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Great comforter!

The comforter is so soft and warm! My husband and i love it! Very easy to attach a duvet cover to as well. Fits great on our queen size puffy mattress.

No more tossing and turning

Love my Puffy Lux mattress, the support is phenomonal. My joints do not ache when I wake up and I feel rested from being properly aligned. It’s a little on the firm side at first and o am thinking of buying the mattress pad to give me that extra fluff. Over all loving the sleep I get and can’t wait to crawl into bed.

My love affair with “Puffy “

Night one, I absolutely fell in love with my Puffy mattress. I replaced my tempurpedic mattress with my Puffy, and am still amazed at the difference it has made in letting me rest more comfortably and more soundly. A fill nights rest is a wonderful thing for your entire body.

Best investment I’ve made yet

I’ve settled with bargain mattress over the years, so I finally decided to do my research and invest in a higher end mattress and boy am I glad I waited. This has been the best sleep I’ve had since maybe being a baby. I wake up so well rested, it works wonders with my lower back pain as well. Definitely recomend this bed for anyone with back problems as well as anyone who just wants a restful sleep.

Love the base- hate the charger ports

Have a split king adjustable base for a little over 7 months now. I love the bed except for a major design flaw. The charger ports are placed in a way that the cord creates a tripping hazard as it’s right in the way when you get up and out of bed. The photo shows my charger cord (multicolored) hooked to a device sitting on my nightstand. I’ve literally broken about half a dozen of these cords already by having them wrap around my legs or by walking near my bed and snapping the USB plug off in the port by accidentally bending the cord too hard. If that port was moved 24” towards the head of the bed, I think that this issue could be greatly resolved.

Best pillow and mattress combo!

I am in loveeeee with my Puffy mattress and pillows. I have never slept so well. I can sleep all the way through the night now without tossing and turning. Thank you Puffy!


This mattress is very comfortable to the point of cozy. My back and shoulders are as they should be painless.

Puffy Pillow

A good nights sleep has become increasingly more important as I get older. My New Puffy Pillow has given that back to me.

I’ve NEVER had such a confortable sleep EVER!!

I can’t even begin to express the comfort of the Puffy Mattress! My husband and I have such a solid and comfortable nights sleep that we wake up with such a vibrate look on the day ahead. Our two boys come in our room (8 and 10 years old) and we don’t even notice. There’s plenty of room for everyone and the memory foam doesn’t even budge when they climb in leaving us sound asleep as they crawl in!
We just recently added the pillows and you literally sink in to an amazing sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow!
Next purchase will be two new twin size beds for our boys, maybe that will keep them from stealing room in our bed!!


I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this mattress being it was my first memory foam and I prefer plush but it's actually quite amazing! It took a couple weeks to get used to. It almost holds you so tossing and turning in your sleep isn't an issue but I had to wake up to adjust myself.

I chose this mattress brand because it's the only latex free one I could find besides Purple but they were expensive. They do use a latex based adhesive between the 2 layers but nothing that comes in contact with your skin.

Boyfriend and dogs can't get enough of this bed!

I love my Puffy Lux mattress!!!

I’ve had my Puffy mattress for about two months now, and I am so happy that I decided to give it a try! It’s so comfortable, and is the perfect mix of softness and support. My hip and shoulder pain are now a thing of the past. I highly recommend it!

Best Sleep in Years!

I love my Puffy Lux King mattress. I sleep better than I have in years. My shoulder, back and hip pain are gone! Can’t say enough about how great I sleep 💤

Better than sleep number

I have back issues and has a sleep number for 4 years. After time it was uncomfortable and didn’t work. It was hurting my back and so much maintenance the memory foam needed replacing and the air chambers didn’t seem to fill the same. It was difficult to have my husband at one number and me at another. Sleeping in the middle was uncomfortable when he was away. I don’t have any of those issues with puffy and there is a lifetime warranty. The base is also amazing how much storage is underneath and it doesn’t make a sound when my 2 year old jumps on the bed. I love it.

Best sleep ever

This mattress has changed my sleep immensely. I don’t wake up with the aching back anymore, it conforms to my body when I sleep in any position and I finally wake up feeling well rested. My fiancé and I are HUGE fans of this mattress and when we upgrade our bed set from a queen to a king, we're definitely investing in another Puffy and even getting a higher model. I also don’t feel when my fiancé wakes up in the middle of the night or when he tosses and turns

Heavenly Mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, hands down!!!

King lux adjustable(not split) so worth the money

Never spent as much money on bed and frame but why not! We deserve a comfy bed. I want to lay and bed and watch TV because it's more comfortable than the couch! But can't do that every night! The massage isn't a great as I'd like kinda loud with not alot of massage.


I was having trouble sleeping because I would hurt so bad during the night. With my new puffy mattress my pressure points(hips and shoulders, I'm a side sleeper) are cushioned. I also stay cooler so am not kicking the covers off all night either. Even my dogs are enjoying sleeping on our puffy mattress instead of fluffing up pillows and blankets they spread out on the mattress. There has been more sound sleep and less movement through the night now

Super Comfy

Bought this for our daughter and is just the right firmness. You really do feel like you’re laying on a cloud! Also bought the frame and was very easy to assemble.


Absolutely a perfect purchase! My wife and I sleep better than we ever have, in our lives!! Hands down, the best mattress we’ve owned. We will never purchase any other brand!!!😘❤️😘

Great Mattress!!

I've been sleeping better than ever on the mattress I purchased with pad and cover. Referring a friend as well!

Still loving it

It’s been almost 2 months and i am still in love with our puffy Lux. My back pain has subsided and it’s so comfy. Softer and better rebound than temperpedic which made my back hurt more and better for someone lighter weight.

Two paws up!

First time with a memory foam, love it. Reviewed against Casper, T&N and others, Puffy definitely the superior brand!

Love puffy

Love love my puffy! Don’t want to get out of bed, also great service

How am I so Comfy?

I did a bunch of research and was about to spend a small fortune on a temperpedic when I discovered Puffy. Honestly I was nervous about ordering a bed online. I have scoliosis and am one of those princess and the pea type sleepers. What might seem as an insignificant flaw to most my body takes offense to. Not with my puffy. My puffy is soft yet supportive and moves to my spines unique curves. My pressure points have virtually disappeared. I am in love with my puffy.

Puffy Mattress Queen

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Did a lot of research online and all signs pointed to puffy being the best bet. Upgraded from an old full to a queen and the difference is ridiculous. Highly recommend