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Love my Puffy, that's what I call a mattress💯

I've always slept on innerspring mattresses that were a little harder. I had recently slept on an Amazon mattress for $ 200. And that for 5 years. Everything was fine. But now I needed a new one. Since I go to the gym and do deadlifts, I've noticed a pain in my back lately. A trainer checked my exercises and everything was okay. I have never had problems with my back and have never had surgery in my life. I try to keep myself fit through yoga, swimming and sports. I also have a fascia roll. I can only recommend it to everyone. But I knew i had to change something.

I have ordered a mattress from Amazon again. A $ 400 one. And when I unpacked it, it stank very badly. Everything was on my skin, in my hair and my cats smelled of it. My pain was still there. Then I started watching You Tube videos and Puffy came into my eyes. A lot of You Tuber compared the mattresses and the selection was really difficult. ( Above all, I was never interested in mattresses :-)) In a store I tried the Tempur Pedic and Casper mattresses. The feeling was great, especially on the Tempur Pedic mattresses. But I didn't want to spend that much money. In a mattress ??? In my whole life I was okay with my cheaper ones. But Puffy didn't let me go. I definitely watched 20 videos and read reviews. I was busy for days :-) And then I did it. I ordered the Puffy Lux. I wanted that feeling of marshmello love. Enveloped in something soft extraordinary and melty. And dear Puffy's, my first night with Puffy was heavenly, i got this love and I feel so much better after waking up. That was the best decision I could make on my body. And my first mattress review in my life :-) I can only recommend the mattress to everyone. And I was very skeptical. Thank you Puffy. And thanks that the mattress is so neutral and not chemical !!

Never switching back

Puffy mattress and the adjustable bedframe is user friendly and very comfy. The abiity to put my feet up and sit up helps back, but even what the bed is flat, the matteess provides plenty of support. Laying down on the puffy mattress relieves my back pain as soon as I lay down. It is exactly what I needed.

This Mattress Is A Dream!

I needed a mattress for a guest bedroom. I was sleeping on a memory foam mattress and after reading all the reviews, I decided to order a Puffy Mattress. I took my memory foam mattress and moved it into the guest bedroom and took the Puffy for myself. I was not disappointed! I love Puffy. It's like sleeping on a cloud! I have osteoarthritis and since sleeping on Puffy, I get a much better nights sleep and I don't wake up with as much stiffness. I would definitely recommend a Puffy mattress!

We are so pleased your Puffy is helping you sleep better than ever.
Absolutley love my puffy!!

I have never slept so good, until the puffy mattress. I'm definitely ordering more from puffy!! I highly recomend this company to everyone and anyone who wants to sleep on a cloud Lol!

Thank you for the review, Barbara. We are so happy to hear that you love sleeping on a cloud!

Love my bed, best sleep ever

We are thrilled that you are sleeping so well! Thanks for the review, Stacy.
New mattress and I’m in love!

We bought a Puffy mattress to replace an old Sleep Number we had in our vacation home. We are in love!! It is so comfy! I can sleep on my side and have no pain in my shoulders. My husband found himself sleeping on his stomach and he hasn’t been able to do that for years! We are planning on buying another Puffy for our permanent home. This mattress is fantastic!

How exciting that you will have 2 Puffy's soon, Beth! Thanks for your review.
Great mattress

Got this because I’ve been having back problems. It’s been a week and my sciatic pain is gone. It’s the perfect mix of firm, but soft and comfy....love it!

Lovely bedroom, Beth. The blue matches your Puffy so well. We are glad to know your back is feeling so great.
Sleep is finally comfortable

Your mattress has helped sleep to actually be restful

Thanks for the review, Tarnie. We are so happy you are getting the sleep you deserve.
mattress title Puffy

Mattress is very comfortable and my Cat is in heaven :)


Will be my last pillows & bed I will ever get!! Ievenhad my friends la on my bed & pillows. They bought their's the next day!!


I love it 🥰 I felt so restful in the morning

Feeling restful is the best! Thanks for the review, Sandra.
After 1 night, I feel like a new man

My first night in my luxurious Puffy Lux Cal King was worth the price alone. I've never known what it's like NOT to have to toss 'n turn. I settled in on my side and honestly, I was so comfy, I could have stayed in the same position the entire night. I arose in the morning feeling like a million$. The bed hardly looks slept in because I moved so very little, and I'm a big guy at 6'6", 230.

My only suggestion: I would've gladly paid a little extra for the option of white glove delivery and set-up. I'm 61 and found all the weight, plastic wrap and cardboard a bit cumbersome. That beautiful night's sleep was definitely worth the effort though!

We are super excited you that tossing and turning is a thing of the past for you, Lance. We'll pass your feedback onto the team!
Puff, Puff, Puffy Lux

😂 Love my new Puffy Lux. ❤️
Currently it’s atop my Q/S bed and I need my 2-step stepladder to get up there 😂😂😂
I’m am currently searching for a nice twin size daybed ✅ 😂😂😂.
PS: My niece helped me open the packaging Ang’s get the mattress up onto my other bed
When it came to opening the suctioned plastic: we were laughing hysterically at how fast it went from 1” to 12”. 😂😂😂

Watch the Puffy puff into shape is exciting. Thanks for letting us know how much you love your Puffy Lux, Devona.
Puffy Lux mattress

We both love our new Puffy mattress it helps my lower back and helps her sciatica. We both wake up refreshed

Amazing that you are waking up feeling refreshed! Thank you for the review.
Perfect Bed

This bed is everything that they said it would be. Easy to assemble the adjustable bed frame, super comfortable mattress and the USB outlets are very convenient. What is most important to me is customer service. I had a couple of questions prior to delivery. Each and every one was answered truthfully and in a timely fashion. I’m glad that I chose Puffy Mattress. I now understand why they have a the highest rating with The Better Business Bureau.

