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How Dog Beds Can Help Your Pup With Restless Sleep

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How Dog Beds Can Help Your Pup With Restless Sleep

In the same way, the quality of your mattress can play a crucial role in how well you sleep, the right dog bed can transform your pup’s restless sleeping habits.

In a study conducted by researchers last year, it was found dog sleep is actually strikingly similar to the way humans sleep. Your canine companions deserve the same quality of rest you get every night since it can affect everything from their behavioral patterns to their wellbeing.

Dogs provide comfort, security, and companionship to their owners, feelings that can help contribute to a good night’s sleep. The right dog bed will ensure your pup is resting peacefully through the course of the night.

How Do Dogs Sleep?

While humans spend 25% of their sleep cycle in the REM phase, also known as deep sleep, dogs only spend about 10% of their own doing the same. This is why they need so much more sleep than humans do in order to feel well-rested.

Many studies indicate that sharing your bedroom with a canine companion can actually help improve your own sleep. In one study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, researchers reported sleeping with dogs in your bedroom can actually make high-quality rest easier.

The one thing the study cautions against? Snoozing with your dog in the same bed - your dog's tossing and turning is likely to cause disturbances in the middle of your sleep.

The best dog beds will allow your pup to get high-quality, restorative rest during their deep sleep stages.

Dog sleeping on a Puffy Dog Bed | Puffy

Puffy Dog Beds come in three different sizes perfect for canine companions big, small, and everything in between. Check out our flexible options for a dog bed with cloud-like comfort here.

Here’s why the right dog bed can make or break your dog’s sleep cycles, and even your own:

How To Know If Your Dog Is Restless

There are a few telltale signs that you can look out for to figure out if your doggie is feeling restless or uncomfortable on their bed:

  • Your pup is showing signs of discomfort or pain: If your pup isn’t all that happy with their dog bed, they’ll spend a good portion of the night readjusting, circling their position, or even choosing an alternate spot in your home to get cozy in.
  • Your pup’s sleeping position is giving it away: Your dog conveys a lot with their sleeping position, so pay special attention if they’re struggling to find one that is comfortable. If they aren’t sleeping in their usual position and spend a lot of time trying to fall asleep, there’s an underlying issue causing this.
  • Your pup whines or cries closer to bedtime: If your dog is restless close to bedtime, you’ll know that there’s an inherent issue with the way they view nighttime rest. Though it’s fine to anticipate some initial fussing as you start your training, if this habit lasts longer than two or so weeks, there’s a wider problem at fault.

What Makes The Perfect Dog Bed?

The best dog beds for pups big and small should be incredibly supportive and adaptive, cool, and of course comfy. It should also importantly be a piece of furniture you can clean and maintain with ease.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Cooling Materials
If your dog is a restless sleeper, there are a variety of reasons that go into their interruptive cycle. One such factor is temperature. This is especially true if your pup has a lot of furs since their coats can trap heat easier than most dogs. A cooling dog bed can remedy this problem.

Be sure to place your cooling dog bed in an area of your home where you know your pup won’t be directly exposed to a cold breeze, but still has enough airflow for them to feel cozy through the night.

Target Support For Muscles & Joints
Whether you have an active pup or an older dog, one of the most important things to look out for in a dog bed is that it provides sufficient structure and orthopedic support for recovery from a day’s activity.

Cozy Comfort
Since they do have shorter sleep cycles than humans, dogs are vulnerable to restless sleep patterns. Take the extra effort and make sure they’re truly feeling comforted and supported with the help of their dog bed.

A dog sits on a Puffy Dog Bed | Puffy

Benefits Of The Puffy Dog Bed

The Puffy Dog Bed is perfect for dog owners who are looking for something that has all these qualities. With a removable cover that is anti-tear and scratch-resistant, it works great for the wear and tear that is inevitable with a dog bed.

The Puffy Dog Bed is especially useful in providing the support and comfort that muscles and joints require. Made from high-density memory foam, you can rest assured your precious pup is going to have pressure-relieving rest that ensures they’re always cozy, and never stiff.

Another perk of the Puffy Dog Bed is its soft, supportive sidewalls that allow your pup to rest their head and feel as comforted as they do in their own beds. All of Puffy’s products come with a 101-Night Sleep Trial, so you can see for yourself how your pup goes from tossing and turning to blissful sleep without risk.

If your pup isn’t sleeping better than ever, we’ll give you a 100% refund!

Other Ways To Combat Restless Sleep For Your Puppy

Once you’re confident you have the best dog bed for your canine companion, there are other ways to ensure you’re doing all you can to provide your pup with a good night’s sleep:
  • Ensure they’re getting enough exercise: a tired dog is a sleepy one. If you have an older dog who tires out quickly, try and ensure they’re getting enough walks and playtime to warrant them wanting to snooze for a longer period of time come nighttime.
  • If your pup has chronic troubles with restless sleep, use calming supplements to aid their rest through the night.
  • Speak to your vet and see if there’s a deeper source for their trouble sleeping. Just so that you’ve eliminated every possibility.
  • Remember that your dog is likely to mimic your own behaviors. So if you have an interruptive sleep cycle, your canine companion is going to do the same. Figuring out how to minimize interruptions in your own sleep is going to be vital as you get a routine down for your dog.

With the best dog bed, you can combat restless sleep! It’s not just your dog who’s going to be sleeping easy at night: you will be too.  

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