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Puffy’s New Hybrid Mattress Range With Coils Is Designed For Perfect Sleep

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
Puffy’s New Hybrid Mattress Range With Coils Is Designed For Perfect Sleep

America’s most comfortable mattress brand has just announced the launch of an all-new hybrid mattress collection, designed with a combination of premium memory foam and encased contour-adapt coils for unmatched stability and support.

Puffy’s Hybrid Mattress range includes two comfort options: Puffy Lux Hybrid and Puffy Royal Hybrid. The company's move into the hybrid mattress category strengthens its commitment to provide the most comprehensive sleep solutions in the industry.

“Our mattress range is evolving to cater to the varying comfort and support needs of our customers. Delivering the most innovative bedroom solutions in the industry is paramount to us. We’re excited about the addition of the Puffy Hybrid Mattress range and look forward to helping more people achieve better sleep than ever,” said Puffy CEO Arthur Andreasyan.

Contour-Adapt Coil Technology

The Puffy Hybrid Mattress range features the company’s uniquely luxurious cooling cloud memory foam, and an all-new innovative foam-encased coil base layer. The specialized contour-adapt coils offer greater responsiveness and stability. When combined with plush memory foam, the mattress softens to adapt to the body’s curves for a bespoke comfort feel.

Key Benefits Of The Puffy Hybrid Mattress Range

By uniting the body-conforming properties of luxurious memory foam and the adaptive nature of innerspring coils, the product development teams at Puffy have innovated a hybrid mattress that truly encapsulates modern comfort.

  • Adaptive Contouring - an innerspring coil system constructed with contour-adapting properties acts as a natural reflex. The coils help the mattress to conform to each movement of the body. The coil base of Puffy Hybrid Mattresses delivers variable support that is highly customized in areas of high and low compression.
  • Enhanced edge support - the contour-adapt coil base is encased in high-density memory foam. The encasement protects the coils and creates stability from the center to the edge of the mattress. The foam acts as a shell on the base layer increasing the surface area of the mattress by 15% when sleepers sit or lay close to the edge.
  • Radically better motion isolation - breakthrough motion isolation technology drastically diminishes motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Choice of plush comfort - customers can choose between the medium-plush luxurious comfort of the Puffy Lux Hybrid and the ultra-plush zoned comfort of the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

“We’ve curated a design that perfects the synergy between the sleep-inducing benefits of memory foam and adaptive support of coils. The innovation behind our hybrid mattress sets out to guarantee that every body shape, weight, and sleeping position will get supportive and rejuvenating rest,” he continued.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

100% Made In The USA

Local sourcing and mattress manufacturing remain a standout value at Puffy. Exactly like every mattress in the range, the new Puffy Hybrid Mattress collection is 100% made in the United States. Everything - from ideation to technology, testing, materials, and construction - is all done locally.

A Complete Comfort System

Puffy’s Hybrid Mattress collection is the latest comfort innovation to join the rapidly growing company’s complete sleep system range. Other recent releases include the Puffy Blanket - a heavenly ultra-soft faux fur invention, and the temperature regulating Puffy Body Pillow.

“Each time we release a new comfort product, it’s a step closer to creating an integrated luxurious sleep experience like no other. It’s our mission to help people feel the life-changing benefits of healthy sleep. We have more amazing comfort to come, stay tuned,” said Puffy CEO Arthur Andreasyan.

The Puffy Hybrid Mattress collection is available now. Explore the benefits of the 4 layers, medium-plush Puffy Lux Hybrid or the 5 layers, ultra-plush Puffy Royal at https://puffy.com/products/puffy-lux-mattress.


Press Release first published on PRWeb.


About Puffy

Puffy is a global mattress company currently operating in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The Puffy team is committed to developing total bedroom solutions to help customers achieve optimal sleep health. The company was founded on the idea of creating mattresses and bedroom products that feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Puffy has been featured on The Talk and was recently awarded Best Mattress of 2020. Puffy sells all products direct-to-consumers online. For more information visit https://puffy.com

This Press Release was first published on PRWeb.

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