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What Is A Hybrid Mattress? The Comprehensive Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 11 min read.
What Is A Hybrid Mattress? The Comprehensive Guide

Hybrid mattresses are one of the newest types of mattresses to surge in popularity in the US. Though they’ve been around for a while, their unique combination of memory foam and coil allows them to borrow some of the best features of other mattress types, resulting in extra comfy sleep.

Choosing a mattress is the first step to getting your sleep routine right, so it’s important to do your research to pick the best mattress for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about the hybrid mattress, from how it gets put together, to the real difference between innerspring, latex, and memory foam models.

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress can be defined as a cross between an innerspring and memory foam mattress. Most hybrid mattresses contain a layer of memory foam, as well as a layer of innerspring coils.

This helps to provide the structure and bounce of traditional, innerspring mattresses, along with the contouring and softness of memory foam. There are many variations of a hybrid mattress, and some can combine innerspring with other kinds of foam or latex.

What is a hybrid mattress going to do for your sleep, and how do you know if they’re the best choice for you? To answer these questions, it’s important to get to know this popular mattress type better.

How Are Hybrid Mattresses Made?

The construction of this mattress type can vary depending on where you buy it. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to see some version of the following layers:

  • Base: The base layer of a hybrid mattress is most usually made of foam, though some companies might opt to use latex, or an alternate material. This is the layer that ensures there is sufficient padding as well as stability, so it’s especially important you invest in a product you know uses high-quality materials in their production.
  • Support: The support layer, or core support structure, of your hybrid bed contains pocket coils, which might be individually wrapped in fabric, or even surrounded by foam to help reduce motion transfer. It is helpful to note that these coils are often encased in the base layer.
  • Top: The topmost layer of most hybrid beds tend to contain two additional inches of memory foam or latex, adding to the comfort and body-contouring properties of your mattress. This is the layer that adds plushness to your bed, and like the other components of your mattress, it’s important that you’re able to invest in one with premium-feeling materials.

Additionally, it is important to look into whether your mattress comes with a cover or not. Stain-resistant and hypoallergenic covers can be especially handy for people with families or pets who are accident-prone, making maintenance and ease of care as simple as possible.

What Does A Hybrid Mattress Feel Like?

What Does A Hybrid Mattress Feel Like?

The best way to describe the feel of a hybrid mattress is to think of it as a combination of your favorite spring and cushion-soft mattresses. Hybrids combine the luxurious feel of a hotel stay with more practical support, ensuring your sleep is both cozy and restorative. The combination of foam and coils ensure all hybrid mattresses have a plush, inviting feel.

There are a wide range of hybrid mattresses on the market to cater to every type of sleeper. From medium-soft to medium-firm, it’s best to select a bed you know will help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Who Sleeps Best On Hybrid Mattresses?

Not sure if a hybrid bed is going to work for you? One of the most important pros of this kind of bed is that they are extremely versatile, with a medium-firm feel that benefits a wide range of sleepers.

Here are a few sleepers who might benefit from a hybrid mattress:

  • Stuffy Sleepers: If you struggle with night sweats, a hybrid bed can be a great choice for advanced airflow and cooling. This is thanks to the support layer, which allows air to circulate freely in your mattress, making for a more breathable product.
  • Combination Sleepers: Whether you’re a stomach, side, or back sleeper, most hybrid beds are going to be able to cater to your needs. Thanks to the combination of both support and comfort present in these mattresses, hybrids make a great choice for those who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. Something to keep in mind if you’re a stomach sleeper, however, is to check on the firmness of your bed, so that your body remains properly aligned in your sleep.
  • Couples: If you share your bed with a partner or spouse, hybrid mattresses make a great choice for your comfort. Most come with motion-transfer properties that ensure you’re not waking your partner up as you toss and turn, which can be helpful if one of you prefers to sleep in a little longer than the other.
  • Heavy Sleepers: Finally, if you’re a heavier sleeper, you’ll benefit from the added support of a hybrid mattress, while still getting to benefit from the comfort of foam. Hybrid mattresses ensure you don’t sink into your mattress as much as you might from a more traditional foam option.

Other Popular Mattress Types

Popular Mattress Types

While hybrid mattresses have become increasingly popular for sleepers who want high-quality, versatile sleep, other mattress types have been around the market for far longer. Here are some of the most popular mattress types you’ll find on the market today.

Innerspring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is made out of layers of connected coil, and is one of the oldest types of beds still around today. Innerspring mattresses first found popularity in the 1930s, when they began to be mass-produced to replace traditional wool and hay.

There are two types of innerspring mattresses, and the difference usually lies in the type of coil being utilized. Some innerspring mattresses have pocket coils, while others have open ones, which are continuously connected and then layered with wool or cotton to provide a mattress with good bounce and edge support.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Compared to its innerspring counterpart, memory foam mattress is a far more recent invention. Formulated by NASA in the 1960s, it has become popular thanks to its contouring properties, which were found to support the body and offset pressure in ideal ways during sleep.

