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Mattress shopping can get complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this comparison, we look at the Puffy Cloud Mattress vs the Purple Mattress, analyzing the benefits and features of both products, so that you’re able to make a more informed purchase. Puffy and Purple are both known for their standout feel and comfort within the industry. Unlike Purple, who use a polymer grid in all their mattresses, Puffy’s award-winning mattresses use a layer-on-layer cooling foam design that contours to the body. So who wins out for a comfortable night’s sleep? Here’s everything you need to know about the Puffy vs Purple showdown: Shop The Mattress
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Puffy vs Purple Mattress at a Glance

Here’s a brief overview of how the Puffy stacks up against the Purple Mattress.
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Weight 48 lbs 110 lbs
Made in USA USA
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Prices last updated 03/2024. Prices are taken from each respective site and are subject to change at any time.
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Toss, Turn & Test with the 101-Night Sleep Trial

Every Puffy product comes 100% risk-free, thanks to a 101-night sleep trial that lets you test out your product.
Unhappy with your product? Return it and get a full refund, no questions asked.
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Mattress Reviews

Over 12,000 5-Star Mattress Reviews! Here are what real customers have to say about the difference between Purple and Puffy.
Verified Review
Really Comfortable!

My wife and I tried the Purple mattress first and for my body type, the Purple didn’t have enough support for my back. We returned it and went with Puffy. I was worried about feeling stuck since it’s memory foam, but I was shocked that it had enough support to keep me from feeling stuck. Wife also loves the bed because of the motion transfer. I go to work really early and I would normally wake her up when getting out of bed. With this mattress, she doesn’t even know I left. A+ for this mattress.

Matthew S.

Verified Review
Comfortable for our bad backs

We replaced our RV mattress with a Puffy. We have a Purple bed at home (which we also love), but when we went to see the bestselling online mattress, Puffy won out over Purple. Needless to say, even without the adjustable part of the bed, our Puffy is absolutely fantastic. Whenever we show people our new RV, we make a special point for them to sit on our new Puffy bed to feel the comfort.

Sheila T.

Verified Review
Our Kids Love It

Our kids are very much into sports and when it comes to buying a new mattress we wanted something that they would actually enjoy sleeping on. We purchased 3 mattresses from 3 different brands to test out. My husband gave them a week to let us know which one they would like best. The mattress we ordered were the Purple, Casper, and Puffy. After the first day, the kids all went for Puffy. The youngest one (9) jumps on it and always tries to do a bear hug. At this point, we will stick with the Puffy Mattress.

Amy S.

Verified Review
Changed my life!

My husband and I noticed a difference after the first night. Went online to purchase the Purple one but saw many good reviews on the Puffy. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Sometimes I lay in my bed after a long day in my car as an admissions nurse and do my 'therapy'. Literally just laying on the mattress for 10 minutes or so makes me feel better! As well, what they say about the cooling layer is true! Hubs and I like it cool when we sleep. Puffy does not interfere with that.

Jennifer P.

Verified Review
No Regrets With Puffy

Got this bed on a whim. It is a way better mattress than the Purple mattress I had. This time I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger and everything I read about Puffy has lived up to it. There was no strong odor when I first opened the box, the firmness is perfect, and the top wrapped cover is soft. I have only had it a little over 3 weeks, maybe I will do another review later on if anything changes but for now it's the best I have slept on.

Matt G.

Verified Review
Great Bed!

Much better than Purple. Better support for most body types and my wife and I felt like we were having more rested sleep and we were waking up feeling great!!

Gerard B.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Firmness

How firm is the mattress?

Small Puffy Vs Leesa Firmness Image

Puffy Cloud Mattress

Sitting between a 6 and 8 on the firmness scale, the Puffy Cloud Mattress is a medium-firm mattress, versatile enough for any type of sleeper. Adaptable to all sleep positions, the Puffy Cloud Mattress is especially useful for side sleepers who need support and comfort in their rest. The unique balance between support and comfort is exactly why so many sleepers suggest sleeping on a Puffy feels similar to ‘sleeping on a cloud’.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is described as a firm mattress, and is about a 7 in terms of firmness. All Purple mattresses come with a Purple Grid, which is an elasticated layer that is used for flexibility under different sleeping positions. This does mean that the elasticity of the Purple grid is able to flex under shifting sleep positions, making it motion-responsive with a noticeable amount of bounce.
The conclusion: Depending on what you’re looking for, your preference for mattress firmness is bound to vary. The medium-firm feel of a Puffy Cloud Mattress makes it ideal for couples who require motion isolation, as well as sleepers who need a sufficient amount of support in their sleep through the night.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Construction

How is the mattress constructed?

