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Twin Vs Queen Size Mattresses: Which Mattress Size is for you?

Twin Vs Queen Size Mattresses: Which Mattress Size is for you?

Twin Vs Queen Size Mattresses: Which Mattress Size is for you?

You’ve finally decided to opt for that upgrade and buy a new mattress for better sleep at night, but are faced with the dilemma of what mattress size is right for you. Mattresses come in various types and sizes, and choosing the right one can get overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to guide you through everything like mattress dimensions, cost and room size, to help you decide on your mattress size.

A high-quality mattress can last you a lifetime so it’s important to make the right choice from the start in terms of comfort and size. Here’s a closer look at the differences between a twin size mattress vs queen size mattress.

Table of Contents

What Is a Twin Size Mattress?

What Is a Twin Size Mattress? | Puffy

The twin size is popular for its compact size and is the smallest mattress size on the market for adults. This is why it is commonly used in children’s bedrooms, especially for bunk beds to save floor space in the room. However, it can also be suitable for a teenager or an average size adult and so can be used in a guest room. The mattress’s compact size makes it easy to move around and consumes less space. But if you’re tall, or need extra sleeping space, this may not be the mattress for you.

There is also the twin XL size which is the same dimensions as the twin size but is 5 inches longer than a twin size. And so, this makes it a suitable option for tall adults.

It is also commonly used in college dorms because of its comfortable size, as dorm rooms are usually small and wouldn’t fit a queen size bed. You can also put two twin XL mattresses together for a king size mattress. Check out our twin vs twin xl guide to know more about the difference and benefits.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

What Is a Queen Size Mattress?

What Is a Queen Size Mattress? | Puffy

As for the queen size mattress, it is the most popular mattress size and a crowd-pleaser on the market because of its versatility. A queen size is 21 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a twin size. This size is great for single adults looking for extra sleeping space or couples that like to sleep close to each other. It also fits easily in a small or large master bedroom or a guest room. However, if you’re a couple that needs more personal space while sleeping, a queen size may be uncomfortable.

You can also put together two twin size mattresses for a mattress that is wider than a queen size mattress if each person has a specific firmness preference.

A more affordable and compact option than the queen size mattress would be the full size mattress or double bed. The full size is slightly less wide than the queen size at 54 inches and 75 inches long. This is a good option for couples on a tight budget or a young adult that needs extra sleeping space.

Twin Vs Queen: Mattress Size Comparison

The distinctive difference between the twin vs queen size is that the queen size accommodates couples while the twin and twin XL size will only accommodate single sleepers. Below we’ve added a table with the exact sizes per mattress, room size, and who it’s suitable for.

Twin Size Mattress Queen Size Mattress
Mattress Dimensions 38" X 75" 60" X 80"
Best for Child, teenager, or adult Adult or couple
Room Size Children’s room, guest room and studio apartments Guest room and master bedroom

Twin Vs Queen: Mattress Cost Comparison

The price of a mattress depends on the quality, features and size. Before shopping for a mattress, you’ll need to set your budget. Usually, the prices of mattresses are better online than in stores and there are exclusive sales and discounts. Buying a mattress is an investment in your sleep health and overall comfort. The twin size is budget-friendly for single adults and college students but while the queen size is more expensive, it is more comfortable for sleepers and accommodates couples. Below we’ve added a table with the new discounted prices for the twin size and queen size mattresses.

Twin Queen
Puffy Cloud $599  $1,049
Puffy Lux $899 $1,499
Puffy Royal $1,249 $2,399

*Prices shown reflect savings applied with promo code.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mattress Size?

Picking the right mattress mostly depends on three factors: your budget, the room size, and who is using the bed. Now that we’ve discussed mattress size and cost, let’s move on to the room size. Bigger isn’t always better - don’t buy a mattress before knowing the measurements of your room and the bed placement. For example, a king bed can swallow the whole room if it isn’t spacious, so you’ll need to consider a queen size. If you’re a single adult and are comparing a twin vs queen size mattress, then it’s helpful to know where your bed should be placed, as well as your room size.

A queen size can fit comfortably in a 10 x 10 feet room, but in a smaller room, it will limit your floor space. Also, with a queen size, you’ll be able to accessorize your bed with pillows or a bed throw, while a twin size may limit your accessories. Think about your sleeping habits, preferences, and budget, and pick a mattress that is suitable for you.

Here is a detailed mattress size comparison, which includes the sizes of the twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses.

What Are The Best Twin Size & Queen Size Mattresses?

What Are The Best Twin Size & Queen Size Mattresses? | Puffy

Luckily, Puffy’s top-selling mattresses come at various sizes and prices, we’ve explained the features per mattress type below.

All of the Puffy mattresses can be used with various bed frames, even adjustable bed frames, where you can adjust the height of the bed. With a lifetime warranty and a 101-night sleep trial, you can test your mattress in the comfort of your own home.

Check out how we compare Puffy vs Nectar, and Puffy vs Purple.

Other Mattress Sizes

If the twin and queen sizes don’t match your needs or budget, there are multiple other mattress options to consider.

Mattress Dimensions Best for Room Size
Twin XL 38" X 80" Young adult or average size adult Medium-sized and large master bedrooms
Full 54" X 75" Couple or adult and child Master bedrooms and guest rooms
King 76" X 80" Two adults Spacious master bedrooms
Cal King 72" X 84" Two to three adults Spacious master bedrooms

Compare all mattress sizes and weights with our comprehensive  mattress size guide to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.


Are 2 twins the same as a queen?

No, the size of two twins would be slightly larger than a queen size, in fact, it is relatively closer to the king size mattress. The size of a twin mattress is 38" X 75" while the size of a queen is 60" X 80". For something larger than the queen but smaller than the twin, you can check out the full size mattress.

Can a twin bed fit two adults?

A twin bed cannot fit two adults. Twin beds are commonly used for a child, teenager, or an average size adult. For a bed size that fits two adults, consider a queen size, king size, or cal king bed.

Do adults use twin beds?

Yes, a single adult can use a twin bed. However, if they are taller than average, they may need to look into getting a twin XL mattress size.

Is there a mattress smaller than a twin?

The twin mattress is the smallest and most compact mattress on the market. The only mattress smaller than a twin is a crib mattress. A twin is an ideal mattress for a child’s or a teenager’s room, especially for bunk beds.

Is a queen big enough for a couple?

It depends on the couple’s sleeping habits and preferences. A queen mattress is big enough to fit two adults however if the couple wants extra personal space then this may not be the best option.

Twin vs queen size bed - which is better for single adults?

Even though both options accommodate single sleepers, a queen size bed is better. If you’re someone that tosses and turns or needs extra sleeping space, the twin size wouldn’t suit you.

Is a full, two twins?

A full size mattress is larger than a single twin bed but two twins would actually be slightly smaller than a king size and larger than a queen size. A full size is enough for two adults but wouldn’t be comfortable.

How big is a full vs queen?

A full is slightly smaller than a queen but still a great option for a couple on a tight budget or with limited space. It is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long while a queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What size bed do most couples have?

Most couples have a queen size bed for its convenient size and adaptability, making it easily fit in large or medium-sized bedrooms. However, for extra sleeping space, you can also consider the king bed if you have the space in your room.


Lastly, don’t rush when picking a lifetime mattress, getting a cheaper mattress to save on cost or a smaller mattress that’ll make you uncomfortable isn’t sustainable and can jeopardize the quality of your sleep. Now that you understand the different mattress sizes and how they could affect you, you’re ready to find your mattress!

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