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I Slept through the night!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you, I have 6 herniated disc 2 torn discs and arthritis in my lower spine. I have not had a full night sleep in I can't remember how long.
I got my Puffy Lux last night and for the first time I slept through the night and did not wake up with excruciating nerve pain. The first night made the biggest difference. I am coming off of an expense Bico foam bed. I would wake up several times in.the night sweating in pain finally to get out of bed at 3 or 4 am because I could not take it anymore. Slept on my feather couch a few nights. But now I feel better after one night then I have in months. I can not tell.you how much this means to me. Thank you again Puffy I love my Lux.


Seriously I love our bed! The Zero G setting is perfect, the under lighting is so helpful at night, the remote is easy to use. Me and my husband have a puffy kind size mattress and are using the split king adjustable base. The sync feature has been great but I will admit I will be buying two twins just because sometimes he is ready to go to a flat bed and I am still want the head up to read. Overall we love the mattress and the adjustable base! If you are on the fence, I highly suggest this adjustable frame!

The "Royal" trumpets are calling me to bed.

I have been a lifetime finicky sleeper. My husband call me the Goldi Lox of mattresses. Im a very sensitive sleeper always upgrading ever few years. Nothing feels the right amount of comfort vs support. We have had top of the line beds. Simmons Black, Beauty-rest Legend ... you name it, Plush beds seem to hard and Pillow tops too soft. We have tried and purchased every type of mattress toppers from feather to Tempurpedic. My husband will sleep on anything but If Im not sleeping well he has to hear about it so we decided to try some beds in a box. Casper Wave not for us. Puffy Lux an amazing bed that my husband really liked and I did too, but knew it wasn't perfect for me. Then came the Puffy Royal and its PERFECT!!!! I wanted to write a review the minute I laid on it but to be fair I thought a few nights of sleep must happen before I could honestly review. To first touch you can feel the perfect balance between soft yet supportive. Laying on it feels like you are being cradled in zero gravity. Going to bed is easy and getting up in the morning hard. Thank you Puffy. You knocked it out of the park with the Royal. My husband agrees its the nicest bed we have had and definitely worth the extra cost. If you can afford the Royal you wont be sorry as nothing else will compare!

You deserve to sleep like Royalty! We loved reading your review about the Puffy Royal. So excited to know that you and your husband are sleeping perfectly.
Love my puffy lux

My husband and I both love our new puffy lux mattress...we awake with no more sore joints

Puffy saved my back

Have a plate in my neck from military service and have been finding it hard to sleep. Decided to try the new puffy lux mattress since get 101 night trial. Have had it for 3 months now and haven't had back issues or neck issues. Sleeping great thought the night and no shoulder pain. Will definitely buy more, plus can't beat the lifetime warranty.

The team is so pleased to hear you are sleeping so well, Henry. Thank you for your review. It sounds like you are finally getting the sleep you deserve!


I have had my puffy mattress for about a year now and I still love it!! Before getting this mattress I never had to use an alarm clock. Now I sleep so soundly I cannot risk it. I have recommended Puffy to two friends and they love theirs too. Can’t say enough about this bed!!

We are so happy to hear how much you and your friends love sleeping on your Puffy's, Tracey! Thank you for recommending us and for the review.
Awesome mattress

I love my puffy mattress it's super comfortable and perfect for my body 👍🏼very grateful to puffy for this amazing mattress for my family🤗

Love the mattress and so do our guest

Love this mattress and so does our guess. We love it so much we plan to buy 2 twins for our two girls. Perfect comfort!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Perfect Comfort of your Puffy, Michael!
Love my Lux!

King Lux was 2nd purchase, queen puffy was first. Love both & will buy twins for guest room next. No more Department stores for mattresses ever again.....

We agree with you Patrick! Department store mattress shopping is a nightmare. We are so happy to hear you love your Puffy's so much. Thank you for your review.
I’m a believer!

