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Bed Frame Dimensions Guide: The Best Bed Frame For Your Mattress

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Bed Frame Dimensions Guide: The Best Bed Frame For Your Mattress

When you’ve invested time and money into the most comfortable mattress, you don’t want to ruin it by getting the wrong bed frame size. Mattresses should usually last up to 10 years if taken care of properly. However, your bed frame is a vital factor that affects how long your mattress lasts. Bed frame dimensions will differ according to the mattress size.

If the bed frame is too small, it can bend the mattress, or it may develop lumps, and if it is too large, the mattress will sag from the sides. In either case, it’ll make your mattress uncomfortable and shorten its lifespan. As a result, knowing the bed frame dimensions that you need is important.

Why Do You Need A Bed Frame?

Why Do You Need A Bed Frame? | Puffy

A bed frame is a surface that you put your mattress on; some bed frames are only decorative, while others can be functional as well. Most bed frames consist of side rails, a headboard, and a footboard. But some models only include side rails, without the other accessories.

Most importantly, a bed frame should include a bed foundation, like bed slats or a solid metal foundation to support the mattress. If the mattress is only placed with the support of the side rails, it isn’t enough to properly hold your mattress. A bed frame with a mattress foundation has many benefits and can prolong the lifespan of your mattress. A bed frame doesn’t just support your mattress, but it supports you as you sleep. This is especially true with memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses that contour your body for extra stability, comfort, and pressure relief. Without a strong foundation, your mattress will prematurely sag or sink in the longer you sleep on it.

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Additionally, lifting your mattress off the floor will allow your mattress to breathe by evenly distributing the air circulation. Even if hybrid mattresses have an open-cell structure for breathability, mattresses can easily collect dust, bacteria, and dirt from the floor. A bed frame can also give your mattress height, whether you’re looking for a low-profile bed or a higher platform that you can easily climb into at night.

How To Get The Bed Frame Dimensions For Your Mattress?

How To Get The Bed Frame Dimensions For Your Mattress? | Puffy

The bed frame dimensions should roughly match the mattress size, mattresses have standard sizes like a twin, full, or king size mattress. The size of a bed frame may have a few inches added to the width and length of a mattress. This can be because of the structure of the frame or to make space for bedding.

Additionally, bed frame dimensions will differ, depending on the style and manufacturer. For example, some models may have drawers on the railing, or the side rails may be thick, which can add to its measurement. Below is an overview of the different mattress sizes and their correspondent bed frame dimensions.

Bed Size Mattress Size Bed Frame Dimensions
Twin 38” x 75” 42” x 79”
Twin XL 38” x 80” 42” x 84”
Full 54” x 75” 58” x 83”
Queen 60” x 80” 64” x 88”
King 76” x 80” 80” x 88”
California King 72” x 84” 76” x 92”

Twin Bed Frame

A twin-size bed frame is approximately 42 by 79 inches, and it fits a twin mattress. A twin bed is the next upgrade for a child from a crib, so it is commonly found in children’s rooms. It is also suitable for older children, teenagers, or young adults with an average height. Twin beds are preferable in small bedrooms or guest rooms - so areas with limited space.

Additionally, most bunk beds consist of two twin beds stacked on top of each other. The recommended room size for a twin bed frame is 7 by 10 feet.

Twin XL Bed Frame

A twin XL bed frame is similar in width to a twin bed, but it is 5 inches longer - it measures 42 by 84 inches. Twin XL beds are common among college students because the extra length provides more legroom. But it is also a good size for teenagers or taller adults. This size is suitable for college dorms, studio apartments, or small bedrooms. Similar to a twin, the recommended room size is 7 by 10 feet.

You can also find bunk beds with twin XL mattresses, so be sure to check your mattress size before shopping for bunk beds to avoid confusion.

Full Bed Frame

A full bed is also known as a double bed, and a full bed frame roughly measures 58 by 83 inches. A full bed is a great option for single sleepers looking for extra sleeping space to sprawl. They are suitable for studio apartments or small to medium-sized rooms. The recommended room size for a full bed is 9 by 10 feet.

A full bed will be too small for two people, you should consider a queen size bed if it’s for a couple. Tall sleepers may also be more comfortable in a twin XL bed for the extra length.

Queen Bed Frame

The queen bed is the most popular mattress in the United States, it is the perfect size for couples and single adults. A queen bed frame dimensions are 64 by 88 inches. The comfortable size is ideal for two people, as it offers a good amount of personal space per sleeper. It’s also suitable for single sleepers that move a lot in their sleep or tall adults, as a queen mattress is 80 inches long.

The recommended room size to accommodate a queen bed is 10 by 10 feet, it fits in medium-sized or large master bedrooms. If you or your partner spread out or move a lot while sleeping or need extra personal space - this may be a snug fit. If so, you may want to consider upgrading to a king size.

