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Weighted Blankets & How They Can Help You Sleep Better

Weighted Blankets & How They Can Help You Sleep Better

The Comprehensive Guide To Weighted Blankets and How To Pick One

Weighted blankets have risen in popularity amongst people who have trouble sleeping due to problems with sleep anxiety and stress.

Researchers who study the positive impact of a weighted blanket suggest that it can have a positive impact on those who deal with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, making them a really versatile sleeping tool, and a truly comforting one.

So how do weighted blankets work, and how do you know if it’s time to get one for your own sleep cycle?

Here’s everything you need to know about these handy blankets, from the best weight for you, to whether or not they’re actually going to make an impact on your sleep cycle.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Simply put, weighted blankets are a type of blanket that utilizes a therapeutic technique known as deep pressure stimulation to help naturally calm the nervous system.

Weighted blankets can be anywhere between five to thirty pounds, and tend to be filled with weighted material such as glass or plastic beads, that are then able to distribute an even amount of pressure across the body during sleep.

Many describe the sensation of using a weighted blanket as similar to being hugged or swaddled, which is why they tend to have such a naturally calming effect on the body.

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Who Should Use Weighted Blankets?

Who Should Use Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are most popular amongst those who struggle with anxiety on a regular basis. If you constantly struggle with sleep anxiety, restlessness, or interruptive sleep, then a weighted blanket has a lot of potential to resolve those issues. If you’re a cuddler, you’re also just going to love the comfort and warmth weighted blankets add to a night’s sleep.

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, a group of anxious sleepers were asked to trial these blankets and see if that made an impact on the quality of their rest. What they found was 33% of participants felt a reduction in anxiety after using them.

They have been shown to have similarly positive impacts on children with autism, for whom trouble sleeping is a very early symptom, as well as people who struggle with ADHD. In one 2014 study, parents of children with autism reported a visible benefit to the integration of the blankets in their sleep routines.

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Weighted Blanket Benefits You May Not Know

Weighted Blanket Benefits You May Not Know

Better sleep isn’t the only thing a weighted blanket benefits. Using them has also been shown to naturally increase the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that has a calming effect and can also help with mood regulation.

The feeling of being hugged also naturally boosts something known as oxytocin, which is a natural pain and stress reliever that also helps improve your immune system. Who knew a simple blanket could have such a profound impact?

Coupled with a great foam mattress, daily meditative practice, and other healthy sleep hygiene habits, these blankets can make a big difference in helping you secure a great night’s sleep. The ideal weight for one of these blankets is subjective to your own body weight - target a blanket that comes in at about 5 to 10% of your own.

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