Puffy Mattress Pad

Puffy Mattress Pad

Puffy Ranked Best Mattress 2019 RANKED 2019 BEST MATTRESS

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7 Reasons to Choose The Puffy Mattress Pad

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Oeko-Tex Certified

Worried about whether the materials you sleep on are safe and free of additive chemicals? Be sure of the quality and integrity of your products — our Puffy Mattress Pad has undergone and passed rigorous testing and is Oeko-Tex certified to not have any harmful chemicals. Sleep with confidence knowing that Puffy will always take care of you.

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100% Cotton Cover

Hoping to sink into a soft, smooth material that soothes your senses and creates the perfect setting to help you fall asleep? The Puffy Mattress Pad is all you dream of and more. Cool to the touch and with a 383 thread count, the Puffy Mattress Pad is the perfect balance of softness and breathability.

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Perfect Amount of Puff

Dreaming of excellent support and supple softness with a touch of cushiony comfort? If you need that extra amount of lavish cushioning without the extra heat build-up that a foam topper would provide, the Puffy Mattress Pad is for you. Float on the extra cushioning of 1200 GSM Hypoallergenic Ball Fiber Polyester filling.

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High Quality Build

Aiming to invest in a top-comfort mattress pad that stands the test of time? The Puffy Mattress Pad has been crafted with high-grade raw materials so you get a quality topper that lasts!

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Durable Stretch Pockets

You can easily setup your new Puffy Mattress Pad onto your bed with our durable, elastic pockets that support mattresses up to 15-inches thick! Wash your new mattress topper without having to worry about the elastic band degrading.

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101 Night Sleep Trial

Experience the comfort of the Puffy Mattress Pad for a full 101 nights! If it doesn't provide you with the comfort you're looking for, we'll refund you your full purchase price. Ready to feel the difference? Order your own Puffy Mattress Pad online today.

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Ships Free to Your Door

Get your Puffy Mattress Pad delivered free - directly to your door - quickly and easily within two to five business days. Shopping for comfort should be simple, so order your new Puffy Mattress Pad and get the sleep you deserve!

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
An excellent choice!

After much research, we decided to purchase our, Puffy King size Mattress, and bought the, Puffy Mattress Pad at the same time. We've been sleeping on them for just under a month, and even though we knew it was the most comfortable nights sleep we've ever had after the first night, I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review. Both of us agree that this bed improves the quality of sleep that we get 10 fold. We are both very physically active as we go through our day, and as we've started to get older, the morning aches and pains have really increased. Our new bed reduces the discomfort of pressure points, and seriously reduces, (pretty much eliminates) getting hot during the night, and while we both like to be cool when we sleep, now she even uses a fleece throw in addition to our quilt to stay warm during the night, which results in both of us enjoying a great nights sleep. My wife and I both give this new mattress and pad our highest recommendation! Thanks!

I Love my Puffy Mattress Pad

This pad is soooooo soft and I love that it fits with my Puffy Mattress!!!!

The Mattress Pad helps my sore shoulders!

I really like my Puffy mattress pad. I have sore shoulders, and I wake up with no pain!! Thank you for the extra padding in the pad!!!

Cloud 20

I went from a select comfort bed to a puffy and figured for the price and 101 night trail why not give it a shot. When my boxed arrived as promised i went to work getting it set up very easy to unbox and unwrap. Well I’m past my 101 nights and must say when some one says i feel like i sept on cloud nine well me i felt like i slept on cloud 20. The first week i was having a little getting used to a foam mattress but after that week i was Loving it the support and cradleing it gives me. I love this bed and am so glad i purchased it. I just felt this part i would say at the end, I’m a guy who has had five failed back surgeries and have major fusions with screws and rods in my back and always feared leaving my select comfort bed and didn’t think this bed would work for me but it did and like i said i love my PUFFY . If the bed cam make this back comfortable you know you got a good bed. Thanks PUFFY.

Very comfortable

I have a full-sized Puffy Lux with the Puffy protector and pad on the metal foundation, plus two Puffy pillows.

First, the foundation: super easy to assemble, sturdy, lots of room for stuff under the bed, and it DOES NOT move or make noise. I feel like the foundation really made this otherwise expensive bed worth my while. Skirting is a challenge because the mattress heavy and it does move a little, so you don’t want to have to adjust a platform-type skirt all the time. Plus the frame has rounded corners, which is great for shins but eliminates a tailored skirt. I found a ruffled wrap-around with two rows of elastic that grip the frame, and that is working well.

Mattress, protector, and pad: Having slept on this mattress for a little over a month, this aging side sleeper agrees it’s very comfortable—enough to sleep on my back without pillows. If you weigh a lot, you’re going to sink in and maybe flop around like a whale when turning over. The mattress does move a little, even with the grippy fabric between it and the foundation, but not enough that I would call it a problem. The Puffy mattress pad moves around enough that I have to pull the edges back into alignment with the mattress every day when I make the bed. That’s not much of a problem, either, but the pad is already flattened out in the middle and I wonder how long it will last. I appreciated that the sides and top/bottom of the pad are labeled. All the covers—mattress, protector, pad, and pillows—are super soft and well made.

The pillows are great, but it’s true they’re extremely puffy—maybe even too puffy for a side sleeper. I have two, sleep on one and hug the other. One of my pillows was pretty lumpy for a week or so, despite a lot of kneading. I have silk pillowcases for my hair and face, and I find that my head often slides off the pillow. I’m thinking about removing some of the stuffing. It seems like the pillows don’t stay as cool as the mattress, possibly because of the silk cases.