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How to Deodorize a Mattress: Freshening Up Your Sleep Space

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 4 min read.
How to Deodorize a Mattress: Freshening Up Your Sleep Space

A fresh, odor-free mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Over time, mattresses can absorb odors from various sources, impacting their freshness.

This comprehensive guide explores methods to deodorize mattresses, ensuring they remain as inviting and comfortable as when they were new, much like maintaining the freshness of Puffy mattresses.

How to Deodorize Mattress

Maintaining a fresh and odor-free mattress is essential for a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment.

Deodorizing Steps:

  • Baking Soda Treatment: Baking soda is a natural odor absorber and is highly effective in neutralizing unpleasant smells. Generously sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress, paying extra attention to areas that might have absorbed more odor. For enhanced effectiveness, let the baking soda sit on the mattress for several hours, preferably overnight, to give it ample time to absorb odors deeply embedded in the mattress fibers.

  • Vacuuming: After the baking soda has had enough time to work, thoroughly vacuum the mattress with an upholstery attachment. This step not only removes the baking soda but also any dust, mites, and other particulates that might be contributing to odors. Ensure you vacuum all crevices, seams, and sides to remove the baking soda completely.

  • Essential Oils: To leave a pleasant and refreshing scent on your mattress, consider using essential oils. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil, to the baking soda before sprinkling it on the mattress. These oils can provide a soothing and calming scent, enhancing the overall freshness of your mattress.

By regularly deodorizing your mattress using these steps, you can ensure it remains fresh, clean, and pleasant to sleep on. This routine maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your mattress and providing a comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment.

This process, similar to the care given to Puffy mattresses, can greatly enhance the overall freshness of your sleep environment.

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How to Deodorize a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses require special attention due to their material composition.

Memory Foam Mattress Deodorizing:

  • Avoid Moisture: Use minimal liquid, as memory foam is sensitive to moisture.
  • Dry Deodorizers: Opt for dry deodorizing agents like baking soda. Spread it evenly over the mattress and let it sit for a few hours.
  • Gentle Vacuuming: Vacuum the mattress carefully to avoid damaging the foam.

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How to Remove Odor from Mattress

Effectively removing odors from a mattress is crucial for maintaining a fresh and inviting sleep environment.

Odor Removal Techniques:

  • Vinegar Solution: Vinegar is a powerful natural deodorizer that can neutralize a wide range of odors. Create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Lightly mist the surface of the mattress with this solution, being careful not to oversaturate it, as excessive moisture can seep into the mattress layers. Allow the mattress to air dry completely. The vinegar smell will dissipate as it dries, taking the unpleasant odors along with it.

  • Enzyme Cleaners: For more stubborn or organic odors like sweat, urine, or pet smells, enzyme-based cleaners are highly effective. These cleaners work by breaking down the odor-causing organic matter. Spray the enzyme cleaner on the affected areas of the mattress and let it sit for the recommended time on the product label, usually a few minutes. Allow the mattress to air dry thoroughly. The enzyme cleaner not only helps to eliminate odors but can also help to break down and remove organic stains.


Deodorizing a mattress is an essential aspect of mattress maintenance. Whether it’s a standard spring mattress or a memory foam one, employing the right deodorizing techniques can make a significant difference in your sleep quality.

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Regularly deodorizing your mattress, much like the care and maintenance for premium mattresses such as Puffy, ensures a clean, hygienic, and fresh sleeping environment.

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