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Size of Fitted Crib Sheets: A Guide to the Perfect Fit

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
Size of Fitted Crib Sheets: A Guide to the Perfect Fit

Size of Fitted Crib Sheets

When it comes to your little one’s sleep environment, comfort and safety should be your top priorities. A significant factor in ensuring these elements is understanding the right size of fitted crib sheets.

The standard size for a fitted crib sheet is 28 inches by 52 inches, fitting a mattress of the same dimensions. This size is made to snugly fit a standard crib mattress, which is typically 6 inches thick. The aim is to create a secure, wrinkle-free surface for your baby to sleep on.

However, the market is diverse, and there are a variety of crib and crib sheet sizes to cater to different needs. Here's a more detailed look at some of the commonly found sizes:

  • Standard crib sheets: As mentioned before, these are made to fit a standard crib mattress, which is 28 x 52 inches. The fitted sheet is designed with enough depth to accommodate mattresses typically 4 to 6 inches thick, with some room to spare for a secure tuck under the mattress.
  • Mini crib sheets: Mini cribs are an attractive option for those with less space or for easier portability. Mini crib mattresses usually measure 24 x 38 inches and are about 3 to 5 inches thick. Correspondingly, mini crib sheets are designed to fit these dimensions.
  • Portable or pack 'n play crib sheets: These cribs are designed for travel or easy movement around the home. They often come with a thinner, foldable mattress that measures around 25.5 x 37.5 inches. Fitted sheets for these types of cribs must be chosen to match these specific dimensions.
  • Specialty crib sheets: Some cribs have unique shapes like oval or round, and require specially designed fitted sheets. Sizes can greatly vary in this case, so it's important to carefully check the measurements before purchasing.

It's crucial to remember that a well-fitting crib sheet is not just about the right width and length. It's also about the right depth or 'pocket size' to cover the mattress's thickness. It's always wise to measure your mattress dimensions before making a purchase to ensure a snug, safe fit.

Why Size Matters

The importance of the size of fitted crib sheets cannot be overstated for the following reasons:

  • Safety: Ill-fitting sheets can pose safety hazards. Sheets that are too small may snap off, while those too large can create folds or lumps that can potentially suffocate or cause discomfort to your baby.
  • Comfort: A well-fitted sheet ensures that your baby has a smooth and comfortable surface to sleep on. It reduces the risk of your baby sleeping on wrinkles, which can cause discomfort or disturbances in their sleep.
  • Aesthetics: When your crib sheet fits perfectly, it lends a neater, more appealing look to your nursery.

Selecting the Right Size

When shopping for crib sheets, you may encounter options like mini crib sheets or pack 'n play sheets. Mini crib sheets are typically 24 inches by 38 inches, designed for smaller, space-saving cribs. Pack 'n play sheets are designed for portable cribs or play yards, which usually measure 27 inches by 39 inches.

Therefore, always measure your crib mattress before buying a sheet. Most crib mattresses and sheets are made in standard sizes, but exceptions exist. Some crib mattresses may be slightly thicker or thinner than others, and you'll want to ensure the crib sheet is capable of accommodating the thickness in addition to the length and width.

Fitted vs. Flat Sheets

When it comes to crib sheets, fitted sheets are often recommended over flat sheets. Here's why:

  • Safety: Fitted sheets have elastic corners that secure the sheet to the mattress. This prevents the sheet from coming loose and posing a suffocation risk.
  • Ease of Use:With elasticized corners, fitting the sheet onto the mattress is straightforward and quick.
  • Neat Appearance: Fitted sheets stay in place, making the crib look tidy and well put together.


To conclude, ensuring the right size of fitted crib sheets is paramount in making your baby's sleep environment safe and comfortable. Always measure your mattress before making a purchase and opt for fitted crib sheets over flat ones. Your baby's safety and comfort are worth the extra steps taken.

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