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The Definitive Guide to RV Queen Mattress Size

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 4 min read.
The Definitive Guide to RV Queen Mattress Size

When it comes to RV travel, comfort is key, and at the heart of that comfort lies your mattress. This comprehensive guide dives into the intricacies of RV queen mattress sizes, comparing them with regular queen mattresses and discussing why size matters in the confined space of an RV.

Table of Contents

What is an RV Queen Mattress?

Simply put, an RV queen mattress is a sleeping pad designed specifically to fit within the limited dimensions of a recreational vehicle (RV). But it’s more than just a sleeping solution - it’s about optimizing comfort within the spatial constraints of mobile living.

Key Features

  • Customized Fit: Unlike standard mattresses, RV mattresses are designed to accommodate the unique spaces of various RV models.
  • Space-Saving: Often lighter and sometimes more compact than regular mattresses, RV queen mattresses serve the dual purpose of comfort and practicality.

RV Queen Mattress Dimensions

The standard dimensions of an RV queen mattress are 60 inches in width and approximately 74-75 inches in length. These dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the specific type of RV.

Dimensions Table

Type of RV Queen Mattress Width (in inches) Length (in inches)
Standard RV Queen 60 74-75
Short RV Queen 60 70-72

RV Queen Mattress Size vs Regular Queen Mattress

When compared to a standard queen mattress, which typically measures 60 inches by 80 inches, an RV queen is nearly identical in width but often slightly shorter in length. This reduction in length can make a substantial difference in an RV where space is at a premium.

Key Differences

  1. Length: A standard queen is generally 5-6 inches longer.
  2. Space Optimization: The RV queen is designed to fit snugly into the confined space of an RV.
  3. Cost: RV queen mattresses are often less expensive due to reduced material usage.

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Why Does Size Matter?

Size is more than a matter of personal comfort - it also plays a pivotal role in the efficient utilization of limited RV space. A mattress that’s too large can encroach upon living areas, whereas a smaller mattress may not offer the comfort and support necessary for quality sleep.


  • Ease of Movement: A well-sized mattress leaves enough room for free movement inside the RV.
  • Storage: A smaller mattress might offer additional under-bed storage options.
  • Comfort: Sacrificing size could mean compromising on the quality of sleep.

Types of RV Queen Mattresses

RV queen mattresses come in various types, each with its own pros and cons.

Types of Mattresses

  1. Innerspring: Traditional and affordable but can be heavy and less comfortable.
  2. Memory Foam: Offers excellent comfort but may require a well-ventilated RV due to heat retention.
  3. Latex: Hypoallergenic and comfortable but can be pricey.
  4. Hybrid: Combines innerspring and foam, providing a balance of comfort and support.

What to Look For When Buying an RV Queen Mattress

Selecting the right RV queen mattress requires attention to various factors beyond just size.


  • Measurements: Ensure the mattress fits your RV dimensions.
  • Material: Choose the type that best suits your comfort and health needs.
  • Budget: Prices can vary significantly; set a budget beforehand.
  • Warranty: Look for products with a good warranty and return policy.


Choosing the right RV queen mattress size is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable RV living experience. Whether you are a casual traveler or live in your RV full-time, understanding the dimensions and types of RV queen mattresses available can make all the difference in your home away from home.

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With this guide, you are now equipped to make an informed decision about the RV queen mattress that’s perfect for you.

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