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6 Simple Dorm Room Decor Hacks That Blend Comfort & Style

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6 Simple Dorm Room Decor Hacks That Blend Comfort & Style

Despite having limited space, you can still let your creativity shine when designing a cozy dorm room.

Dorm rooms present a unique set of design challenges: sleep, study, relaxation, and entertainment are all important considerations for the layout to account for.

These 6 design hacks will help you bring your dorm room vision to life with a perfect combination of style and comfort that ticks all the boxes.

From the best mattress size, to how to layer lighting, we cover all the dorm room essentials you need to create a space you love to chill out in.

1. Comfy bed

To ace dorm room design, making room for everything can be difficult, but there are many ways to save valuable floor space. One of our key tips is to ensure you get a mattress size that doesn’t take up too much of the dorm room.

Since the bed is always the biggest piece of furniture, the first layer of any dorm room should be a comfortable mattress. Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes which is why it helps to understand exactly what mattress size will suit the size of the dorm room. Larger mattresses might seem like a good idea, but it’s not practical when you also need a desk, chair, dresser, and place to chill out in.

A standard mattress size can come in handy when you’re designing. By taking a few quick measurements of the space you’re working with, selecting the best mattress size will become easy. The most popular mattress sizes for dorm rooms are twin XL mattresses (38" X 80), and full size mattresses (54" X 75").

These mattresses sizes will ensure there’s enough legroom and comfort, without overpowering the floor plan.

2. Layers Of Lighting

Simple Dorm Room Decor Hacks

When the light touches the room in all the right places, it can open up the space in the room, making it seem bigger and more inviting. If you’re confused about how to decorate your dorm room with the right balance of lighting, we’ve got you covered.

It’s actually quite simple to balance lighting in small spaces. Interior designers use a method of light layering to harmonize different levels of brightness. For layers of light that are just right, you need one of each of the three lighting elements: an ambient light, a task light, and an accent light.

The ambient light is the main source of light for general illumination, it’s important that this light isn’t too overpowering, but bright enough to help you get ready and find things with ease. A task light in your dorm room will sit on your desk or bedside table. Task lights are perfect for studying, or bedtime reading.

The last layer of lighting to bring your dorm room design together is some accent lighting. Accent lights allow certain areas of the room to stand out. Think fairy lights, wall lights, picture lights.

Layers of lighting in the dorm room don’t just add to the general ambiance, it also helps your room become an efficient and multi-purpose place for study and rest.

3. Cozy Rug

Rugs can be powerful decor accessories that can help to define a space and add personality to design. For boho charm, an Aztec or jute style rug can align the different room decoratives. For a luxurious finish, a faux fur rug is often a great final layer.

When it comes to college rooms, one of the best dorm room rug choices is a shag rug. The high pile top of a shag rug will give you the best of both worlds: a modern look, plus comfort as it's cozy enough to lay or sit on!

A quality rug should be high on your dorm room furniture list. All cute dorm room ideas will feature some type of floor comfort, and the perfect modern rug will help you style your space with ease.

4. Study Space

There are so many ways to create the ultimate study zone in the dorm room, without taking away from the comfort of the space. When you have very limited floor space to work with, a floating or foldable desk is the best solution.

Some students love the idea of a foldable desk in the dorm room as once study is over, the room becomes more relaxed when textbooks are neatly stacked away. As long as you have some extra space for storage, such as a foundation bed frame, then a floating desk can work well.

Other students prefer to have books and study material always handy, so in this case, a traditional study desk with shelves is a great option. The ample shelving space comes in handy to house stationary and books.

5. Side table storage

Underlying principles behind the best dorm room ideas relate to maximum functionality. Every piece of furniture should have a purpose because the worst thing you can do is crowd the dorm room and make it feel cramped.

The side table is one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can buy. A nightstand with drawers or a side table with shelves is an ideal home for hiding away essentials.

6. Zen Space

6 Simple Dorm Room Decor Hacks That Blend Comfort & Style

Apart from all the practical elements of dorm room design, the fact that dorm rooms need to serve as a space for quality sleep cannot be overlooked. Integrating fresh plants into dorm rooms design a touch of tranquility ideal to zen out after a long day of study. Many fresh plants are said to help purify the air and even help boost creativity.

Some great low maintenance indoor plants for dorm rooms include aloe plants and spider plants. Aloe is a long succulent with pointed leaves that grow beautifully on window sills. Spider plants have an unusual overflowing personality and take very little care to thrive so you can afford to forget about it from time to time.

So there you have it. A complete dorm room checklist for everything you need to make your space cozy, efficient, and functional.

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