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Puffy Comforter Video Review By Craft Klatch

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Mona and Greare partners and the brains behind Craft Klatch, a YouTube Channel and blog which shares their love of DIY-home projects, crafts, and furniture recycling.

The two of them got together once again to review the Puffy Comforter, checking to see if it would be a good fit for their nightly routine.

"We love it…we’re nice and snug, and very happy". Craft Klatch

Watch Mona and Gregive the Puffy Comforter a test:

Everything You Need To Know About The Puffy Comforter

The Puffy Comforter is a hypoallergenic, down-alternative option for your bed and has been engineered for absolute cloud-like comfort. Unlike traditional down comforters, it is also designed to resist clumping, and made to last you a long time.

1. Quick Delivery, Conveniently Packed   

All Puffy products get shipped between one to three business days after your order. As Mona’s quick to point out, the comforter comes neatly packed with minimal waste and a reusable cover.

With such quick delivery and seamless unpacking, you’ll have your comforter (and a good night’s sleep) not long after you hit order!

2. Ultra-Soft Filling For Gentle, Lightweight Comfort

As Mona explains in her video, the high-quality microfiber fill of a Puffy Comforter ensures it remains a breathable, clump-free, and exceptionally comforting cover for your bed.

The comforter has also been designed specifically with comfort in mind, so it isn’t too heavy, nor is it over light, as Mona gracefully demonstrates when throwing the comforter over Greg’s head!

3. A 101-Night Sleep Trial For Extra Assurance

As with all Puffy products, if you don’t find yourself sleeping better with the help of the Puffy Comforter, you can return it for a full refund. Our 101-night trial that allows you to test your product out for over three months, this is the perfect option if you’re not sure about taking the leap and switching over to sleeping on a cloud!

"I Get A Good, Sound, Night’s Sleep - No More Tossing and Turning". Craft Klatch

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

We’re happy to have Mona and Greg be such proud Puffy customers! Now it's your turn to test out the Puffy Comforter yourself and see if it is the best for you.

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