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Puffy Dog Bed
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Puffy Dog Bed

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Cloud comfort for big and small pups. Our memory foam dog bed is luxuriously comfortable with a pressure-relieving base and soft sidewalls to snuggle up to.

$129 $110

Puffy Dog Bed

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12 reasons to choose Puffy Dog Bed

Reason 1

101-Night Sleep Trial

Your dog can roll around on the Puffy Dog Bed for 101 nights before making a final bark. If you feel your pal isn’t comfier than ever, you can return the dog bed for a refund.

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101-Night Sleep Trial
Reason 2

Lifetime Warranty

For added comfort for both humans and dogs, the Puffy Dog Bed comes with a lifetime warranty. For as long as your furry friend snoozes on the Puffy Dog Bed, it’s covered under warranty.
Lifetime Warranty
Reason 3

Ships Free To Your Door With FedEx

Order a small, medium, or large Puffy Dog Bed today, and it will be shipped within 1 - 3 business days. Before you know it, your pup will be resting his paws on cloud comfort. We also offer free returns and a 100% refund if you’re not happy!

Learn more about shipping & returns.

Ships Free To Your Door With FedEx
Reason 4

Remove And Wash Cover

The Puffy Dog Bed comes with a removable cover that you simply unzip and throw in the washing machine. It’s a breeze to clean doggy drool, dirt, and hair. Your pup will experience that new bed feeling over and over again.
Remove And Wash Cover
Reason 5

A Cooling Dog Bed

The Puffy Dog Bed is engineered with special high-density luxury memory foam that will ensure your dog is kept cool after a hard day of play. Memory foam helps to absorb and evenly distribute weight, and it’s breathable, so your pup has the perfect setup for cool and rejuvenating rest.
A Cooling Dog Bed
Reason 6

Ultra-Durable Border

The Puffy Dog Bed is as comfy as a cloud but also has an ultra-durable border. Layered with high-density memory foam, you can be sure this is an indestructible dog bed that is designed to keep your dog cozy for years to come.
Ultra-Durable Border
Reason 7

Pressure-Relieving Rest

Playing catch is hard work. The pressure-relieving Puffy memory foam dog bed is made for rest and recovery. The sturdy high-density 100% memory foam base is perfect for very active dogs. This unique memory foam is designed to release weight pressure and gently support swift movements.
Pressure-Relieving Rest
Reason 8

For Small, Medium, And Large Dogs

The Puffy Dog Bed comes in 3 sizes and is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The small dog bed is 25" x 20" x 6". The medium dog bed is 36" x 28.5" x 9". The large dog bed is 44” x 34" x 10”.
For Small, Medium, And Large Dogs
Reason 9

No Slipping And Sliding

A studded non-slip fabric bottom will ensure your dog doesn’t slip and slide as they rest or play on the Puffy Dog Bed.
No Slipping And Sliding
Reason 10

Soft And Supportive Sidewalls

Supportive foam bolsters will caress and cushion your pup’s head as they lay on their personal bed of clouds. The soft sidewalls create a barrier for safe and sound sleep.
Soft And Supportive Sidewalls
Reason 11

A Luxurious Sleep Treat

Your dog deserves the best! The Puffy Dog Bed has a smart and supportive design that is luxurious too. The plush gray and cream fabric will easily adapt to your home decor. Endless comfort is the ultimate treat for your best pal.
A Luxurious Sleep Treat
Reason 12

Scratch-Resistant Cover

The Puffy Dog Bed has a 100% polyester anti-tear and scratch-resistant cover. The cover is soft-to-touch with a deluxe suede feel. The dog bed cover is so tough that most playful claws won’t be able to destroy the fabric, even if they tried!
Scratch-Resistant Cover


  • Are memory foam beds good for dogs?

    Memory foam dog beds are great for dogs of different ages and physical conditions, especially elderly or highly active dogs. A memory foam base releases weight pressure, reduces aches, and offers cooling comfort. The Puffy Dog Bed is made of 100% high-density memory foam.

  • How much does a memory foam dog bed cost?

    The price of a memory foam dog bed depends on its size and the quality of memory foam used. The Puffy Dog Bed is available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large) and is made of 100% high-density memory foam. The small bed costs $110, the medium costs $127, and the large costs $169. Flexible financing is available on orders above $149.

  • What type of bed is best for dogs?

    The best type of bed for dogs is a memory foam dog bed. It conforms to the dog’s body, relieves aches, and offers luxurious comfort. Additionally, memory foam’s reflexive nature makes it durable, sturdy, and indestructible for dogs.

  • Are memory foam dog beds washable?

    The Puffy Dog Bed features a removable cover that is machine washable. Simply unzip and wash regularly for a clean and fresh bed. Getting rid of dog hair, drool, and dirt is a breeze!

  • Do dogs really need a dog bed?

