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Nice mattress

It's like sleeping on a cloud

Great Mattress, Great Price

Ordered the king puffy lux with pillows and mattress protector. They all came very quickly! The mattress already comes with a protective cover but I figured with having dogs, ordering the mattress protector was a must. I'm very happy I did! The material is great and definitely waterproof. The pillows allow you to make them less firm; which is good for all types of sleepers. They are also washable! The bed itself is very comfortable. I also have a firm tempurpedic and would say its slightly softer but you can't tell the difference when you're sleeping; only sitting on the bed. If you are larger, I think you would be able to tell more of a difference. Overall 10/10 for price, comfort, and quality!!

Best Mattress Ever!

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, I wake up fresh, and never get hot during the night. It really is the best.

Love our puffy!

What a difference! We love our puffy mattress we use it in our Murphy bed and it works great! So comfy and cozy really like sleeping on a cloud!

My Puffy King

We are enjoying our Puffy mattress, after years on very hard queen size bed. So much more room and feeling as if your crawling into grandma's bed. Yes, I'm crawling at 5'2. It has taken a couple weeks to break in, but we are looking forward to a good nights sleep again.

Puffy Lux Queen

Great product for the price, easy fast delivery and setup. Love not having to go out mattress shopping.

A Very Relaxing Sleep

The Puffy Mattress is Outstanding!!! I have had Wonderful Nights Sleep, with this Mattress. I was Afraid that it would be Hot, especially in the Summer. But No Not Bad!!! Not Like My Sleep Number Bed, which would Sleep; Sweltering Hot!!! It was Awful!!! And I which Paid a Premium For!!! Very Well Made.
The Only Critical thing that I would Say, and it is Not about The Mattress, but about the Puffy Foundation. I am Not a Fan!!! The Mattress, would shift, a little, every time, I Laid on The Mattress. I would constantly have to readjust the Mattress. A Pain!!! I would even use the Rubberized Mat, that came with The Puffy Foundation. Maybe the Adjustable, or The Bed Frame, maybe a Better Option. I don’t know.
I disassembled The Puffy Foundation, and Trashed it. I just set My Full Sized Puffy Mattress, on The Floor, and Everything is Fixed, and is Awesome!!!! I Live in a Small Apt. This Works Fine. Would recommend!!!! 2 Thumbs Way Up!!!!!

Love my Puffy Mattress!

Super comfortable and everything I was looking for. Doesn’t get hot at all. So comfortable it’s hard to get out of bed the next morning. Even my dogs love it.

Just what the doctor ordered

Our son had been having back issues, and so for Christmas, we splurged for a Puffy Lux (and pillows) after reading numerous reviews and shopping around. This has turned out to be one of the best splurges ever. Worth every penny and has reduced doctor visits and expenses. This mattress DOES make a difference!

They weren’t wrong it’s just like a cloud

Went from a 1k Serta to a puffy, this puffy out does that serta in every way. You sleep so good that you do not want to get out of bed.

Like Sleeping on a Cloud

I've never had a better nights rest than I have had with my new Puffy Lux. With a lifetime warranty I highly recommend the Puffy Lux for the price. Those extra two inches give the right amount of height and extra comfort. If you want to experience deep sleep this is the mattress for you.

Puffy heaven

We have several puffs in our homes. This is the first lux and it is even better than the original. Love our lux! Can’t go wrong either way but splurge if you can.

Excellent mattress

As I did not know before this brand, the mattress is very comfortable and now I take advantage of my rest time

Well Done

As advertised, prompt service, good packaging, good quality mattress at a good price.

Love our Puffy Lux

My wife and I purchased the king Puffy Lux. We love the support it provides whether sleeping on your side, back, or stomach. We plan to get another Puffy for our guest room!

Worth it

Guys, Guys buy it. Get the lux worth it. I had back and hip problems for years. I’m one month in and I don’t have any pain anymore. No regrets at all!!! I got the pillows too! Worth it! My cousin said the pillow was to stiff for her, but you can take stuffing out if you need too.... i got the mattress pad it’s ok. I’m not like overly impressed with it.

Roy Green Puffy Review

We love our Puffy Mattress. No back pain and we stay cool at night.

We love our Puffy mattress!

We used to have a Sleep Number mattress, but replaced it with a Puffy mattress about 6 months ago and have never slept better!


We love our Puffy! We read the reviews and thought why not? We got the box and my heart fell! No way this was a king mattress. We opened the box and mattress and POOF! Instant comfort! Try it!

Great mattress

Slept soundly and really like it so far

Works Great

The Mattress Protector works great. I like eating food/drink in bed and it helps keep my Mattress clean if I spill food/drink. I believe it makes the Mattress slightly firmer as well, which I prefer.


my body feels more amazing then ever, surprised and satisfied !!! loveeeeee feeling so good when laying down

Comfortable mattress

One of the best mattresses I have bought so far.


Love my “Puffy Mattress”. It’s comfortable and yields a great night’s sleep.

Puffy Lux with Adjustable Base

Amazing mattress....the adjustable base is the perfect match for the best nights sleep!