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Luxury Bedroom Ideas To Refine Your Space

Luxury Bedroom Ideas To Refine Your Space

Looking to make your bedroom more luxurious? When we think of luxury bedroom ideas, gold accents, the finest wood, and fancy drapery come to mind. However, a luxurious bedroom isn’t just about splurging on expensive items, it can be about concentrating on smaller details such as bedding and lighting. It's important for homeowners to find ways of combining aesthetics with comfort so that they can enjoy their space for years to come.

You don’t need an interior designer to create an elegant and luxurious bedroom. With these easy luxury bedroom ideas, you can soon have the room of your dreams!

Lighting Is Everything

The right type of lighting can take a dull room and give it character, this can be a ceiling light fixture, pendants beside your bed, or a funky-looking floor lamp. To upgrade your space, we recommend hanging a chandelier where its shimmering lights will gently reflect on the walls. Alternatively, for a mid-century modern bedroom design, try and find an abstract or unusual light fixture that has a metallic finish like gold, silver, or bronze.

If you have natural lighting, like large windows or a balcony - use it to your benefit! Make your room look grand by adding fancy mirrors around your bed that’ll reflect the light. This is a great idea for small spaces looking for that luxurious upgrade.

Decorate The Walls

Decorate The Walls | Puffy

Most luxury bedrooms have attention-grabbing walls, where you can tell someone put thought into it. For luxury bedroom ideas, consider adding wainscoting wall panels for extra depth or incorporating Victorian patterns for elegance.

As for the furniture, it can be beautifully paired with a few vintage pieces like a dresser or nightstand with cabriole legs and brass hardware.
However, for a more budget-friendly option, consider painting the walls or adding wallpaper on an accent wall. Rich colors that are usually used in luxury bedrooms include blue or different hues of gray. Contrast these rich colors with light-colored furniture, like creamy or white-colored pieces.

Invest In Your Bed

Invest In Your Bed | Puffy

Since your bed is most likely the focal point in your bedroom, it is important to take good care of it. Everything from your mattress quality to your bed throw can make a difference in your room’s vibe. Give your bedroom the royal treatment it deserves with a Puffy Lux Mattress, which feels like sleeping on a cloud. What is luxury if not plush comfort? If you have a large master bedroom, a grand king or queen sized bed with matching upholstery and bedding will make for a lavish room.

Additionally, your sheets should be smooth and straightened for a sleek finish and to be visually pleasing, nobody likes wrinkled sheets. Consider velvety bamboo sheets - which are breathable and soft to sleep on.

Your headboard can also be used as a decorative piece, it can be extravagant and large or elegantly upholstered with soft fabric. For a finishing touch, throw a plush faux fur blanket on your bed to make it inviting and comfy. Luxurious bedding will offer you a cozy bedroom with a glamorous finish.

There’s Never Enough Pillows

There’s Never Enough Pillows | Puffy

There’s a reason why hotel beds are so popular, and that’s because hotels understand the value of multiple Puffy Pillows. They’re not only great for sleeping, whether you want to wedge a pillow under your knees or hug one - but they can also be decorative!

You can use pillows as a way to incorporate texture or different patterns into your room. For a modern luxury bedroom, consider adding faux fur, velvet, or silk throw pillows. Mix together different pillow sizes, like large pillows, sleep pillows, and throws. But be sure to keep it limited to a quarter of your bed so it doesn’t become stuffy.

Revamp Your Nightstand

Revamp Your Nightstand | Puffy

Your nightstand is an essential part of the bedroom, it’s where you put your phone, medicine, current read, and other necessities. With a few tweaks, you can upgrade your nightstand and even use it as decor in your room. Start by decluttering the surface and place things in the drawer, a storage box, or an organizer.

Then you can splurge on delicate accents like a fancy new table lamp, a crystal vase with flowers, or a scented candle for a touch of elegance. Put on display aesthetically-pleasing items that’ll add to your room’s style.

If it’s within your budget, consider getting a new nightstand table with a luxury finish. Most luxury bedrooms have nightstands with reflective features like mirror panels or crystal knobs. Alternatively, small things like changing the hardware to bronze or crystal handles can make your nightstand look newer.


How do you glam a bedroom?

There are many ways to glam a bedroom and make it look more upscale. You can consider painting the walls, getting new bedding, creating an accent wall, adding unique accessories, or changing your bed frame to an elegant upholstered one.

What should I put on my bedroom walls?

Plain walls can make a room look dull and cold, especially if it is painted in white. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do with walls! You can create a gallery wall with aesthetic pictures, a collage of your personal pictures, your favorite artwork with different frame sizes, or hang shelves for decor pieces or books.

Where should I start decorating my room?

In many bedrooms, the bed is the focal point of the room, so it is advised to start decorating the bed first. Things like pillow textures, sheet materials, or bedding colors, can help you find a theme or settle on your bedroom colors. When the bed is done, using similar colors or materials for the rest of the furniture pieces and accessories will tie the room together.

Conclusion: A Dash of Glam Goes A Long Way!

There is no doubt that investing some time into finding out how best to design your space will make the outcome that much better. These luxury bedroom ideas will help you seamlessly transform your space into a modern luxury bedroom!

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