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California King vs Full Size: The Bed Size Battle

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 2 min read.
California King vs Full Size: The Bed Size Battle

From cozier, snug beds to sprawling, luxurious sleep havens, choosing the right mattress size can be a challenge. Among the myriad options, the contrast between the California King and Full Size stands out. Let’s navigate the nuances of these two bed sizes.

California King vs Full Size: Unpacking the Basics

At the heart of our exploration is understanding the foundational differences:

  • California King: Revered for its length, this mattress is perfect for taller individuals craving some toe wiggle room.
  • Full Size: Also known as a double bed, this mattress is compact yet comfortably spacious for single adults or growing teens.

Dimensions Dissected: How Big Are They Really?

Let’s break it down by numbers:

  • California King:

    • Width: Approximately 72 inches
    • Length: Approximately 84 inches
  • Full Size:

    • Width: Approximately 54 inches
    • Length: Approximately 75 inches

Room Considerations: Fitting Your Sleep Space

Tailoring your mattress to your room’s dimensions is crucial:

  • California King: A larger room, preferably at least 12 feet by 12 feet, would accommodate this lengthy mattress while allowing space for other furniture.
  • Full Size: Ideal for rooms that are at least 9 feet by 9.6 feet, making it a versatile choice for various spaces.

Who Should Opt for Which?

Personal preferences and needs guide this decision:

  1. California King:

    • Taller individuals.
    • Those preferring ample space, especially in length.
    • Couples seeking generous room without compromising on foot space.
  2. Full Size:

    • Single adults or teenagers.
    • Rooms with limited width.
    • Budget-conscious buyers seeking comfort without the extensive size.

Price, Popularity, and Preference: Market Insights

How do these two sizes fare in the marketplace?

  • California King: A luxury choice often carrying a higher price tag due to its unique dimensions. Increasingly popular among taller consumers and those valuing space.
  • Full Size: A staple in many households and often more affordable. A go-to for its blend of comfort and compactness.

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Top Considerations When Choosing Between the Two

  1. Room Dimensions: Ensure your room can comfortably house the chosen bed size.
  2. Budget: California Kings generally come at a premium.
  3. Sleep Preferences: If you value length over width or vice versa.
  4. Future Needs: Consider if your needs might change, e.g., a growing family or relocating to a smaller space.

FAQs: Addressing Common Concerns

  1. Can two people comfortably sleep on a Full Size? It’s possible but may feel snug. Couples might prefer the expansive California King.
  2. Is bedding easily available for the California King? Yes, though options might be fewer than standard sizes. Always check dimensions before purchasing.


Choosing between California King and Full Size involves evaluating personal preferences, room size, and budgetary constraints. Both sizes offer distinct advantages, catering to different needs.

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As you embark on your mattress journey, armed with this knowledge, may you find the perfect fit for restful nights. Sleep tight!

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