress AWESOME

I am 76 years old and I have owned several beds and Mattress in those years
This is by far the best

Just lovely

My mattress is amazing. It took me about a few days to adjust to being supported, and since then it's been a dream.

Five Star Service

Great mattress from a above standard company. It has only been a few month since we started to sleep on our new mattress and I really don't think we could have found a better mattress. The gentleman I spoke to over the phone was very helpful in helping me understand what this mattress was all about. We placed an order for two for our family. My husbands back pain is getting better as the weeks go by and my daughter has praised the mattress.

Nearly Perfect

My husband and I are sleeping very soundly and comfortably on our new Puffy. I have really bad shoulders, so they would not be happy on any mattress. Puffy does feel a bit too firm at times. I expected that as I had read all the reviews before purchasing. However, as you stay in the same position for a while, it becomes perfect support. Not too firm in the least. I'm not sure how anyone could go wrong with this mattress. It would be exceptional for everyone.

Incredible mattress

We love out California King mattress. I was too easy to set up, our kids had fun watching to all come together. My husband says it's on the firm side and I think it is soft. The mattress seems to just mold around my body but not like the annoying way a typical memory foam mattress does.

Puffy mattress

Very comfortable. Pleased with the purchase. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.


This was a gift from my wonderful daughter. My sciatica was worsening by the day. After 2 weeks I am much improved. I sleep very soundly. Hated all my previous mattresses due to heat. This will be great with summer coming because it is really cooling. When I lay down now I can feel instant relief. I LOVE MY PUFFY!!!!!

Puffy mattress

Have slept on the Puffy mattress for a month.So far it has been very comfortable.

Great Mattress

Ive always disliked memory foam mattresses and have stuck with pillow tops for years. When I first bought my puffy I disliked it and thought it was uncomfortable but by the 3rd day I notice it the more I slept on it the more comfortable it became and I love it now. it also very light especially when youre constantly moving being in the military or just redecorating


I woke up every morning with back spasms. Since the first night on the Puffy Mattress I have had no spasms. There is no smell at all to the mattress. We are so happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone.

Best mattress I have ever

Best mattress I have ever owned. The difference in my sleep is amazing.

This is a great company

This is a great company to do business with.

Puffy mattress

I love my new puffy mattress. I am so glad I purchased it.

Did my research; this is best hands down!

I researched all mattresses! I love my Puffy and have gotten two friends to get them now as well!
Saving my $$ so I can replace other mattresses in the house.

5 STARS for my Puffy Lux

I love my new mattress. Not only does it look stunning but it feels heavenly. my husband never cared for mattresses but even agreed that this one feels special. Now I just need the right pillows to go with it.

Exceptional mattress

We would reorder this again. Puffy made every step simple for us and the mattress is just perfect!


We needed a new mattres, so after reading reviews we decided to purchase the Puffy! Yes it is all what it says and my husband and I love ours

I’m in love

Love my puffy mattress

Love my Puffy!

Haven’t slept all night in years!!! This is heaven.

Great Company

We ended up returning the mattress because it was a little too firm for our liking, however, it was a very high quality mattress! Not everyone likes the same firmness in beds, so that is why I am giving Puffy a good rating still. We were still within the testing period, and having a donation come pick up the mattress was so easy! Puffy was so great and helped out a lot to make sure we got everything we needed.

My back is better than it has been in years

It took a couple nights to get used to my Puffy mattress but now that I have used it for a few weeks I realize the nagging back pain I have experienced for years is just gone!




The only downfall is I want to sleep 24 hours a day. This bed is incredibly comfortable! I went from a temperpedic cloud to this, and what a difference. This need feels soft, but only where pressure points are applied. So when you sit, you sink in pretty easily and think ‘nope, this bed is too soft it will cause issues.’ But when you lie down on it, it sinks in at the hip and shoulders and supports the rest. I’ve slept sooo well since I got this bed!

James - Thurmont, MD

We have had our Puffy mattress for three weeks now. It did not take long to get adjusting to the feel. We loved it from day one. My wife and I are 70 years old and we needed a mattress that did not hurt our bones yet was not to soft that you sink down in and cannot move. Puffy took care of all that. If we had it to do over again we would have bought Puffy. Thank you Puffy of a good night's sleep. AMAZING!

Best sleep in years !!!

Best sleep in years !!! No more pressure point pain !

Perfect Matttres, Perfect Service...

Perfect Matttres, Perfect Service...


The best sleep ever.

Top Marks!

After reading reviews on different mattress types and watching a few video we bought a Puffy and give it top marks. Affordable, easy to install, extremely comfortable for our different needs and no more bump felt from our split box springs! Highly recommend.

Sleeping on a Cloud

I loved it but just one concern...
When it was done puffing up I noticed the label was sewn upside down. O well, wasn't going to return it for that. I love it so far.