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Puffy Mattress Reviews

pPuffy Mattress Reviews

Our commitment to helping our customers sleep better to live better has never been stronger. Curious to know why customers think that Puffy Mattress is the best mattress for any type of sleeper? Don’t take our word for it, see what thousands of happy sleepers have to say! 

Reading our 5-star mattress reviews will demonstrate the quality of our product and the high level of customer satisfaction Puffy is known for. If you love your Puffy just as much as these happy customers, leave us a review to let others know how the amazing Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress, or Puffy Royal Mattress has transformed your sleep!

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Puffy Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Based on 13339 reviews
We love 💕 our Puffy Lux mattress
Charles, we're thrilled to hear you're finally catching up on the sleep you deserve with your new mattress! Thanks for choosing Puffy.
Awesome Mattress.
Thanks for your wonderful review!
Great mattress protector
Nancy, we're thrilled to hear your protector has come in handy - thank you for choosing Puffy!
Puffy products are a dream come true!
Anne, so good to know you're enjoying your new Puffy set-up! Thanks for sharing.
"Love my King" Comfy Puffy Bed
We're so happy to hear your whole family loves Puffy! Thank you for sharing.
Best night sleep ever!!
We're so happy to hear you and your husband are sleeping cozier with your new Puffy Lux, Cathy! Thanks for sharing.
Living like a wealthy person
Anne, you deserve a luxurious night's sleep - we're so glad to read you're getting it with your new Puffy Mattress! Thanks for a great review.
No more interrupted sleep.
So good to know you and your husband are catching up on undisturbed sleep, Rose. Thanks for choosing Puffy!
Took a gamble and it totally paid off!!
Love The Puffy!
Thank you for such a wonderful review, Thomas!
Good mattress
Trish, we appreciate your feedback! So lovely to hear you and your husband are getting your best night's sleep yet - thanks for choosing Puffy.
Even moon pie likes laying on Puffy Clouds ☁️
We're so thrilled you're loving your new mattress, Tammy! Thanks for sharing such a lovely review.
Puffy Paradise
We're so glad you're sleeping cooler and comfier with your new Puffy, Sharon! Thanks for the wonderful review.
The Best Bed: For More Than Just Sleeping!!
Kambrah, we're thrilled to hear your mattress is changing your life! Thanks for the stellar review, and thank you for choosing Puffy.
Brian, so good to read you're sleeping better with your new Puffy Lux Hybrid! Thanks for the great review.
Best Mattress Ever
We're so glad you, your boyfriend, and your adorable cat all love your new Puffy, Alexa! Thanks for five stars.
Best pillow ever
Randy, we're so glad to hear you're sleeping better with your new pillow! Thanks for the great review.
Love Puffy!!!
We're thrilled you're sleeping comfier than ever, Anthony! Thanks for a wonderful review.
Now I don’t want to get out of bed!
We're so glad you and your whole family can enjoy a good night's sleep with your new Puffy Mattress, Renee! Thank you for sharing.
Wet Diaper Approved
Thanks so much for the review, Nate! Sounds like you have the perfect Puffy setup.
We love our Puffy bed!
Thanks for the review, Tony! - we're really glad your back is feeling good. Hope your son enjoys his Puffy as much as you!
Puffy Rug
Puffy leaves the bedroom
We love your Puffy Place! Thanks for the review, Nancy.
Everyone is comfy on our Puffy mattress
Thanks for the review, Dawn! We are so pleased that you gave us a try!
Goodbye insomnia!
It's so great your sleep has improved so much, Lisa! Thanks for choosing Puffy.
Catching my ZZZZZZs on my new PUFFY
We are so happy you're feeling comfy, Lela.