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Loving my bed!!!

I was looking for a good mattress because I suffer from back pain. I decided to give it a try to Puffy and Im really happy with it.

Love the Puffy Lux!

It's been about a month and I'm absolutely loving the Puffy Lux! Picking out a mattress sight-unseen was pretty overwhelming, but after doing research decided to give Puffy a try—specifically, the Lux model. I prefer softer beds and am a side sleeper, so this fit the specs! It's definitely soft and "cloud-like" and really comfy.

Per my Fitbit, my deep sleep has increased! I feel more rested, but, MOST importantly, my neck pain (which I've had chronically for at least 8 years) has significantly improved. My husband also says he doesn't wake up during the night and sleeps much more soundly. Overall, we're extremely happy with our purchase.

Bottom line: I was a little skeptical but have been proved wrong. I love my Puffy Lux!

Comfy! I have so much joy!

This mattress really is very comfortable. It's firm but sinks in just enough to be totally cozy. I've had issues in the past with beds hurting my shoulders when I sleep on my side, but it's been over a month with my puffy, and my shoulders have been feeling great!

Hate It BUT for the Best Reasons!!

My husband and I have not slept in the same bed for several years. I have a lot of back issues, so I have always slept on the couch. We have now had the bed for almost two weeks, and both of us have never slept better. I sleep hard, and it is uninterrupted sleep. When I asked my husband if this was THE bed, he said I hate it. I asked why, and his reply was "because I don't ever want to leave it". I would have to agree; the worst thing about the bed is that you will never want to leave. When we first opened the bed, my daughters and I laid down and agreed that the Puffy mattress is what we imagine it would be like to sleep on a cloud.

Comfy bed

This was our first time with bed in a box. After reading many reviews Puffy seemed like the perfect choice for our new condo.
Easy set up , goodnight’s sleep from the very first night

Puff Puff

Made my puffy mattress even better!!

Great mattress for a physical job

I have a lot of lower back discomfort from being a nurse who works with young kids (bending constantly). I used to toss and turn a lot to try to get comfortable but I have had several nights where I have not moved at all from my original sleep position. This has never happened for me! I was nervous buying this mattress without trying it out first but the return guarantee gave me peace of mind, even though I won't be needing it!

Love getting in bed

I am amazed. I’m a side sleeper and don’t feel any pressure at all. I’m sleeping at least an hour more each night & wake up feeling well rested. We definitely love our new Puffy Lux. Prior to getting the Puffy, I had a Nectar foam mattress which I found to be a bit too firm for side sleeping. Happy days with great sleep.


I bought our puffy mattress for the simple fact that a full just wasn’t big enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. So I went with a king and I tell you what. It is so comfortable! I haven’t slept this great in a long time!!

Hope I Still Have My Puffy

I purchased my Puffy to use in our recently purchased coastal property. I took it down last weekend and found it fairly easy to open and place on the bed. I used it 3 nights and loved it. There’s good support and no pressure points. After returning home we have found our coastal property in the middle of Hurricane Florence. Hope I still have my Puffy . Will find out next week.

Very comfy!

I’ve had my mattress for about a month now and it’s great! I sleep on my back, stomach, and my side, and it’s comfortable no matter what position I’m in. Getting out of bed is tough now because I love my bed so much. No more lower back pain in the morning when I wake up. Delivery was super fast and easy. I highly recommend this to anyone who is having trouble picking out a new foam mattress.

Finally, a mattress we both LOVE!

This mattress is perfect for both my husband, who prefers a firm mattress and myself, who prefers a little softer. This is our 3rd mattress in 5 years, and now we are both sleeping peacefully. I can’t wait to try the pillows.

Puffy Sleep

I’ve bought 2 Puffy’s and they really do give a great sleep. I would definitely recommend it.

Loving our Puffy mattress

Have been sleeping on mattress for 2 weeks and so far we love it. No more waking up with sore shoulders or hips! Plan to give it about 6 months and then replace other mattresses in our home.


Finally some relief of ache and stiffness.
Shopped and researched all types of mattresses and after reading many rave reviews I decided to give the Puffy Lux a shot.
I had slept on my Sister's Temperpedic a couple times and was very reluctant to go with a foam type mattress. Not a bit comfortable!
I'd been sleeping on a Simmons very high dollar mattress. But now at 17 years, knew I was way overdue.
Im so happy I decided to go with the Puffy. After 2 weeks I noticed my body was no longer as stiff nor ached as much upon waking. FINALLY RELIEF!
There wasn't any funky smell to the mattress as I have read in only a couple reviews.
It was super simple to set up. And it is much lighter than my old 15 inch deep, 175 lb mattress!
I tell ya, the only thing that could make this mattress better would be it sitting atop the adjustable bed frame they offer.
That will be my next purchase.
Do not hesitate purchasing this mattress. You will not regret it!

Pretty Basic

Base is sturdy and does not squeak but it is just plain metal. Not too impressive.looking for something ma bit better. Puffy customer service was great & refunded our $.thank you

Sound Sleep

We have slept more sound and more comfortably than anticipated with our new Puffy mattress. I was on the fence whether to go with this type of mattress but it's exceeded my expectation. I suffer from back pain. Waking up in the morning is an overall soothing experience. The softness takes a little getting used to but it's not effecting my back in a negative way. We are very satisfied!

We love this mattress!

We were in desperate need of a new mattress and decided to give the Puffy a try. It is so comfortable and we are sleeping better than ever. On our old mattress we had a lot of back pain and that has gone away since we got our Puffy!

My Puffy

Have had my Puffy about a month and love it.

So comfortable!!!

This bed was much more comfortable than I expected! I sleep so soundly that I’m even writing a corny review on it! So get your puffy or forever be in fear of what you could be missing!

Everything has been said...

I sleep better, my girl sleeps better...I might not return it!

This is Kuma...


Love it....Love it, and you will too

Great! Matress

Love my Puffy matress best sleep I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend it I got the king and as I said it’s awesome. P.S. my dog lucky loves it too

Puffy perfect for college sleep

I purchased a full size Puffy mattress for my college daughter’s 1st house & she loves it!!! Great support and so comfy! We’re both very happy with our purchase!


We bought our Puffy mattress for a guest bedroom in our new house but are sleeping on it flat on the floor until we officially move in to try it out. We love it!