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Unveiling the Comfort and Grandeur of an Alaskan King Bed

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
Unveiling the Comfort and Grandeur of an Alaskan King Bed

Alaskan King Size Bed: A Royal Upgrade for Your Bedroom

In the realm of sleep and relaxation, size truly does matter. Those who've experienced the comfort of a king-sized bed know there's something incredibly satisfying about sprawling out on a plush mattress, a sea of sheets and blankets around them. But have you ever heard of the Alaskan King Bed? For those unfamiliar with this luxurious sleep experience, you're in for a surprise. The Alaskan King Bed takes the concept of a big bed to an entirely new level, transcending the dimensions of traditional king-sized beds to offer an expansive sea of comfort.

The Alaskan King Bed is more than just a larger mattress — it's an experience. It's a lifestyle choice for those who desire extra space and comfort, whether sleeping, lounging, reading, or simply escaping the world for a while. For couples, it provides the perfect balance — ample space for each person to have their own "territory," yet enough room to come together for a cozy cuddle. And for families, it presents a luxurious solution to co-sleeping, offering enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

What is an Alaskan King Bed?

The first thing to note about an Alaskan King Bed is its size — it's enormous. It's a step above the more commonly known California King Bed and is among the most significant bed sizes available. The dimensions of an Alaskan King Bed set it apart from other beds, providing an impressive 108 inches by 108 inches of sleeping space. That's 9 feet in both width and length!

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But the Alaskan King Bed isn't just about size — it's also about comfort. Given the expansive size, users have the flexibility to choose from various materials for their mattresses, ranging from memory foam for a body-contouring sleep experience to innerspring for a firmer, supportive feel. The end goal remains the same, though—optimal comfort and an excellent night's sleep.

Alaskan King Bed Dimensions

To understand the magnitude of an Alaskan King Bed, we need to delve into its dimensions.

How Big is an Alaskan King Bed?

An Alaskan King Bed measures a whopping 108 inches by 108 inches—yes, it's as large as it sounds. To put this into perspective, that's the same size as putting two full XL beds side by side. Imagine the comfort and space that it provides! It's ideal for larger bedrooms or for those who prioritize spaciousness in their sleeping arrangements.

How Wide is an Alaskan King Bed?

With the same measurements in length and width, the Alaskan King Bed boasts a width of 108 inches. This makes it an excellent choice for couples who enjoy their personal space when they sleep or for families who prefer co-sleeping. The width alone can accommodate multiple sleepers, ensuring no one is left hanging off the edge.


An Alaskan King Bed is undeniably an investment. It demands a spacious room, a suitable frame, and, often, custom-made sheets and bedding. But for those who crave the ultimate luxury in their sleep environment, it’s an investment worth making.

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Whether you're a family that enjoys the comfort of co-sleeping, a couple desiring ample personal space, or someone who just wants the most luxurious sleep experience, the Alaskan King Bed offers an impressive solution. In the kingdom of sleep, the Alaskan King Bed truly reigns supreme.

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