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How Weighted Blankets Help Bedtime Anxiety

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How Weighted Blankets Help Bedtime Anxiety

Weighted blankets are enjoying their time in the limelight right now, and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade your bedroom, struggle with a consistent sleep cycle, or looking to optimize your current sleep cycle, weighted blankets stand to benefit most people with their sleep hygiene.

Perhaps the most popular application of the weighted blanket, however, is with those who struggle to get to sleep as a result of pre-bedtime anxiety.

Stressors in our daily life can impede a good night’s rest, causing us to deal with them poorly because of a lack of sleep. It’s a vicious cycle that needs interrupting - here’s where  the Puffy Weighted Blanket for you can come in to help.

The Rise of Blankets as a Tool for Anxiety

Weighted blankets were originally conceptualized with the intent of helping children with autism get to sleep quicker. Soon enough, studies began to indicate weighted blanket benefits didn’t apply to children alone - they helped anyone looking for an improvement in their sleep pattern.

The feeling weighted blankets replicated, that of being embraced and swaddled, promoted a restful and protected feeling in adults too. Pretty soon, sleep experts perfected the production of the weighted blanket.

Puffy Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets work on a principle known as gentle pressure stimulation - when an even amount of weight is distributed across the body, it causes a physiological response that is calming and can even boost serotonin. This, in turn, primes your body for a state of sleep.

The reason these blankets are so popular amongst those who just can’t seem to switch their brain off before bedtime is because it encourages on a physical level for the brain to relax. That’s some pretty handy science.

Selecting the Best Blanket for You

All you need is some time and a quick browse on the internet to stumble upon the vast majority of options that are available for purchase online.

From cool weighted blankets, which help with temperature regulation and are especially useful for sleepers who struggle to get comfortable during bedtime, to hypoallergenic ones that are handy for those of us predisposed to the sniffles, there’s something for everyone.

Remove pre-bedtime anxiety with Puffy Weighted Blanket

It’s recommended that the best weighted blanket varies from person to person also due to their weight. Try purchasing a weighted blanket that lands around 10% of your actual body weight for the optimum level of sleep.

Another way to ensure you’re finding the best weighted blanket for you is by finding one that’s been engineered by experts in sleep. When it comes to finding a weighted blanket you trust, you’ll feel better knowing yours has been designed with better sleep as it’s top function.

For instance, how many people exactly recommend the blanket in question? Another useful tip is to do a deep dive of the company making your blanket - are they top-rated in other sleep products as well?


Usually, a company that produces multiple sleep products are likely to have understood the science of sleep, as well as engineered their products to work in conjunction with other sleep accessories so you’re really achieving the optimum sleeping experience.

Take Puffy’s newly released weighted blanket, for example. With two weight options and a plush mink cover, the weighted blanket provides a great option for use in the bedroom, living room, and even quick couch naps. 

Other Top Tips to Help Bedtime Anxiety

Whether or not you’ve made your mind up about the myriad of weighted blanket benefits discussed on the internet, there are plenty of ways to combat bedtime anxiety. Enjoying a good night’s sleep is paramount to your wellbeing, and no one should have to stay tossing and turning at night.

Nailing down a night routine that calms you down and works to prep your body for much-needed restoration time is the key to warding off night-time overthinking. Having a hot cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, lighting up some lavender scented candles, and keeping your phone away before bedtime can all help get you to sleep quickly and efficiently.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

The best weighted blankets can vary according to your individual requirements, but generally speaking, you want a blanket that doesn’t weigh you down uncomfortably, is easy to maintain, and can help you access deep, undisturbed sleep.

Curious to try? Our 101-night sleep trial allows you to test it out - find out now.

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