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The Ultimate Guide to Thick Futon Mattress

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
The Ultimate Guide to Thick Futon Mattress

When we talk about futon mattresses, thickness doesn't always come first to mind. We often focus on the material, the durability, or even the price. But as someone who's spent countless nights on futons of varying thickness, let me tell you: Thickness matters. This article will deep-dive into the often-overlooked aspect of futon mattresses - how thick they are and why it's crucial.

Table of Contents

How Thick is a Futon Mattress?

Futon mattresses come in various thickness levels, typically ranging from 4 inches to over 12 inches. The spectrum can be broken down as follows:

  • 4-6 inches: These are the basic models. They are easy to fold but may lack in the comfort department.
  • 8-10 inches: A balanced choice, providing both comfort and flexibility.
  • Over 10 inches: These are the deluxe options. High on comfort but often more difficult to fold and store.

So, when you ask how thick a futon mattress is, there's no single answer. The thickness you encounter will depend on the brand, the materials, and, crucially, what the manufacturer thinks you want from your futon experience.

How Thick Should a Futon Mattress Be?

The ideal thickness of a futon mattress depends on how you plan to use it. Here's a quick guide:

  • Daily Use: If you're using the futon as your primary bed, don't settle for anything less than 8 inches.
  • Guest Room or Occasional Use: 6-8 inches should suffice.
  • Kids or Temporary Arrangements: 4-6 inches will do the trick but don't expect a luxurious feel.

The key takeaway here is that more frequent use generally calls for a thicker mattress to maintain comfort and durability.

The Pros and Cons of a Thick Futon Mattress


  • Superior Comfort: More material usually means a cushier sleeping or sitting experience.
  • Durability: Thicker mattresses often last longer, as there's more material to withstand wear and tear.
  • Sound Sleep: A thicker futon can offer better isolation from movement, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.


  • Price: A thicker mattress often comes at a higher cost.
  • Mobility: These mattresses are heavier and can be challenging to move or fold.
  • Space: A thicker futon may require more room, which could be a problem in smaller living spaces.

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What Are the Materials Used in Thick Futon Mattresses?

Different materials can affect not just the comfort level but also the perceived and actual thickness of the futon mattress. Let's take a look:

  • Cotton and Foam: A common combination for thick futons, offering a balance between comfort and firmness.
  • Memory Foam: Excellent for those looking for conforming support.
  • Innerspring Coils: These can make a futon mattress quite thick and are often used for futons intended for daily sleeping.
  • Latex: Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, latex can add considerable thickness to a futon mattress.

Remember that the material will also affect how the mattress feels, not just how thick it appears to be.

Final Thoughts: Is a Thick Futon Mattress Right for You?

A thick futon mattress isn't for everyone. If you have limited space, or if you'll be folding and unfolding your futon regularly, a thick mattress might not be practical. However, if comfort and durability are high on your list of needs, you'll likely benefit from going for a thicker option.

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So, the next time you find yourself mattress shopping, consider the thickness. It might just be the factor that elevates your futon from a mere piece of furniture to a sanctuary of comfort.

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