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How A Mattress Bag Can Protect Your Mattress During A Move

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How A Mattress Bag Can Protect Your Mattress During A Move

A big move is almost always accompanied by mounting anxiety. Is one truck even enough to fit all your things? What if you lose your most valuable possessions in transit? How long will it take to unpack everything and set up your new place?

Amid all the worrisome thoughts, protecting your mattress with a mattress bag might be the last thing on your mind. But it should actually be higher up on your list of priorities.

Moving your mattress may not seem like it requires considerable effort. After all, as long as you can load your mattress atop a truck and it doesn’t go flying off the roof in the middle of the highway, your bases are essentially covered.

But a high-quality mattress is no small investment, and when you’re transporting it, it’s worth putting in some extra effort to protect your bed.

Here, we take a look at the benefits of mattress bags and how to use one to make your big move easier.

What Is A Mattress Bag?

Why Do You Need A Mattress Bag? | Puffy

As the name suggests, a mattress bag is essentially a cover that you can use to store your mattress to protect it from dust, dirt, and grime.

Mattress bags are available in a range of materials, such as reusable tarp and polyethylene plastic, and can accommodate various dimensions, ranging from a twin size mattress to king. You can also find one that suits your specific mattress, whether it’s an innerspring, pillow top, memory foam, or hybrid mattress. The best part is mattress bags are fairly inexpensive, and you can easily find ones that range between $10 and $40.

Depending on the brand, mattress bags also have other benefits. Some are waterproof, self-sealing, and come with handles for ease of transport.

Why Do You Need A Mattress Bag?

The answer to this question is simple: Protection. Moving from one place to another is expensive enough, and neglecting your mattress means adding another price tag to your move. Here are some reasons to consider investing in a mattress bag when you’re preparing for a big move.

Protection against bed bugs and allergens

Dust, bed bugs, grime, dirt — you name it, your moving truck or storage unit might have it. Bed bugs, pests, and other allergens can pose a significant threat when you’re traveling, especially if your mattress is left uncovered. The good news is a mattress bag can protect your bed against all these offenders.

Prevents risk of water damage

A water-damaged mattress can be particularly difficult to salvage because it becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Because of water damage, you may see signs of discoloration, and your mattress may emit a foul odor. Using a waterproof mattress bag is the best way to minimize the risk of water seeping into your bed, particularly when you’re transporting it and encounter rain or snow.

Keeps your mattress in perfect condition

If you need a selling point, this is it. Whether you recently purchased the most comfortable mattress or have an old one that you can’t bear to part with, you can rest assured knowing that a protective cover will keep your favorite mattress in mint condition.

Tips For Choosing A Mattress Bag

Tips For Choosing A Mattress Bag | Puffy

Since mattress bags have various features, it’s imperative to consider your own needs when choosing a cover. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Will you be moving anytime soon? - This one might be tougher to answer than others. But if you think there might be a chance that you or someone in your family might be moving again, it’s worth investing in a reusable mattress bag so that you can hold on to it for future use. Even if you’re planning to settle down in your new place, reusable mattress covers can stand the test of time and are also the more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Is it heavy duty? - Inexpensive mattress bags are easy to find, but they’re also more susceptible to ripping or tearing. When choosing a mattress bag for moving, it’s crucial to find a heavy-duty one so that it remains protected throughout. The best way to find a cover that can withstand external stresses is to research different mattress bag materials. Polyethylene plastic and tarp are both heavy-duty materials that can be effective at transporting your mattress safely.
  • Does it fit your mattress? - Since mattress bags are available in various sizes, it shouldn’t be challenging to find one that fits your mattress. If you have a queen-size mattress, look for a queen-size mattress bag. However, it’s important to note that the sizing may vary slightly depending on the type of mattress you have. For instance, unlike memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses have little to no give, so if the bag is on the smaller side, you might not be able to fit your mattress into it.

The best way to avoid this dilemma is to take note of your mattress dimensions and compare it to that of the mattress bag to see if they match. Otherwise, opt for a bigger mattress bag size to be on the safe side.

Moving Checklist: How To Use A Mattress Storage Bag

Moving Checklist: How To Use A Mattress Storage Bag | Puffy

Deciding how to move a mattress might seem simple in theory, but the truth is you have a lot to consider. Do you take your old mattress with you, or is it just easier to invest in a new one? If you plan to hold on to your current one, here are some tips to help you transport your mattress so that it stays intact during your move.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Before you begin turning your current bedroom upside down, it can be handy to have all your moving supplies in place. This includes a mattress bag, bubble wrap, heavy-duty tape, poly ropes, cardboard box, dolly, and scissors.

Step 2: Get a helping hand

Moving a mattress by yourself is no easy feat, so find someone to help you. In case you can’t, you can also hire professional movers to help you cover and transport your mattress.

Step 3: Remove bedding and air-dry mattress

Before placing your mattress in the bag, remove your bedding and pack it away. Next, clean your mattress by wiping it down to ensure it’s dry. If you have some time on your hands, you can even leave your mattress out in the sun to ensure it’s completely free of moisture so that it doesn’t attract mold or mildew.

Step 4: Place inside mattress bag

Once you’re sure that your mattress is dry, the next step is to place it inside the mattress bag. This part will require some additional help, and you might also want to seal the ends of the mattress bag with heavy-duty tape so that it’s fully protected.

Step 5: Load and secure mattress

Ideally, your mattress should be placed flat when you’re transporting it so that it doesn’t risk losing its shape. If you’re transporting your mattress on a vehicle, be sure to secure it properly so that it doesn’t shift around during transit.

How To Store A Mattress Correctly

Even if you’re keeping your mattress in storage, a mattress bag is essential for its protection. In addition to the mattress, don’t forget to cover your bed frame with a moving bag or tarp so that it’s also not exposed to dust, pests, and other allergens.

Storing a mattress correctly is fairly easy. The main thing to remember is that the mattress should lie flat. Many people tend to store mattresses on their side or upright, but this is the wrong way to go about storing, especially if you want to preserve the lifespan of your mattress.

The reason mattresses need to lie flat is because memory foam layers and even coils found in an innerspring or hybrid mattress can become distressed when they’re on their side or upright. Besides storing it flat, it’s also important to avoid placing anything on top of your mattress.


Moving is never easy, especially when you have to pay careful attention to ensure all your belongings arrive at your new home in one piece.

With a mattress bag, your mattress will not only be shielded from harm, but an additional protective layer can also help extend its lifespan. A mattress bag investment might seem small, but the pay-off is substantial.

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