We promised you the best and we’re glad you loved it! Here’s to many nights of great sleep, Karen!!
A great bed for a great dog

I can tell that my rescue 11 year old Maltese Chloe really likes her new dog bed. She curls up and I don’t think I have ever seen her sleep so soundly and comfortably. She has lost a lot of weight due to having Breast cancer but she is ok now. The vet said that female dogs can get breast cancer just like women do. She is a little skinny winny. I love her dearly.

Hello Joyce, thank you for your delightful review! We are so glad you chose the best for Chloe! Here’s to happier playtimes and sound sleep for your pupper!
Best sleep in many many years

Ordered the the single xtra long LUX, I had a couple hiccups to which the customer service went above and beyond to rectify.
My Puffy Lux is a sleepers dream, I have no pressure point issues which was remedied the first nite on the puffy lux, it’s been a few weeks now and it only gets better, this mattress will suit all positions, even your stomach, I’m a side sleeper myself but have tried all positions and have no complaints.
YOU have nothing to lose, try it for your self.

Thank you for the review, Paul! Great to hear you are sleeping in comfort.
Superb in every way!

We got our Puffy Lux Split King Mattresses last July. After several moths....all I can say is.....WOW! Prompt shipment, super easy to assemble.....and an absolute DREAM to sleep on. I have never slept this well in my life. My husband also wakes up refreshed rather than achy. We are so glad that we did the research and went with Puffy. You will NOT regret it!

Thanks for such a superb review! It's our mission to help you sleep better, and we are so happy to hear you are doing just that.
Best sleep ever!!

I love my puffy lux. I denied myself this joy for too long!! Has a wonderful supported squish to it. No matter how I sleep I wake up feeling awesome and refreshed. I absolutely love it!!

We are so happy you love your Puffy so much, Julie! Thank you for the review.
Puffy Cloud

We love everything about our mattress! The bed is so soft, you just melt into bed & you don't move around when the other person rolls over or gets in & out of bed.

We love your review! It's so great you are getting the sleep you deserve!
Love my Puffy!

I got my puffy and unboxed it and set it up. Didn’t smell bad. Was in the process of reorganizing my apartment that day, so I was very tired that night. I knew you were supposed to wait a few days before sleeping in it, but I was too tired to care. Woke up next morning. Didn’t notice any difference, but then it probably hadn’t had the time to fully set up. The second morning, same thing. Then I was doing dishes later that second day and realized my body wasn’t aching as it normally does! Oh my! What a wonderful surprise! I’m 68 and my body has been aching when I get up, but not any more! I love that feeling! I purchased the regular Puffy because I didn’t want a mattress that was too soft. I wanted something that would sleep cool, because I sleep hot. Wanted memory foam, but not too soft. Wanted something for pressure point on my knees and hips. Puffy seemed to check all my boxes. So far, it’s been great and I highly recommend it!

Thank you for your review, Sheri! We are so pleased to hear you are waking up without aches and pains.
Best Mattress!

We recieved our Puffy over a week ago. I have to say That it's the most comfortable mattress that I ever slept on! My husband and I have been married for over 5 years , and we have already been through 2 mattresses. The one was the I Comfort that we paid $3400 for. That mattress felt awesome at first, then in two months it started getting dips in it from our bodies. That made our backs hurt. We gave it away. Then we decided to go with a firm Beauty Rest, It felt okay, but 3 years later our backs were aching every morning! I searched for the the top 10 mattresses of 2020 and Puffy was the number one. I told my husband about it and he was very skeptical about ordering a mattress over the internet. I told him about the 101 day trial period, so he agreed to it. I have to say that we absolutely love our Puffy and and the king size pillow that came with it. We both wake up feeling so refreshed! Thank you Puffy for giving us the best night's sleep ever !

Guest Room Paradise

We ordered a Puffy for our guest room to try it out! Unfortunately, it is so comfortable our guests tend to stay longer! When we don’t have guests, we move into the guest room to enjoy the Puffy.

From ordering to unboxing and set up, it has been a breeze!

We love our guest room Puffy so much that we are getting one for our room, too!

The bonus is that a child without a bed receives one with our order....all around thrilled with our purchase.

Happy to hear that you and your guests are in love with your new Puffy! Happy sleeping, Jeff!
Awesome mattress

Highly recommend. The base, which we purchase as well, was very easy to setup. Had experience with another brand mattress, in a box; but prefer Puffy!

Hello Marie! Happy to hear that you had a good experience setting up the Puffy Foundation!

My full size Puffy mattress is so comfortable with just the right amount of support for my older pressure points. I have had premium mattresses and slept by the number, but the Puffy mattress is the best by far!

Thanks for the review, Dee! We are so happy you are sleeping so well.