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How To Fix Broken Bed Slats: The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Your Sleep

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
How To Fix Broken Bed Slats: The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Your Sleep

How to Fix Broken Bed Slats

Nothing disrupts a peaceful night's sleep quite like a broken bed slat. Not only can it affect your comfort, but it could also damage your mattress over time. However, with some basic tools and a trip to the hardware store, you can mend broken bed slats. Firstly, measure the broken slat accurately, both in length and width. Next, select a sturdy material, typically wood or metal cut to the measured size. Simply remove the broken slat and replace it with the new one.

How to Fix Bed Slats

Bed slats that are simply sagging or loose may not need complete replacement. If the issue is sagging, adding a center support rail can significantly enhance stability. For loose slats, securing them with screws or brackets can do the trick. Always remember, fixing isn't always about replacement; sometimes, a little tweaking is all you need.

How to Fix Bed Slats That Keep Falling

Bed slats that keep falling can be a nuisance and are often a sign of inadequate support or incorrect sizing. Using slat holders or brackets can secure the slats in place. Alternatively, you can screw the slats directly to the frame, but ensure this doesn't affect the bed's overall flexibility.

How to Fix Bed Frame Slats

For slats that are part of the bed frame itself, repair can be slightly more challenging but not impossible. If the slats are damaged, you might need to cut and fit new ones. If they're loose or falling, adding support with wood blocks or metal brackets can be a smart move.

How to Fix Broken Bed Frame Slats

If bed frame slats have broken, remove the damaged slat first. Then, measure the space and the slat. Get a similar slat, ensure it fits well, and secure it with screws or strong glue. You might also need to add support in the center, especially for larger beds.

How to Fix Wooden Slats on Bed

Fixing wooden slats largely depends on the problem at hand. If the slat is split or cracked, applying a wood adhesive and clamping the slat until it dries can work. If it's broken, replacing it with a new one cut to the correct size is often the best solution.

How to Keep Bed Slats from Falling Out

To keep bed slats from falling out, consider securing them with slat holders, screws, or even strong zip ties. The goal is to prevent them from moving around or slipping out of position.

How to Make Bed Slats Stay in Place

To make bed slats stay in place, screwing them to the frame can be a viable solution. Using adhesive-backed Velcro can also work well by providing friction and preventing slippage.

How to Keep Bed Slats from Sliding

Adhesive grip liners, typically used in drawers or cabinets, can work wonders to prevent bed slats from sliding. Cut and lay them over the slats, then place the mattress on top.

How to Stop Bed Slats from Squeaking

A squeaking bed can be annoying. Often, it's caused by friction between the slats and the frame. Using an old t-shirt or a piece of fabric between the slat and the frame can reduce friction and quiet the squeak.

What to Use Instead of Bed Slats

If bed slats are causing too much trouble, consider alternatives. Bunkie boards provide a solid surface, while box springs offer both support and elevation. A plywood board can also replace slats, providing a sturdy and smooth base for your mattress.


In conclusion, broken or problematic bed slats don't necessarily mean it's time for a new bed. With a bit of handy work, the right tools, and some patience, you can bring your bed back to its former comfort and stability. After all, your bed is your haven for rest and rejuvenation, and it's essential to keep it in the best shape possible. Happy fixing!

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