Puffy Body Adapting Foam Layers

Puffy Cooling Cloud Comfort Layer

Cooling Cloud Comfort Layer

Our Patent Pending Cooling Cloud Comfort Layer formula was specifically designed to mold and cradle your body in just the right way to relieve the pressure points and stress that a typical mattress places on your hips, shoulders, knees, and joints. Coupled with its incredible breathability, our top layer will ensure your body remains at a neutral temperature so you can sleep soundly through the night.

Puffy Firm Core Support Layer

Firm Core Support Layer

Where most mattresses can be too soft to properly support your body, Puffy's Firm Core Support Layer adds a unique firmness to ensure correct spine alignment. Unlike your typical foam mattress, our base layer still gives and adapts to your unique body shape to allow for continuous blood circulation and pressure relief to alleviate any tossing and turning while you sleep.


So rest easy, and get the best night's sleep with Puffy.

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