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Discovering the Ideal Dimensions: How Thick is a Bunkie Board?

Discovering the Ideal Dimensions: How Thick is a Bunkie Board?

Discovering the Ideal Dimensions: How Thick is a Bunkie Board?

If you're intrigued by the world of mattress support systems, you might have come across the term "bunkie board." This inconspicuous piece of furniture plays a crucial role in providing adequate support to your mattress, thus enhancing its durability and your comfort. One of the questions that often comes up when discussing bunkie boards is their thickness. Well, let's dive in and unravel this query in our today's blog.

How Thick is a Bunkie Board?

Bunkie boards come in various thicknesses, but the most common is between 1 to 3 inches. The thickness of a bunkie board is an essential factor to consider, as it directly influences the height of your bed and the level of support it offers to your mattress. A thicker board generally provides better reinforcement, but it also elevates your mattress, which may not be ideal if you prefer a lower-profile bed.

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To choose the right thickness, consider the type and size of your mattress, the height of your bed frame, and your personal preference for bed height. Remember, the goal is to extend the life of your mattress and ensure a comfortable sleep, so it's essential to balance these factors.

What is a Bunkie Board Queen?

Now that you understand the thickness of a bunkie board, let's move on to different sizes. A queen size bunkie board is designed to fit a queen-sized mattress, which typically measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

The role of the bunkie board queen is to provide a flat, firm surface beneath the mattress, allowing it to maintain its shape and integrity over time.

How to Make a Queen Size Bunkie Board

Building a queen size bunkie board is a doable task for anyone with some DIY spirit. First, you'll need to acquire a plywood sheet of the right dimensions - 60 inches by 80 inches. This needs to be cut from a thicker plywood, ideally, 1 to 3 inches, to provide the necessary support for your mattress.

Ensure the edges are smooth to avoid any potential damage to your mattress. After cutting, you can opt to cover your board with fabric to create a more pleasing aesthetic and prevent any possible splintering. Voila! You've just created your own queen-size bunkie board.

What is a Bunkie Board King?

Moving up in size, a king bunkie board is designed to match the dimensions of a king-size mattress, typically 76 inches by 80 inches. Like its queen-sized counterpart, it provides a supportive and flat surface for your mattress to lie on.

How to Make a King Size Bunkie Board

Building a king-size bunkie board involves similar steps to the queen-size process but with larger dimensions. You'll need a plywood sheet measuring 76 inches by 80 inches, ideally 1 to 3 inches thick, for the best support.

Once you have the board cut and the edges smoothed, wrap it in a suitable fabric to enhance its aesthetic appeal and protect against possible splinters. With these steps, you've successfully created your own king-size bunkie board.


By understanding the role and importance of a bunkie board, you'll be able to make a more informed decision when looking to enhance your mattress's longevity and improve your overall sleeping experience.

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From determining the thickness to building your own, this guide hopefully sheds some light on how to utilize a bunkie board best. Happy sleeping!

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