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Does the Washer Kill Bed Bugs? A Comprehensive Analysis

Does the Washer Kill Bed Bugs? A Comprehensive Analysis

Bed bugs are every homeowner’s nightmare, a true test of one’s resilience and cleanliness. The question at hand - does the washer kill bed bugs? - is crucial to addressing this concern.

This guide will dig deep into this very topic, providing evidence-based insights into how your household washing machine can become an unlikely ally in your battle against these pesky bugs.

Can You Kill Bed Bugs in the Washer?

To get straight to the point, yes, you can kill bed bugs in your washer. However, the effectiveness of this method depends on a variety of factors, including water temperature, washing cycle length, and the detergent used.

Variables to Consider:

  1. Water Temperature: High temperatures are more effective in killing bed bugs.
  2. Detergent: Certain detergents might offer added efficacy.
  3. Cycle Length: Longer cycles may increase the chance of killing bugs.

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How Warm Should the Washer Be to Kill Bed Bugs?

When it comes to killing bed bugs, temperature is a critical factor. The warmth needs to be intense enough to penetrate through layers of fabric where these bugs might be hiding.

Recommended Temperatures

How to Kill Bed Bugs in the Washer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Turning your washer into a bug-killing machine is more complex than simply throwing your clothes in and pressing the start button.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Pre-Sorting: Separate clothes into different categories based on material and color.
  2. Check Washer Settings: Make sure to set the temperature and cycle length accordingly.
  3. Detergent Selection: Opt for detergents specifically designed for bed bug extermination if available.
  4. Begin Wash: Start the washer and allow it to complete the full cycle.
  5. Inspect: After the wash, inspect the clothes to make sure no bugs survived.

Will the Sanitize Cycle on My Washer Kill Bed Bugs?

Most modern washing machines come with a “sanitize” cycle, intended to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. So, will this setting kill bed bugs? The answer is, generally, yes.

Why the Sanitize Cycle is Effective:

  1. High Heat: It usually reaches temperatures that are lethal to bed bugs.
  2. Extended Time: This cycle tends to be longer, which ensures thorough penetration of heat.
  3. Added Steam: Some sanitize cycles incorporate steam, which can be effective in killing bugs.

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Additional Considerations: The Role of Detergents

Although temperature is the primary factor, detergents can also play a role in killing bed bugs in the washer.

Types of Detergents:

The Science Behind It: How Does Washing Kill Bed Bugs?

Understanding the mechanics of how washing kills bed bugs can offer further insights into optimizing your laundry routine for this purpose.

Scientific Insights:

  1. Heat Penetration: Bed bugs die when their body temperature reaches a certain point.
  2. Drowning: Long washing cycles may lead to drowning of some bugs.
  3. Chemical Interaction: Detergents can break down the exoskeletons of bed bugs, making them more susceptible to heat.


Your washer can indeed be a potent tool in your arsenal against bed bugs. Proper knowledge of temperatures, cycles, and detergents can maximize the kill rate, aiding you in your quest for a bug-free home.

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While washing can be an effective strategy, it’s even more robust when combined with other approaches, such as investing in bed bug-resistant mattresses and seeking professional treatment when necessary.

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