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What Is A Cloud Mattress & How To Pick The Best One

What Is A Cloud Mattress & How To Pick The Best One

A cloud mattress is an industry term used to describe mattresses with a plush feeling. Many cloud mattress designs are formulated to deliver a ‘sleeping on a cloud’ experience.

Cloud mattresses can range significantly between brands, so when you compare mattresses, use this guide to ensure the mattress you want ticks all the right boxes for amazing sleep.

Before you buy a new bed, it helps to figure out exactly what you need from a mattress in terms of support, comfort, and cooling. The key difference between a cloud mattress and other mattress models is that a cloud mattress is on the softer side, mostly referred to as "plush."

The most comfortable mattresses with cloud technology balance softness, comfort, and support for perfectly blissful sleep.

What Does A Cloud Mattress Feel Like?

What Does A Cloud Mattress Feel Like?

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to sleep on a cloud? A cloud mattress might be the only way to experience the dreamy feeling of being both soft and supported throughout the night. Cloud mattresses cradle muscles with a feeling that's kind of like a gentle hug.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Types Of Cloud Mattresses

Cloud mattresses are plush and generally layered with memory foam, and they sit on the softer end of the firmness scale.

You won’t find cloud mattresses constructed from latex or traditional innersprings. Firmer mattresses have a great deal of buoyancy, which creates a bouncy feeling on top of the bed. Cloud mattresses have little to no bounce - but rather a soft contour.

A cloud mattress with a composition of memory foam tends to outperform other mattress types when it comes to comfort and support. Read these mattress reviews to see why people are making the switch.

Several mattress brands have a version of a cloud mattress. Almost all cloud-like beds are designed with one or more layers of memory foam. Out of all mattress foams and materials, memory foam is known to have a signature plush feeling linked closely to cloud comfort.

Puffy Mattresses have unique Cooling Cloud™ and Climate Comfort™ foams that give the mattress an irresistibly luxurious finish.

Other Features Of A Cloud Mattress

Other Features Of A Cloud Mattress

When it comes to buying a new bed, how it feels is an essential factor, but there are many other things to consider to ensure you get the best sleep possible.


Support is a critical factor when selecting a new mattress. The sleep cycle does more than help the body rest and repair.

Through protein synthesis and the release of growth hormones during Non-REM sleep, muscles are stimulated, helping fast-track the recovery process. 7 - 8 hours of sleep on a highly supportive mattress delivers significant benefits to the body, allowing you to wake up with a rested body and mind.

A cloud mattress with adequate support should rank between 4 - 7 on the firmness scale, depending on your comfort preference.


Body temperatures tend to change throughout the night, therefore, cooling is an essential feature if you are looking for deep and restorative sleep. Some people think softer mattresses sleep hot, but this isn’t the case.

The best cooling mattress can also have a cozy feeling of cloud-like comfort. Cooling properties such as open cell construction, phase change materials, and cooling technology with temperature regulation are some of the standout features to look out for when deciding if a cloud mattress is right for you.

Motion Isolation

If you are a light sleeper or share the bed with a partner, motion isolation is a must-have feature to prioritize during your next mattress purchase.

Beds designed for advanced motion isolation absorb movement, so you don’t feel a bounce or shake when your partner gets up or tosses and turns throughout the night.

Memory foam mattresses with a cloud-like feel are considered the best mattress for motion isolation. High-density base layers cut down the vibrations of movement that can travel from one side of the bed to another.


Beyond your new bed's comfort, support, cooling, and stability, an extended warranty period will give you that extra peace of mind that your mattress will stand the test of time.

Extended warranty periods, like Puffy’s lifetime warranty, are beneficial when switching from a traditional spring mattress to a new model like a cloud mattress.

Ready to sleep on a cloud?

Want to put sleeping on a cloud to the test? You can sleep trial any Puffy Mattress for 101-nights. We have one of the most flexible mattress trials out there.

Sleep on a Puffy for up to 101-nights, and if you don’t fall in love with sleeping on a cloud, you can return the mattress for free, and we’ll give you a full refund. Easy!

Puffy Cloud Mattress

Puffy Cloud Mattress

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Firmness Level 6 - 8 Medium-Firm Comfort
Mattress Height 10 inches
Layers 6-Layer Sleep System
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King
Price Range $599 - $1,498

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