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Standard Mattress Sizes: Your Complete Guide Across Different Regions

Standard Mattress Sizes: Your Complete Guide Across Different Regions

Standard Mattress Sizes: Your Complete Guide Across Different Regions

Whether you are moving to a new country and preparing to set up a new bedroom, or you’re just enthusiastic about mattresses like us - here’s a breakdown of all international mattress sizes.

Mattresses are truly a global innovation. Different regions have very specific mattress sizes, which is often baffling since sleep is something we all do. The reason why mattress sizes vary between countries is because, historically, different cultures have had very unique ways of sleeping.

The term mattress originates from the Arabic, 'Matrah,' which translates to a 'place where something is thrown down.' Europeans took this concept of the 'Matrah' and added cushions. American’s transformed mattress innovation with innersprings.

Today, all types of beds including memory foam mattresses, hybrids, and innersprings can be purchased in all regions - however, mattress sizes vary in different countries. Size is crucial when you are looking for the most comfortable mattress. When you’re shopping, this international mattress size guide will help you select the perfect mattress wherever you are in the world.

US & Canada Mattress Sizes

Mattress sizes in the US and Canada are the same, which is good news if you are moving between the two countries. Sleepers in this part of the world have a choice between six mattress sizes: twin size, twin XL, full size, queen size, king size, and cal-king size.

One of the most common points of confusion when it comes to mattress sizes in the US and Canada is identifying the difference between a twin size mattress and a twin XL size mattress. Twin XL mattresses are exactly the same width as twin mattresses, except they are 5 inches longer. Twin XL’s are better for tall single sleepers. Fun fact: if you put two twin XL mattresses side-by-side you will have a king size mattress!

King mattresses and California king mattress sizes are also commonly confused. A king mattress has the same surface area as a California king mattress, except a cal-king has 4 inches less width and 4 inches more length. A cal-king mattress is better for couples who prefer a longer mattress. Cal-king mattresses are the longest standard mattress size you can buy in the US and Canadian markets.

See a comprehensive breakdown of US and Canada mattress sizes below.

US & Canada Mattress Sizes | Puffy

UK Mattress Sizes

As you’ll see, standard mattress sizes are quite different in the UK compared to the US and Canada. In various countries in Europe, standard mattresses sizes can vary so the chart below also includes UK and EU standard sizes.

The smallest standard mattress size in the UK is a single. The UK single and EU single isn’t the same - which seems unnecessarily confusing. EU singles are around 4 inches longer than standard UK singles. The double mattress size in the UK is similar to a full size mattress in the US - it’s just 1 inch shorter in width.

The biggest mattress you can buy in the UK is a super king which is 71 inches wide and 79 inches long.

See a comprehensive breakdown of UK sizes below.

United Kingdom Mattress Sizes

Australian Mattress Sizes

Down-under mattress sizes are quite similar to UK sizes. Australian mattress sizes are slightly more simplified compared to other parts of the world.

Sleepers can choose from a single, king single (similar to a twin XL), double, queen, and king size. The most popular mattress size in Australia is a queen size mattress.

Australian Mattress Sizes | Puffy

Why Is It Important To Know Standard Mattress Sizes?

Selecting the right size of mattress is just as important as the type of mattress you choose to buy. Whether you are in the market for a memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress, a cloud mattress, or a traditional innerspring - it’s important you work out the dimension of your bedroom so you can get a size that won’t make your space feel too cramped.

Another key considerations when picking the size of your next bed is how much room you need to get the most relaxing sleep possible. Couples who like space should try to avoid sleeping on a full size. Full size mattress dimensions are 54" x 75” - that means couples who share a full bed have about 27 inches of space each which is a tight fit for most adults.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Most parents who are buying a new mattress for kids struggle to decide whether twin size mattress dimensions will accommodate a growth spurt. In most cases, kids approaching their teens will benefit from a twin XL mattress. Twin XL’s are longer than standard twins are they are often a better option to help avoid feet from hanging off the end of the bed.

Ready For An Upgrade?

So you’ve got your eyes set on the perfect mattress size, what’s next? Head over to our mattress comparison guide to select the best mattress for your sleeping style. There’s a Puffy Mattress to suit any type of sleeper.

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