    Depending on the age, dogs usually sleep from 10 to 18 hours per day. Elderly dogs can benefit from their own memory foam dog bed that’ll help alleviate pressure off the joints and relieve aches. Even though dogs tend to snooze off in different places, dogs need to have a bed of their own.

  • Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

    It is recommended that a dog bed should be somewhat firm because a plush bed won’t last long with dogs. A dog bed should support a dog’s weight and not sink in as well as relieve pressure from aching joints. A high-density memory foam bed will properly support your dog, offer comfort, and maintain its shape.

  • How often should you change dog beds?

    The lifespan of a dog bed depends on the materials used and if it can withstand wear and tear. The Puffy Dog Bed features an ultra-durable supportive border and a 100% polyester anti-tear and scratch-resistant cover so it’ll last for many years.

  • Where to buy a dog bed?

    You can buy a memory foam dog bed from puffy.com. There are 3 sizes available, the small, medium, and large dog bed. With prices starting from only $110. The Puffy Dog Bed comes with a lifetime warranty, 101-night sleep trial, and free shipping & returns.

  • What is the most comfortable dog bed?

    The most comfortable dog bed is a memory foam dog bed. Memory foam gently contours to the dog’s body and feels like sleeping on a cloud. The Puffy Dog Bed, made of high-density memory foam, features supportive foam bolsters to cushion your dog’s head (like a pillow) for extra comfort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great bed loved so do the dogs

Loved the bed so much had to make sure my grand baby had one as well as my dogs. Minnie and Jordy loves it.

We're so glad you love the Puffy Dog Bed, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Tiffani McLaughlin
Dog’s Throne!

Our dog absolutely loves this bed. He sleeps sooo heavy on it. Prefers it over the floor almost always so that means that it isn’t hot for him. 100% recommended!!

We're so glad he's catching up on his rest with his new Puffy Bed, Tiffani! Thanks for sharing.

Puffy dog bed lives up to its name

I was looking for a mattress for my senior lab with arthritis and joint pain. She's been using the medium bed for several months now. The cover is easy to remove and reassembles easily with logical placement of the 5 flat bottomed bolsters. Two washings hasn't shrunk the cover in either the washer or drier. The mattress foam lives up to its Puffy name and remains supportive for older joints. I had an issue with a seam coming apart in one place and a sewed over zipper in another. The younger lab thought the front bolster was a fun chew toy whereas I thought it was a rather expensive chew toy. When I contacted customer service, my email was answered within a day. Customer services couldn't have been nicer and a new dog bed was shipped out and arrived in a couple of days. This new bed did not have any sewing defects and the younger lab doesn't go looking for the "foam chewy" any more. I highly recommend this product and this company. My younger lab has no problem enjoying the bed when unoccupied and the new seams stand up to her jaunty steps.

We're so glad to hear that you and your dogs love the new dog bed, thank you so much for the great review!

Husky approved

Got a large for my 14 year old husky. He instantly dug in it, spun around a dozen times, and melted into his puffy mattress. He has arthritis and I’m hopeful this will help soothe his aching joints.

We're so glad your husky is enjoying his new bed, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Preferred dog bed by young and old

Exceptional dog bed. It is the go to place at nap time for young and old. Material is easily washable and looks like new after every wash. Have recommended to new pet owners as a wise investment.

We're thrilled to hear your dogs like their dog bed, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Dog approved

I have been wanting to get a dog bed with the pillows or sides for a while and was happy to see that puffy makes them when I was shopping for a new mattress for myself. Both beds showed up at the same time so I assembled the dog bed first. It was very easy and especially like the double zippers. As soon as I set it down my dog layed down on it so that was a good sign. When I came home from work that night he was still sleeping on it. Unfortunately the next day I set up my puffy lux mattress and now every night when I come home he is sleeping on my bed so I think he likes the extra space. I got the largest dog bed puffy makes and my 110lb rottweiler just fits for a size comparison. My only complaint about the bed is a lack of colors. Black dogs that shed and chew their bones on the bed tend to stain the cover. A brown or something else darker for a cover would be nice, for now I just use a blanket over the dog bed to keep it clean. Other than that I am very happy with this bed!

Keith, we're thrilled to hear that you and your dog are enjoying your Puffy products, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Matthew Tolbert

Very nice, high quality, both of my corgis just love it!

We're so glad you and your corgis like the dog bed, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Puffy Dog Bed

Our 10 yr old German Shepherd boy LOVES his puffy dog bed! As soon as we set it up, he was all in. We are very pleased with the quality and service. The bed arrived quickly and it was a breeze to put it together. Extremely impressed overall. Also, easy to remove the cover and wash. We will definitely purchase more products!
Happy customer,

Brigita, we're thrilled to hear your dog is enjoying the new dog bed, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Valerie Paese
Best bed ever


Valerie, thanks for the five stars!


My boy is so happy and relaxed in his new Puffy Dog bed…you can see it in his whole face:)) He absolutely loves it! Best bed ever!

Shelley, thanks for sharing your gorgeous photo! We're so glad your pup is enjoying his new bed!

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