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When To Buy A Full Size Mattress For Your Bedroom

When To Buy A Full Size Mattress For Your Bedroom

When it’s time to buy a new mattress, one of the most common deliberations is whether a full size mattress is too big or too small for your bedroom.

A full mattress is the middle child of mattress sizes.

It is small enough for your teen’s bedroom, yet spacious enough to serve as the perfect mattress for couples in an apartment or guest bedroom.

If you’re wondering whether a full-size mattress is for you, we’re sharing 10 reasons why most people buy a full bed.

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

A full mattress dimensions measures in at 54” x 75”. For those of you who like centimeters, full size is 137cm x 190cm.

You might also hear people talking about a ‘double bed.’ Don’t let this confuse you. A double bed is just another name for a full bed!

Some make the mistake of thinking a full-size bed is double the size of a twin-sized bed. A twin mattress is 38” x 75” which means it’s 16” smaller in width. The weight of a full size mattress will vary between mattress brands and mattress types, as some materials are heavier than others.

Full Mattress Dimensions

Use our comprehensive mattress dimensions and mattress weight guide, to see the exact size bed that will fit in your bedroom.

Depending on the Puffy mattress you choose to get amazing sleep on, the weight of the bed differs between each model.

Puffy Full-Size Mattress Weights

Puffy Mattress: 40 lbs (18 kg) 

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress: 75 lbs (34 kg)   

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress: 84 lbs (38 kg)

10 Reasons To Buy A Full Size Mattress

Now that you know the exact size and weight of a full size mattress dimensions, below, you can learn when a full mattress will be incredibly comfy. 

1. Growing kids

    If your teen has a growth spurt, a full size mattress might be a better option than a twin size. Many kids leave the nest to start college or and new adventures, and in many cases, they like to take their bed with them!

    Full Size Mattress for Growing Kids

    Since the best mattresses tend to last up to 8 years, you can be sure that a full size mattress will help them stay comfy for years to come.

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    2. Couples who like to cuddle 

      Couples who want to sleep cozy in each other's arms usually don’t mind the snug fit of a full size mattress. Full mattress dimensions of 54” x 75” allow each couple 27" of sleeping space. It's a snug fit!

      Full Size Mattress for Couple who Likes to Cuddle

      To help couples experience deep rejuvenating sleep while sleeping so close, we recommend a cooling mattress protector. Your mattress will be protected from wear and tear, and you won’t feel too hot, even with all that body heat! It’s a win, win.

      3. Studio bedroom 

        Studio spaces require strategic design so that that space can feel roomy and comfortable, despite tight spaces. Full size beds are made for studios. There will be enough space for unforgettable sleep, but also for lounging around when friends visit.

        For an efficient studio design, consider a foundation bed frame for your full-size mattress. Storage beneath the bed is a lifesaver when you have less room to work with!

        Create comfort and function in even the smallest bedrooms. Explore the Puffy Foundation - 15” with plenty of storage space!

        4. Small apartment 

          Small apartments can prove to be challenging to decorate. But if the bedroom floor space is at least 9x10 feet, a full-sized bed will deliver comfort without worry.

          Full Size Mattress for Small Apartment

          Picking the perfect-sized bed for a bedroom is the essential step when planning your decor, as the wrong size can make the room feel cramped.

          5. Guest Room Comfort

            For an unforgettable guest room experience, a full size mattress will ensure that your guests have a fantastic sleep when they come to visit. Choosing a full size instead of a queen size will still leave you with plenty of room for other furniture such as an ottoman for storage and shelving for spare towels and accessories.

            6. Short stuff 

              Being short is helpful when selecting a mattress size. Anyone above 6 feet in height will find their feet hanging off the end of a full bed. Full size is well suited to shorter sleepers.

              7. AirBnb

                If you are looking to add value to your guest experience in your AirBnb house, studio, or apartment, a full size bed can cater to all types of guests, including kids, teens, and couples. For your peace of mind, fit the bed with a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard the material from accidental spills.

                8. Spacious Dorm Rooms 

                  Most dorm rooms are quite tight for space, but if you find yourself with enough surface area to comfortably fit a full size, go right ahead. You’ll have enough room for sleeping and relaxing after long days of study.

                  9. Older Parents 

                    Older sleepers often find downsizing their mattress to a full size memory foam mattress helps them sleep better. Memory foam is the best bed for aging bodies as it provides unparalleled support to the muscles and joints.

                    Full Size Mattress for Your Older Parents

                    As we age, we tend to toss and turn less, so a full size provides more than enough space for supportive and comfortable sleep.

                    10. Spare Mattress 

                      Spare mattresses are a lifesaver for families who love to entertain. Gathering the family together for slumber parties in the living room creates life long memories. Full size mattresses are efficient to store away as a spare for the moments that count.

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                      Standard mattress sizes can vary by a few inches between different brands, so ensure you take a close look when comparing the best mattress for your bedroom.

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