Small Puffy Vs Leesa Construction Image

Puffy Cloud Mattress

The Puffy Cloud Mattress is a gel-infused mattress and consists of six distinct layers. Designed with comfortable and cool sleep in mind, all Puffy foams are made in the USA and are also CertiPUR-US® certified.

Here’s a closer look at the Puffy layers:
  • Cool Touch Cloud Cover: Made to keep your mattress cool-to-the-touch and refreshing, the cloud cover features an original design and includes cooling yarns knitted into the fabric.
  • Climate Fiber Layer: This is an extra comfort layer of soft, heat-resistant fibers, which also help keep air moving throughout the mattress so you can enjoy breathable and cool sleep.
  • Gel-infused Cooling Cloud™ Foam: Engineered with cooling gel, this is a high-density foam layer that keeps heat away from your body and cradles your muscles and joints in any sleeping position. No more unsupported, stuffy sleep, only cozy, uninterrupted nights.
  • Cloud Comfort Pressure Relief Foam: This next layer of foam ensures easy pressure relief. It’s tailored for sleepers who require more support through their sleep and like their spine to feel aligned.
  • Firm Core Support Foam: Finally, the last layer of foam in the Puffy Cloud Mattress provides added stability to your sleep. Designed to isolate motion and prevent the stress and back pain that could result from improper spinal alignment, this high-density layer makes the base layer of the Puffy Cloud Mattress a supportive, durable, and stable option.
  • Grip Base Cover: This prevents your mattress from moving around, and keeps it adaptable to most types of bed frames.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is the brand’s very first model, and has three separate layers, including the Purple Grid that the brand is known for. Similar to the Puffy Cloud Mattress, the Purple is also manufactured in the USA, and while its foam layers are CertiPUR-US® certified, the Purple Grid is not.

Here’s a closer look at the Purple layers:
  • SoftFlex Cover: Made of a synthetic blend of viscose, polyester, and lycra, the thin cover of the Purple Mattress is meant to be breathable and able to stretch across the layer beneath.
  • Purple Grid: The smart grid layer is made of a hyper-elastic polymer that is covered in a fine layer of plastic powder that is meant to prevent sticking. The Purple Grid is meant to provide elasticity and motion-responsiveness to your bed.
  • Dual-Layer Comfort Foam: The final layer consists of both soft and firm layers that are high-density. This makes up the bulk of the 9.5-inch mattress, one 3.5 inches tall, and the other, 4 inches.

The conclusion: When you’re trying to compare mattresses, construction is one of the key ways to guarantee quality. The Puffy Cloud Mattress is made with non-toxic and CertiPUR-US® certified foam, so you’re sleeping snug from the first night.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Comfort

Does the mattress have unique comfort features?

Small Puffy Vs Leesa Comfort Image

Puffy Cloud Mattress

Puffy is widely known for its unique, cloudlike feel. Awarded Best Mattress 2024, the Puffy Cloud Mattress has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk, and more. Cloud Comfort™ technology perfectly adapts to the shape of your body, making it a great choice for those who struggle to get comfy.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is unique because of the Purple Grid, a gridded, polymer layer that is meant to add flexibility and breathability to your bed. It is also highly rated and has won the JD Power Award for Customer Satisfaction.
The conclusion: Your comfort level with your bed is extremely personal and is going to come down to your preferences and requirements for a good night’s sleep. By testing out your mattress and figuring out if you’re actually sleeping better, you’re that much closer to achieving your personal wellness goals. With a 101-night sleep trial, you’re just a click away from testing your Puffy.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Support

Does the mattress offer back and body support?