King Bed Frame

A king bed is one of the largest bed sizes on the market, the bed frame dimensions are 80 by 88 inches. This spacious bed size can accommodate two adults that need a generous amount of sleeping space or two adults with a child or pet. A king bed is the same height as a queen bed, but it’s 16 inches wider - making it a lot more spacious.

As a result, a king size is suitable for large master bedrooms or open floor plans. The recommended room size for this grand bed is 12 by 12 feet. Two twin XL mattresses are the same size as a king mattress so you can fit two of these mattresses in a king bed frame.

California King Bed Frame

A California king bed is rarely found in homes for its overly large size, the bed frame dimensions are approximately 76 by 92 inches. A Cal king bed is narrower than a king bed by 4 inches, and it’s 4 inches longer than a king size. This size is ideal for sleepers that are taller than 6 feet because of the extra legroom.

Similar to a king size, the recommended room size for California king bed frames is 12 by 12 inches. This luxurious option accommodates two adults or two adults and a child.

Types of Bed Frames

Types of Bed Frames | Puffy

Bed frames are commonly made from two materials, metal or wood. They’re both long-lasting and strong, making them ideal for construction. Wooden bed frames have a classic and traditional feel to them while metal frames can be industrial or modern. There are various types of bed frames, the most popular include:

Panel Bed

A panel bed consists of two side railings, a headboard, and a footboard. Its structure doesn’t usually have a bed base so it has space for the mattress and the foundation (box spring or solid foundation). Most panel beds include bed slats but they’re too far apart to properly support a mattress and will just serve as additional support if needed.

Platform Bed

Platform beds are popular in modern bedrooms, they have a strong structure with a built-in mattress foundation. The most common foundation used is bed slats, they can be metal or wood slats and are placed less than 3 inches apart to properly support the mattress. Many modern bed frames, like the Puffy Bed Frame, are upholstered for a soft and cozy finish. This bed type is great for supporting memory foam or hybrid mattresses, and it doesn’t need a bed foundation.

Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed is a luxurious bed that has a curved headboard and footboard to resemble a sled. It is usually made of wood, which can make it heavier than other types of bed frames. Sleigh beds are big in size and their bed frame dimensions will mostly only fit in large master bedrooms. The bed frame can be upholstered, plain wood, or detailed with intricate designs for a classic or victorian look.

Four Poster Bed

Similar to sleigh beds, this bed frame type also requires a spacious room and preferably a high ceiling. A four-poster bed’s design has four tall columns at each corner that are topped with a rectangular structure. The top can be covered with drapes for a dramatic and whimsical feel, which is also known as a canopy bed. Alternatively, it can be kept without drapes for a modern and sleek look.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds can consist of two twin, twin XL, or even full beds. The two beds are stacked on top of each other to form a bunk bed, this space-saving option is great for children that are sharing a room. You can also usually find bunk beds in college dorms and hostels. Another version of a bunk bed is a loft bed. A loft bed includes a top bed with a ladder, and under it, you have extra floor space for a seating area or desk.

Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed frame is a bed frame that offers ultimate comfort control, you can adjust the height of your head and legs to get better sleep. This will be useful for those who suffer from sleep apnea or acid reflux at night. Many bases have other advanced features like massage zones, under-bed lighting, charging ports, and a zero-gravity preset. This bed frame is great for under-bed storage as well because the legs are adjustable - you can lower or elevate the bed to your preferred position. Puffy’s adjustable base includes a universal headboard mount so you can customize the style of your bed.


Do I really need a bed frame?

A bed frame with a bed foundation will keep your mattress from getting dirty on the floor. If you don’t want a bed frame, you can just get a mattress foundation that’ll support your mattress and lift it up. A mattress foundation will allow your mattress to breathe and protect it from dirt, dust, and bacteria on the floor. If your mattress traps heat or gets dirty, it can affect how long it’ll last.

How much bigger should a bed frame be than the mattress?

The bed frame dimensions may slightly differ from the mattress size, a bed frame may be from 4 to 6 inches bigger than the mattress. This will differ depending on the bed frame’s style and manufacturer. Some bed frames may include thicker side rails or have built-in drawers that can add a few inches to their measurements.

What is the height of a bed frame?

The height of a bed frame may vary depending on the bed frame design, but it usually ranges from 8 to 18 inches. Your bed’s height is also affected by the mattress foundation and the mattress thickness. While a box spring can add up to 12 inches, a bunkie board doesn’t add much height to your bed and is solely for mattress support.


Having a strong and solid bed frame can make all the difference with the mattress’s durability and your sleep experience. Now that you understand the factors affecting the bed frame dimensions, you’re ready to shop for the perfect bed frame for your mattress!

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