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How to Fold an Air Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
How to Fold an Air Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

The convenience of an air mattress becomes somewhat less convenient when faced with the task of folding it away. But with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, even this formidable task becomes manageable.

Table of Contents

How to Fold an Air Mattress to Fit in Box

It's not uncommon to want to store your air mattress in its original box. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Deflate Completely: Ensure all air is out by laying on it to push out excess air.
  2. Fold Vertically: For a twin or queen-sized mattress, fold it in half lengthwise.
  3. Fold Horizontally: Start from the foot of the mattress, folding in sections until you reach the top.
  4. Box Ready: Your mattress should now be compact enough to slide into its original box.

How to Fold an Air Mattress with a Built-in Pump

A built-in pump can be a game-changer for inflation but a bit tricky when it comes to folding.

  1. Mind the Pump: Always ensure the pump section is flat and not under pressure when folding.
  2. Use the Length: When folding, use the length of the mattress to your advantage, avoiding putting too much pressure on the pump.
  3. Store Upright: If possible, store the folded mattress so that the pump is on the top, preventing any potential damage.

How to Fold an Air Mattress to Fit in a Bag

Camping trip or a family visit, having your mattress in its travel bag is super handy.

  1. Deflate Thoroughly: As always, begin by ensuring the mattress is fully deflated.
  2. Fold Lengthwise: Fold the mattress in thirds or quarters, depending on its size.
  3. Roll Tightly: Starting from one end, roll the mattress up tightly, pushing out any remaining air.
  4. Bag It: Once rolled, slide it into its bag, ensuring it fits snugly.

How to Fold a Queen Air Mattress

A queen-sized air mattress offers more sleeping space, but folding it can be challenging.

  1. Plenty of Space: Lay the deflated mattress on a flat surface with ample space around.
  2. Halve It: Fold the mattress in half lengthwise, ensuring even alignment.
  3. Fold Again: Depending on its final storage space, you may need to fold it in half again or start rolling.
  4. Roll from Bottom to Top: Ensure you're pushing out any trapped air as you roll.

Best Practices and Tips for Air Mattress Care Post-Folding

  • Storage Conditions Matter: Always store your mattress in a dry, cool place to avoid mold and damage.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Make sure the storage area is free from sharp objects that could puncture the mattress.
  • Regularly Inflate: Even when not in use, inflate the mattress fully every couple of months to check for slow leaks and maintain its shape.

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Conclusion: Ensuring Longevity with Proper Folding

Folding and storing your air mattress properly can significantly extend its lifespan. While it might seem like a daunting task at first, with the right techniques and care, it becomes a breeze. Happy folding and even happier adventures with your trusty air mattress!

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