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12 Reasons to Choose Puffy Royal Mattress

Reason 1

Infused Cooling Beads

The top layer of the 14-inch Puffy Royal is formed with a 1.5-inch cooling layer. Infused cooling beads will eliminate heat retention and provide the most consistent and comfortable sleep you have ever experienced.

Reason 2

Reflexive Pressure Relief

The Puffy Royal will adjust to the shape of your body, with just enough reflexive bounce to relieve stress. A 2-inch second layer of premium foam will restore your body throughout the night so you can wake up rejuvenated every morning.

Reason 3


The third layer of the Puffy Royal will regulate heat in every season with the same advanced cooling properties as the Puffy Lux. The Puffy Royal is designed to create steady airflow throughout the entire bed.

Reason 4

Sectional Cloud Technology

A multi-directional 5 layer system sets the Puffy Royal apart with advanced SMT technology for enhanced spine support. Separated into 5 cloud zones, your head, neck, shoulders, and feet will feel soft and contoured, while your lower back will have extra support for optimal pressure relief.

Reason 5

Advanced Airflow

Say goodnight to night sweats. The unique SMT cloud design on the fourth layer of the Puffy Royal eliminates all heat absorption, resulting in superior airflow throughout the mattress. Sleep deeper and for longer in optimal temperature year-round.

Reason 6

Suits All Sleepers

Stomach sleepers, side sleeper, and back sleepers - the Puffy Royal is for you. No matter what position you prefer, the Puffy Royal will transform the way you sleep and put an end to that tossing and turning that keeps you awake.

Reason 7

101 Night Sleep Trial

Try the Puffy Royal in your own home for a full 101 nights! If you do not love it and feel the difference in the quality of your sleep, we will refund the total purchase price! Investing in quality sleep is essential for overall health and well-being - try it risk-free!

Reason 8

Ships Free to Your Door

Get your Puffy Royal delivered straight to your door for free! Shopping for comfort should be simple, and we don’t keep you waiting! Order your Puffy Royal and get the sleep you deserve within 2 - 5 business days.

Reason 9

Lifetime Warranty

Experience the most luxurious and supportive mattress you have ever had with peace of mind. We believe in the quality of the Puffy Royal so much that we give you a lifetime warranty - for as long as you use the mattress, we protect your purchase.

Reason 10

Place on Any Surface

The Puffy Royal is designed to work with any frame or surface, including box springs, flat frames, slats, or even adjustable frames. If you need a new frame for your Puffy Royal, you can choose the Puffy Bed Frame or the Puffy Adjustable Base.

Reason 11

Stain Resistant

The Puffy Royal is stain resistant, so you can easily clean minor spills in no time. Rest assured that you are sleeping on quality – our mattress covers are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. This means they are safe and durable.

Reason 12

Washable Cover

It is easy to experience year-round freshness! For seasonal deep cleaning, you can maintain the freshness of your Puffy Royal by washing the premium cover. Simply unzip, and gently wash it at home! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5913 reviews
I’m a believer!

Never thought I would purchase a mattress that I didn’t try and that came in a box. But I did, and I’m a believer. My son and daughter-in-law purchase a Puffy Lux and sang it’s praises. I compared the many “box” mattress choices and decided on Puffy because of the personal referral. I LOVE it. I have a LOT of back issues and this is the most comfortable mattress I have had. It is supportive without being so firm that it causes pressure pain. I haven’t had it long, but the sides do not sag or break down when getting in and out. I was concerned that it may be too soft, as it is foam, but it supports me and doesn’t leave a “body sag” that other mattresses do. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping in a crater of my making. Bottom line - surprised, and very satisfied.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Karen. We love hearing from customers who are pleasantly surprised by how easy and comfortable it is to purchase a Puffy Mattress online. Knowing you are sleeping so well makes us so happy!
Best nights sleep

Since sleeping on our new Puffy mattress, I have had a restful night’s sleep. No more waking up in the middle of night with aches and pains. The mattress cover is very comfy too.

We are so happy to hear you are sleeping so well and pain free, Frances!
Puffy Magic!

I am pleased to review this product. Since having these clouds ⛅️ of comfort to sleep on, I have been sleeping like a baby and not wanting to get up right away. It has given me the quality of sleep that I need. I have recommended this product to my family and friends and they also have invested in this product. Great Mattress!

Stephan, thank you for the review. We love that you are sleeping like baby on your Puffy Mattress.

Having recently been diagnosed with a nerve disorder that causes pressure against the skin to be painful, I began the daunting search for a new mattress. Although the reviews for the Puffy Lux are impressive, my final decision was based upon my personal needs such as the body adaptability, the breathable, cooling layers, the low VOC and the outstanding guarantee. Well, I have been sleeping on my Puffy for two months now and I can attest to the fact it has improved my quality of sleep comfort!

Thank you for the review, Frances! It's great to hear that your Puffy Lux has improved the quality of your sleep.
Love my New Mattress

My grandkids love my mattress as much as I do !

We are so excited to hear that the entire family is loving your new Puffy!