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How to Get King Mattress Upstairs: A Step-by-Step Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
How to Get King Mattress Upstairs: A Step-by-Step Guide

A king-sized mattress promises unparalleled comfort and luxury. However, the sheer size and bulk of these mattresses can present a logistical challenge, especially when trying to move them upstairs. Whether you’re wrestling with tight staircases or narrow doors, this guide will provide invaluable tips to navigate these obstacles.

Preparing for the Task

Before diving into specific methods, some preliminary preparations can make the process smoother:

  • Assess the Pathway: Check for any tight turns, narrow doorways, or obstructions.
  • Measure: Ensure your mattress dimensions align with the available space.
  • Seek Assistance: It’s a two-person (or more) job. Never attempt it alone.

How to Get a King Mattress Up Tight Stairs

Tight staircases are among the most challenging obstacles. Here’s how you can navigate them with your king mattress:

  1. Position Vertically: Start by placing the mattress in a vertical position.
  2. Fold Slightly: Bend the mattress just a little (only if it’s not a memory foam or latex one).
  3. One Person Above, One Below: One person should be pulling from the top while the other pushes from below.
  4. Use Sliders or Blankets: Place sliders or old blankets beneath the mattress to reduce friction and avoid damaging the mattress or stairs.

How to Get a Super King Mattress Up Tight Stairs

The super king, with its added dimensions, demands extra caution:

  1. Consider Removing Beddings: Strip the mattress of any toppers or covers.
  2. Use Mattress Carrying Straps: These can help distribute the mattress’s weight more evenly.
  3. Move Slowly: Given its size, any rush can lead to damages or injuries.
  4. Communicate: Ensure clear communication between the person at the top and the one below.

How to Get a King Mattress Through a Door

Doors can be deceptively challenging. Here’s a strategy:

  1. Position the Mattress Vertically: Much like the approach with stairs, this offers better maneuverability.
  2. Angle the Mattress: Try to fit one corner in first and then pivot the mattress through.
  3. Remove Door if Necessary: If there’s still not enough space, consider temporarily taking the door off its hinges.

Essential Equipment and Tools

Having the right equipment can significantly ease the process:

  • Mattress Sliders: Helps move the mattress smoothly without causing wear.
  • Carrying Straps: Provides a better grip and helps distribute weight.
  • Old Blankets: Useful for both protection and to help slide the mattress.

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Possible Challenges and Their Solutions

In the process of moving a king mattress upstairs, you might encounter some challenges:

  • Stuck Mattress: If the mattress gets stuck, don’t force it. Assess the situation, adjust the angle, and try again.
  • Damage to Walls or Mattress: Use protective wraps around the mattress and cover wall edges with soft materials.
  • Physical Strain: Take breaks when needed and always maintain a proper posture to avoid back strain.


  1. Can all king mattresses be folded slightly for easier navigation? No, memory foam and latex mattresses shouldn’t be folded as it can damage their structure.
  2. Is it better to hire professionals for moving a king mattress? If you’re unsure or uncomfortable, hiring professionals can be a safer choice, ensuring both your safety and the safety of your mattress.


Moving a king or super king mattress upstairs, especially through tight spaces, can be a daunting task. However, with the right preparations, tools, and techniques, it’s entirely manageable.

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Remember, safety first! Ensuring that you’re not straining yourself and that the mattress isn’t at risk of damage is paramount. With this guide in hand, you’re well-equipped to make that king mattress a crowning jewel of your upper-floor bedroom.

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