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How to Make Bassinet Sheets at Home: Crafting Comfort

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 2 min read.
How to Make Bassinet Sheets at Home: Crafting Comfort

How to Make Bassinet Sheets

As an expecting or new parent, you might find yourself yearning to add a personal touch to your newborn's belongings. One such way is by crafting your bassinet sheets. Not only can this save you money, but it also allows for complete personalization to match your baby's nursery decor.

To begin, you'll need a fabric of your choice (preferably cotton or bamboo for softness and breathability), scissors, thread, a sewing machine, and elastic. The size of your fabric will depend on your bassinet's size, typically around 16" x 32". Cut the fabric 6 inches larger on all sides than the mattress's size to allow for hems and corners.

Next, fold and pin a half-inch hem on all sides, sewing it in place. Cut four 6" pieces of elastic. Attach one end of the elastic to the corner of the sheet on the wrong side, stretch it along the edge, and secure the other end at the same corner. Repeat for all four corners. The elastic will help the sheet to fit snugly onto the mattress.

How to Make Bassinet Fitted Sheets

Making fitted sheets for your bassinet involves a few extra steps to ensure a secure fit. For this, you'll need to cut out a square from each corner of the fabric, about the height of the bassinet mattress plus one inch.

Once you've cut out the squares, bring the two sides of the cut-out corner together, right sides facing each other, and stitch along the edge. This will create a 'pocket' that allows the sheet to fit neatly around each corner of the mattress.

Once the corners are sewn, you can proceed with hemming the edges and attaching the elastic as previously explained. Remember to ensure the elastic is securely stitched, as this is what keeps the sheet fitted on the mattress.

How to Make Oval Bassinet Sheets

Making sheets for an oval bassinet can be slightly more challenging due to the non-angular shape. You'll need a paper pattern of the bassinet mattress's size to start. You can make this by tracing the bassinet mattress on a large piece of paper and then adding an allowance for the sides and a hem.

Once you have the pattern, pin it onto the fabric, cut the fabric according to the pattern, and proceed to hem the edges. Instead of attaching the elastic at the corners, you'll sew it all around the edge, stretching it as you sew to ensure the sheet fits snuggly onto the oval mattress.

While this might be a bit more difficult, the outcome of a perfect fit on an oval bassinet mattress is highly satisfying.


Crafting your bassinet sheets is a heartfelt project that can be as rewarding as it is beneficial. Not only does it provide a cost-effective solution to stocking up on bassinet sheets, but it also allows you to put your personal touch on your newborn's essentials. Whether you're an expert with a sewing machine or a beginner just starting, this project is a great way to prepare for your little one's arrival. Happy sewing!

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