Memory foam has many other applications and is used in wheelchair seat cushions, pillows, and other pressure-relieving products for people who deal with chronic pain. This is also why sleepers with chronic back pain are often recommended memory foam since they can help reduce pressure and ensure restorative and healthy sleep.

Hybrids are also useful in offsetting pressure from various points in the body, thanks to the presence of foam.

Latex Mattresses

Unlike memory foam, latex is not synthetic - instead, it is derived from natural rubber. It began to be used in the mattress industry around the early 1900s and offers a similar amount of pressure relief to memory foam mattresses.

One of the main reasons latex mattresses are less well known than their other counterparts comes down to their high price. They are an eco-friendly option since rubber trees actually convert large amounts of carbon dioxide into oxygen every year.

What Are The Differences Between Hybrid, Innerspring, and Memory Foam Mattresses?

Trying to pick between hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam beds? The differences might make or break your decision. Here’s a helpful overview of everything you need to know:


  Hybrid  Innerspring Memory Foam 
Firmness Medium-soft to firm  Medium to firm Base layers of stabilizing foam 
Support Uses pocketed coils Uses connected coils - bonnel, offset, or continuous Soft to medium-firm 
Comfort Foam or latex top layer Cotton, foam, or latex top layers Foam top layer, mattress cover
Temperature Coil layer ensures airflow and breathability Ultra-cool, with less heat retention Prone to heat-retention
Motion-Isolation Foam layer ensures motion-isolation Higher bounce levels cause motion-sensitivity Foam layer ensures motion-isolation 

Hybrid Mattress Pros

So what is a hybrid mattress going to give you that’s unique to other kinds of beds? Here’s a look at the pros of purchasing one of these beds:

  • Additional Cooling: The ventilation present in a hybrid mattress makes it the perfect choice for stuffy sleepers who want a good night’s sleep. The additional foam layers of the hybrid make its cooling features adaptable, and prevent the need for additional comforters in the colder months.
  • Superior Motion-Isolation: For couples who share their bed, the motion-isolating properties of a hybrid mattress are hard to compete with. Motion isolation is also useful if you are a light sleeper, or share your bed with a pet, by allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted period of sleep.
  • Added Comfort: The presence of both coil and foam in these beds ensure that you truly get the best of both worlds when it comes to a comfortable mattress. For a balanced approach to comfort, hybrid mattresses are your best bet. Different firmness levels also ensure you can find a custom fit for your comfort.
  • Ease Of Care: A significant advantage to hybrid mattresses comes in the form of their ease of maintenance. Unlike spring beds, you do not have to flip the mattress, while the presence of coils ensures your mattress maintains structural integrity for a long time.

Hybrid Mattress Cons

Though hybrid beds can be extremely versatile, there are a couple of things worth keeping in mind before you make the investment:

  • Potentially High Costs: If you’re on a budget, it can be a little bit of a challenge to find a high-quality hybrid that works for you. If you’re concerned about the value of your mattress, a good way to assess whether your purchase is worth it is by thinking about their warranty and taking a look at their reviews.
  • Heavier Weight: Since they tend to have more layers and include both foam and spring, hybrid mattresses tend to be heavier than their foam counterparts. This is less of a problem with bed-in-a-box companies since you can expect your mattress to be compressed and easy to handle.
  • Adjustment Period: Sleepers who aren’t used to the feel of a hybrid mattress might find it more challenging to get adjusted to their new beds. This is why it’s especially important to invest in a bed that gives you time to try out their product. All Puffy products come with a 101-Night Trial, giving you more than three months to toss, turn, and test whether their product is right for you.

The Puffy Hybrid Mattresses

Puffy has two of our best-selling mattresses in a hybrid option, for sleepers who want a little added support. These include:

  • The Puffy Lux Hybrid: With six distinct layers, a contour-adapt coil base, and a removable, stain-proof cover that makes your bed totally accident-proof, the Puffy Lux Hybrid is perfect for big families who need cool, comforting sleep. Contouring Dual Cloud Foam minimizes strain from the body, making it a great choice if you’re on your feet all day, or simply need something to help alleviate back and joint pains.
  • The Puffy Royal Hybrid: For sleepers who need luxurious comfort every night, the Puffy Royal Hybrid is seven layers of total bliss. Infused cooling beads in the top layer minimize heat retention as you’re sleeping, while multi-directional cloud air technology ensures you get customized support for every zone of your body. The Puffy Royal Hybrid is perfect for sleepers who need cool, cozy sleep. A plush top ensures you’re going to stay cradled and supported, all night long.

All Puffy mattresses are made in the USA, which is why you can feel at ease about our transparent production processes. With independently certified materials and a warranty that covers you for as long as you own a Puffy, these are mattresses made with their sleeper in mind.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new mattress to hit the reset button on your bedroom, or you’d like to try troubleshooting some chronic pain, a hybrid mattress is a great, versatile option for the job.

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