Never thought I would purchase a mattress that I didn’t try and that came in a box. But I did, and I’m a believer. My son and daughter-in-law purchase a Puffy Lux and sang it’s praises. I compared the many “box” mattress choices and decided on Puffy because of the personal referral. I LOVE it. I have a LOT of back issues and this is the most comfortable mattress I have had. It is supportive without being so firm that it causes pressure pain. I haven’t had it long, but the sides do not sag or break down when getting in and out. I was concerned that it may be too soft, as it is foam, but it supports me and doesn’t leave a “body sag” that other mattresses do. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping in a crater of my making. Bottom line - surprised, and very satisfied.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Karen. We love hearing from customers who are pleasantly surprised by how easy and comfortable it is to purchase a Puffy Mattress online. Knowing you are sleeping so well makes us so happy!
Puffy to the rescue

We recently moved. I hurt my back lifting heavy furniture. I got a slipped disc in my lower lumbar region of my spine . My old bed was too uncomfortable for my injury. I researched and got the Puffy! It is so supportive of my aches and pains, I can sleep. This bed is so comfortable, I don’t want to get out of bed! I would insert a picture if there was a link

Best nights sleep

Since sleeping on our new Puffy mattress, I have had a restful night’s sleep. No more waking up in the middle of night with aches and pains. The mattress cover is very comfy too.

We are so happy to hear you are sleeping so well and pain free, Frances!
Puffy Magic!

I am pleased to review this product. Since having these clouds ⛅️ of comfort to sleep on, I have been sleeping like a baby and not wanting to get up right away. It has given me the quality of sleep that I need. I have recommended this product to my family and friends and they also have invested in this product. Great Mattress!

Stephan, thank you for the review. We love that you are sleeping like baby on your Puffy Mattress.
Love my new Puffy Mattress and pad

It took a couple of days to get used to the foam bed instead of spring mattresses that I was used to. But I love my new Puffy mattress. I couldn’t sleep in my last bed anymore because I woke with back and whole body pain every day. I was sleeping on the couch every night. It’s nice to be back in my bed. The pad adds extra softness and wasn’t big and bulky like pads I’ve had in the past. It fits like a glove and doesn’t shift or move and it will help protect my new Favorite mattress.


Having recently been diagnosed with a nerve disorder that causes pressure against the skin to be painful, I began the daunting search for a new mattress. Although the reviews for the Puffy Lux are impressive, my final decision was based upon my personal needs such as the body adaptability, the breathable, cooling layers, the low VOC and the outstanding guarantee. Well, I have been sleeping on my Puffy for two months now and I can attest to the fact it has improved my quality of sleep comfort!

Thank you for the review, Frances! It's great to hear that your Puffy Lux has improved the quality of your sleep.
Love my New Mattress

My grandkids love my mattress as much as I do !

We are so excited to hear that the entire family is loving your new Puffy!
Loving Our Puffy Lux

We bought a queen size Puffy Lux mattress for camp, to sleep on our screened porch. It’s more like glamping with this mattress. We sleep so soundly.

Thanks for the review, Beth. Wow, the Puffy Porch bed looks sooooo comfy. Sleeping on the Puffy Lux while camping sounds like a dream!


I am very impressed at how quick this company responds to any questions or concerns and resolves and without hassle. Thank you so much Puffy!

Thanks for your feedback, Crystal. Our support team loves helping. Your bed looks so comfy!
Love My Puffy Topper!

We bought a luxury firm mattress three years ago, and soon found out it was too firm for our aging bones. Buying a new mattress so soon seemed extravagant, and after another topper wore out in months, I found this online. We're amazed at how much better we sleep. It's hard to get up, we're so comfortable.

We are so pleased to hear you are sleeping so much better, Margaret. Puffy Mattress Toppers work like magic on all mattresses!
Puffy mattress

So far we’re really liking the puffy lux.
It’s not too hard or too soft, and we’re getting a very good sleep on it.

Thank you for the review, Richard! We are so glad you are enjoying your new Puffy Lux.
Very nice

I’ve had back problems for years, all 5 of my discs are buldging in my lumbar region and 3 in my neck. We got the twin xl adjustable bases and are very happy with them. The zero gravity is a lifesaver!!

Loving it!!

Love our Like a cloud mattress. I am an insomniac and have been sleeping amazingly well!!

We are so happy to hear you are sleeping amazingly well on your new Puffy Mattress, Nina. Thank you for your review!
My Back Thanks You

I have a really bad back, like 55+ years of back problems, and, finally, I can get a good night's sleep. Thank you, Puffy Mattress.

Oh, and thanks for the awesome big box... I'm making a fort out of it for my 4 year old triplet grandsons for Christmas!!!

It's amazing to hear that you are finally getting the sleep you deserve, Elizabeth. A Puffy Box Fort sounds really comfy!
Love my PUFFY

I love my PUFFY mattress! It is like sleeping on a cloud. I have never slept on something that compares to this.Once I put my head on the pillow, I'm asleep within a minute.

Awesome Puffy

I've been sleeping on my Puffy for 2 months and my hips and shoulders feel 100% better.

Great to hear you are sleeping better on your new Puffy, James!