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The Bed's Unsung Hero: What Does a Box Spring Do?

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The Bed's Unsung Hero: What Does a Box Spring Do?

What Does a Box Spring Do?

Often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood, the box spring is a crucial part of any traditional bedding setup. But what does a box spring do? At its core, the box spring is a supportive structure that props up your mattress, providing it with a sturdy base.

It comprises a wooden frame, covered in cloth, housing a set of interior metal springs. These springs absorb the shock and weight from the sleepers and the mattress, reducing wear and tear on the mattress and extending its lifespan. Moreover, a box spring raises the mattress to a more accessible height, making getting in and out of bed much easier.

What is a Box Spring For?

The primary function of a box spring is to provide support for your mattress. However, it also serves a few other important purposes. The springs inside absorb the shock of movement, which can help to limit motion transfer and provide a more restful night's sleep, especially for partners sharing a bed. The added height from a box spring can also be beneficial for people with mobility issues or simply those who prefer a higher bed.

What is a Box Spring Used For?

The box spring is used as a supportive base for a mattress. It helps to evenly distribute the weight across the bed, preventing sagging in the mattress and ensuring that the sleeper gets a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Moreover, the box spring absorbs the impact of the sleeper's movements, which can reduce the wear and tear on the mattress, extending its life.

Why Do You Need a Box Spring?

The need for a box spring largely depends on your mattress type and bed frame. Traditional innerspring mattresses usually require a box spring for optimal support and durability. It helps to absorb shock, reducing strain on the mattress's coils, and provides a flat, firm structure that can prevent the mattress from sagging over time. On the other hand, memory foam and latex mattresses often do not require a box spring and can be placed on a solid, flat platform.

When Do You Need a Box Spring?

Whether or not you need a box spring depends on a few factors. If you have a traditional metal bed frame, you likely need a box spring to provide a flat and firm surface for your mattress. However, if you have a platform bed, you might not need a box spring. Platform beds have a built-in foundation that provides the necessary support for a mattress. You might also opt for a box spring for aesthetic reasons - a box spring can raise the height of your bed, which some people prefer.


A box spring plays a fundamental role in a traditional bed setup. From supporting your mattress to absorbing shock and adding height to your bed, the box spring is an essential but often overlooked component of a good night's sleep.

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Understanding its role can help you make informed decisions about your bedding setup and ultimately improve your sleep quality.

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