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Why An Adjustable Base Is Better For Your Back

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Why An Adjustable Base Is Better For Your Back

The perfect sleep experience is supportive and designed to help the body repair pain points during the sleep cycle. If your bed is not helping with your back pain, then an adjustable bed frame might be exactly what you need. 

With the best mattress, an adjustable bed base allows you to adjust the bed's back and leg height. This completely customized sleep experience can take the pressure off in all the right places.

After some research, you’ll quickly find that most guides about healthy sleep and better back pain management mention the ‘Zero-G’ position.

If you’ve never heard of it, you are about to learn everything you need to know about how an adjustable bed frame with Zero-G will help your back feel more supported than ever before.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Frame?

It’s old technology made new. There was a time when adjustable bed frames were reserved for use only as hospital beds. They give patients much-needed relief from strains and pains. The added benefit of being able to raise the back height of the bed makes it perfect for reading, watching TV, and eating.

Fast-forward to today, adjustable bed frames now have more advanced sleep-enhancing benefits, with added luxurious style and comfort features that can quickly become hard to live without.

Luxurious adjustable bed frames are now one of the most trending pieces of bedroom furniture you can buy. They are a must-have for sleepers who want additional back and neck support and a complete sleep upgrade with all the bells and whistles.

9 standout features of an adjustable bed frame

1. Wireless remote

The best adjustable bases will come with 2 wireless remote controls so that each person can adjust the bed to the perfect height. The remote will also activate a back massage, LED lighting, and Zero-G position in just a click. How’s that for luxurious sleep?

2. Split-king adjustable bed frame option

Perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences, the split-king option of the adjustable bed frame is a standout for sleep enthusiasts. Two twin-xl mattresses side by side allow for independent controls so each couple can sleep peacefully.

3. Adjustable back and leg height

For ultra-comfy pre-bedtime rituals such as reading, watching TV, or that sneaky snack, an adjustable bed frame is a perfect lifestyle product. You can adjust the height of the back and legs to whatever position makes you the comfiest. Sitting up, reading or relaxing is much better for your back and reduces strain on your neck.

4. Dual-zone back massage functions

After a long day of work, ditch the couch and climb into bed for a back and leg massage. The best adjustable bed bases are designed with dual zoned massage motors with several speed options to find your perfect relaxing zone.

5. USB charging ports

Never fight for the charger again. One of the most convenient additions to adjustable base design includes dual USB ports for fast and easy device charging at your bedside.

Adjustable Bed Frame with USB Charger

6. Adjustable leg height

Some like to sleep closer to the floor, while others enjoy elevation with some room to store extras beneath the bed. An adjustable bed frame with leg height flexibility will ensure you can achieve the exact height you want.

7. Universal headboard attachment

Adjustable bed frames do not come with a headboard, but with a universal headboard attachment, you can attach your favorite headboard to the frame with ease.

8. LED lighting

You know those midnight bathroom breaks that often leave you stumbling around in the dark? Adjustable bases are fitted with LED lighting beneath the frame - the soft white glow will provide just the right amount of light to guide you.

9. One-touch Zero-G position

If you're not already convinced that an adjustable bed frame is a premium choice for better sleep and pain management, we’ve saved the best till last. Zero-G position is arguably the best pressure-relieving position that helps reduce tension in the lower back. With one click, you can trigger Zero-G and feel instantly relaxed.

You'll never think of your old bed frame once you experience the luxurious comfort of an adjustable bed frame. 

Want to know more? Discover the 12 reasons why the Puffy Adjustable Base will take your sleep to the next level.

What is the Zero-G position?

It stands for zero gravity. And it’s a big deal in the world of sleep. The Zero-G position is the closest thing to weightlessness you can experience while you sleep.

Gravity places enormous strain on the body during the day. We have NASA to thank for the original concept of Zero-G. They were the first to use it to help destress the bodies of astronauts before take-off.

We’ve taken the ingenious concept of weightlessness and brought it into the bedroom to create a sleep experience that’s like a dream come true. Zero-G is achieved by raising the back and legs slightly above heart level. On the adjustable bed frame, the head elevates at an angle of 10° and feet to 30° to achieve the perfect level of weightless comfort.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Zero-G


Quickly and easily indulge in opulent dreamy comfort that will help your body repair and recover.

The top 4 benefits of Zero-G

1. Relief from back pain

Elevating the back and head just above the heart level is a sweet spot that releases stress on the lower back and spine.

2. Muscle and joint pressure relief

It’s not just the lower back that reaps the benefits of Zero-G - the elevation also relaxes muscles throughout the body for deep relaxation.

3. Snoring control

Snoring and sleep apnea can really get in the way of quality sleep. Zero-G elevation opens up the airways and creates better air circulation that can benefit seasoned snorers.

4. Better blood circulation

Laying completely straight often impedes blood circulation. With Zero-G, the body is perfectly positioned for healthy blood flow that can reduce swelling throughout the night.

A Base That Has Your Back

You’ll hear a lot of chatter about investing in the best mattress to ensure your body is supported while you sleep.

But if you are one of the 31 million Americans currently experiencing back pain, investing in an ergonomic base, like an adjustable bed frame, is as important as sleeping on a mattress that can support your back.

Back pain should be taken seriously, especially in the early stages. Adjustable bases are more than an investment in comfort and style. They are an investment for better health.

Trial The Puffy Adjustable Base For 101 Nights

Luxury, support, and modern convenience make the adjustable base a must-try. We give you the chance to test it out! To experience the unbelievable comfort and support of an adjustable bed frame for 101 nights, test sleep the Puffy Adjustable Base. If you don’t fall in love, we’ll give you your money back. 

Go on, your back will thank you for it.

Choose Your Adjustable Base

Shop the best-rated Puffy Adjustable Base with these extra comfy benefits:

  • Designed For All Mattresses
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 101-Night Sleep Trial
  • Free, Contactless Delivery
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Certified Sleep Science Coach

Written by Monica Chinsami, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Monica is a writer who is passionate about the connection between wellness and sleep. She believes sleep has the power to unlock our greatest potential for health and happiness. Topics she's covered range from well-being, to the latest trends in sleep health and bedroom aesthetics. Monica holds a BA in Journalism from Monash University and is a Certified Sleep Science Coach.