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Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be a homeowner’s nightmare, invading not just beds but also sofas, carpets, and even your clothes. While many chemical treatments are available, a growing number of people are turning to diatomaceous earth as a safer, natural alternative.

But the critical question remains - does diatomaceous earth kill bed bugs? In this comprehensive guide, we will answer this question and many more, providing practical tips on how to use this natural mineral to combat bed bug infestations.

Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs?

The straightforward answer is yes, diatomaceous earth can kill bed bugs. This natural mineral, derived from fossilized algae known as diatoms, works by dehydrating the bed bugs, eventually leading to their demise.

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How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs?

Diatomaceous earth targets the exoskeleton of the bed bugs. When they crawl through the treated area, the diatomaceous earth sticks to their bodies and starts to dehydrate them, eventually causing them to die.

The Science Behind It

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How Long Does Diatomaceous Earth Take to Kill Bed Bugs?

The time it takes for diatomaceous earth to kill bed bugs can vary. It generally takes a few hours to a couple of days for the bugs to die after coming into contact with the diatomaceous earth.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Bed Bugs

Applying diatomaceous earth involves more than just sprinkling the powder. Here are some steps you should follow:

Required Materials

Application Steps

  1. Clean the Area: Vacuum the room thoroughly.
  2. Apply the Dust: Use a dispenser to evenly spread the diatomaceous earth on affected areas.
  3. Leave It: Allow the dust to settle for at least 4-5 hours or overnight for better results.
  4. Vacuum: Clean the area after application but leave some behind for residual effects.

Remember, when you’re dealing with a persistent issue like bed bugs, it’s always a good idea to review your overall bedding situation. Upgrading to a bed like the Puffy Cloud Mattress, which comes with a machine-washable, zip-n-stay cover, can add an extra layer of protection against these critters.

Pros and Cons of Using Diatomaceous Earth

Pros Cons
Non-toxic to humans Takes time to work
Cost-effective Messy application
Long-lasting effects Limited reach


Does Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Work?

Yes, it’s the most recommended type due to its safety for humans and pets.

How Often Should I Apply Diatomaceous Earth?

Re-application is advised every two weeks until the infestation is completely eradicated.

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The use of diatomaceous earth for bed bug treatment offers a safer, economical, and effective alternative to traditional chemical treatments. Armed with the information in this guide, you’re now better equipped to wage war against these troublesome insects.

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