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High Riser Bed: Exploring Heights and Depths

High Riser Bed: Exploring Heights and Depths

Whether you're seeking additional storage space or merely desiring a new aesthetic in your bedroom, a high riser bed can be an effective solution. But what exactly is a high riser bed, and what are the different aspects to consider? This article provides an in-depth look at this bedroom fixture.

What is a High Riser Bed?

High riser beds, also known as trundle beds, are specially designed beds with a lower bed stowed underneath. The top bed is elevated to make space for the lower one. This style is particularly beneficial for those with limited space, such as dormitory residents or apartment dwellers.

High Bed Risers

If you don't have a high riser bed but would like to elevate your bed for whatever reason, bed risers can be your go-to solution. They come in different heights, offering versatility for your specific needs.

Tall Bed Risers

Tall bed risers are designed to increase the height of your bed significantly. They come in a variety of heights, including 12 inches, 10 inches, 9 inches, and many more. Let's delve into the specifics of each.

12 Inch Bed Risers

These are some of the tallest bed risers you can find. They provide ample under-bed storage space and can drastically alter your bed's look. However, keep in mind that safety and stability are crucial when using such high risers.

10 Inch Bed Risers

10-inch bed risers offer significant elevation but are a little safer and more stable than the 12-inch variants. They're an excellent choice if you need a considerable height increase but want to err on the side of caution.

9 Inch Bed Risers

9-inch bed risers are slightly shorter, but they still offer ample storage space underneath the bed. They are an excellent choice for those who find 10 or 12-inch risers too high.

8 Inch Bed Risers

8-inch bed risers are a good medium-high option. They raise the bed enough to create substantial under-bed storage, and they're generally easier to climb onto than higher options.

7 Inch Bed Risers

7-inch bed risers are a safe and practical option for those who need extra storage space but don't want their bed too high. They're also easier to navigate, especially for children or elderly individuals.

6 Inch Bed Risers

These bed risers are on the lower side of the 'high' category, offering a more subtle lift to your bed. They're a good starting point if you're new to bed risers and unsure about the height you'd prefer.

6 Inch Wooden Bed Risers

Wooden bed risers bring an aesthetic charm to your room, along with the functional benefits. They're sturdy, reliable, and blend well with wooden furniture.

5 Inch Bed Risers

5-inch bed risers offer a moderate lift that is neither too high nor too low. They're a safe bet if you want a slight elevation for your bed without it looking out of place.

4 Inch Bed Risers

4-inch bed risers provide a subtle lift that can still make a difference in terms of under-bed storage. They're also easier to adapt to, especially if you're used to a lower bed.

3 Inch Bed Risers

These bed risers offer a minimal lift, ideal for those who only need a slight height increase. They're also a good choice for those unsure about using bed risers but are willing to give them a try.

2 Inch Bed Risers

2-inch bed risers are almost unnoticeable. They provide just enough lift to slide some flat storage boxes underneath, without significantly altering the bed's height.

1 Inch Bed Risers

These are the smallest bed risers you can find. They provide a very slight lift, just enough to improve air circulation or slide in a slim storage option underneath.

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Extra Tall Bed Risers

For those seeking maximum height, extra tall bed risers like the 24-inch variant can be an option. However, be extra cautious about stability and safety when using such high risers.

24 Inch Bed Risers

These bed risers provide the maximum elevation for a bed, transforming your sleeping area into a loft-like space. They offer ample under-bed storage but require careful climbing onto and descending from the bed.

Low Riser Bed

Low riser beds are the antithesis of high risers. They sit closer to the floor, giving your bedroom a minimalistic and grounded feel.

Wide Bed Risers

Wide bed risers are designed for beds with broad legs. They provide a stable base and ensure the bed's safety and security, even when elevated.

Small Bed Risers

Small bed risers, such as the 1-inch or 2-inch versions, provide a slight lift to the bed. They're great for those who want to experiment with bed elevation without drastically altering their bed's height.

Extra High Tall Bed Risers

Extra high tall bed risers, such as the 24-inch variant, provide the highest elevation possible for a bed. They transform your bed into a high loft, offering maximum under-bed space.

Short Bed Risers

Short bed risers are small lifts, typically under 3 inches, providing a subtle height adjustment to your bed. They're perfect for those who need minimal elevation.

Large Bed Risers

Large bed risers are designed to accommodate beds with large legs. They offer a secure fit and ensure the bed remains stable even when lifted.


What are the Highest Bed Risers Available?

The highest bed risers commercially available typically measure up to 24 inches. These risers transform your bed into a high loft, but they should be used with caution due to the substantial height increase.

How to Make Bed Higher without Risers?

If you'd prefer not to use risers but still want to elevate your bed, consider options like bed wedges, adjustable bed frames, or even DIY solutions like cinder blocks (if safety and aesthetics allow).

How to Raise a Bed without Risers?

Options for raising a bed without risers include adjustable bed frames, which allow you to manually or electronically adjust the bed's height, and bed wedges, which can raise one end of the bed, typically for medical or comfort reasons.

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High riser beds and the varying types of bed risers offer a flexible way to alter your bed's height and create extra storage space. From subtle 1-inch risers to towering 24-inch ones, you can choose the height that best suits your needs and preferences. Just remember, safety is paramount, especially when dealing with significant bed heights.

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