Small Puffy Vs Leesa Support Image

Puffy Cloud Mattress

The medium-firm feel of the Puffy Cloud Mattress can help support the contours of the body. Its Climate Comfort™ Foam layer ensures there’s maximum airflow and provides optimal pressure relief to joints and muscles in need of recovery.

Purple Mattress

The Purple Grid is designed to flex under the pressure points of the body. This makes the mattress particularly motion-responsive, which you might not want if you share your bed or are sensitive to sudden movements. The conclusion: One of the main benefits of a good night’s sleep is adequate muscle and joint recovery. Your pressure points require a good amount of support in order to offset tension that builds throughout the day. Puffy Cloud Mattresses are designed to be versatile so that no matter what your sleep position may be, you can rest comfortably knowing your mattress will help you recover.

Puffy vs Purple Mattress: Warranty

How long does the warranty last?

Small Puffy Vs Leesa Mattress Warranty Image

Puffy Cloud Mattress

One of the most impressive features of the Puffy Cloud Mattress is its lifetime warranty, which ensures you’re covered for as long as you use the mattress. Puffy’s lifetime warranty extends to all products, so you can expect quality that stands the test of time.

Purple Mattress

Purple has a ten-year warranty that applies only to its mattress. The warranty does vary depending on the product. The Purple pillows only have a one-year warranty, while the Purple foundation has a limited, five-year warranty period.
The conclusion: A whole third of your life is spent on your mattress, so investing properly and keeping your bases covered when it comes to your purchase is important. A product’s warranty coverage is indicative of the quality of the product you’re buying, and with Puffy, you can be assured you’ll be investing in sleep that adds to your well-being.

Get your Puffy mattress 100% risk-free

Sleep tight. 101 nights. Risk-free.

Test your Puffy risk-free with our 101-night sleep trial.


Mattress financing options as low as 0% APR with Affirm.

Warranty. For life.

Sleep soundly knowing every Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty.

Free shipping. In 1 - 2 days.

Shipping is fast and free. Your order is dispatched in 1 - 2 business days.

Setup simplified.

We make setup easy. Just remove the box, unroll your mattress, and let it expand.

Made in USA.

Every Puffy mattress is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Mattress financing with Affirm Payment Method

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The Puffy advantage.

If you’re choosing between Puffy vs Purple, here’s what to keep in mind:

Higher discount than a Purple Mattress
Warranty for as long as you have a Puffy
Free shipping and returns
Responsive customer service
Shop The Mattress


  • What is the difference between a Puffy and Purple Mattress?

    The main difference between the Puffy and Purple mattresses is the use of foam versus polymer as a comfort layer. The elasticity of the grid makes it more motion-responsive, whereas the memory foam of the Puffy tends to absorb movement better.

    Puffy mattresses are manufactured in the USA and shipped between 1 - 2 business days. They’re known for their distinct, cloudlike feel. The Purple Mattress takes anywhere between 10 - 14 working days to get delivered. The Purple mattress has a medium-firm feel, similar to the Puffy Cloud Mattress, but because of the grid, is quite a bit heavier, weighing about 62 lbs more.
  • Does the Puffy Cloud Mattress or Purple Mattress cost less?

    The Puffy Cloud Mattress is less expensive than the Purple Mattress. A queen-sized mattress costs $1,049 at Puffy, while the same size costs $1,199 at Purple.
  • Will side sleepers like the Puffy Cloud Mattress or Purple Mattress?

    Both the Purple and Puffy Cloud Mattress are great options for side sleepers. Both these mattresses are described as having a medium-firm feel, which ensures there’s no extra pressure put on your joints. They’re both able to cradle your shoulders and hips, though Puffy's Cooling Cloud™ & Firm Core Support Foam is designed to contour closely to your body.
  • Which is better for hot sleepers?

    Puffy’s Climate Comfort™ and Cooling Cloud™ foams are designed to enhance breathability and cooling, increasing airflow more than standard foam mattresses.
  • What is the cover on the Puffy Cloud Mattress made of?

    The zip-n-wash cover of every Puffy Cloud Mattress is hypoallergenic and machine washable. The cover is made of 100% polyester and is additionally Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified.

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